Do you suffer from any of the following conditions/problems?

• Feeling of being forsaken and SEPARATION; huge despair.
• Oppression (political, family, abuse-sexual, religious, being bullied) and perceiving yourself as victim.
• States of possession.
• Children of ambitious parents who are pushed.
• Caring professions which give rise to burn out and/or brain deadness.
• Indescribable evil/darkness.
• Not showing anything: MASKS, unsmiling.
• Suspicious, uneasy, shifty eyes; cannot look you in the eye.
• Hangdog of head, beaten.
• Frequent weeping, tears just flow; sense of numbness or despair over them.
• Deep grief which cannot be accessed, unspoken, but it hangs in the air.
• Depression, sense of blackness, total isolation, aloneness, despair.
• Panic, need to escape but can’t. TERROR.
• Feel brainwashed, lack the courage to break free, unable to break from the past.
• Everything will fail; despair of recovery.
• Aggression against yourself.
• Impulsivity – anything can happen.
• Aggression to others or animals (fascinated by it). Child who hangs a cat with a rope around the neck to see what happens.
• Deceit.
• Guilt, not resolvable.
• ASTHMA, crushing on chest, suffocation.
• Headache, deep crushing, congestion, bursting with depression and photophobia; gives the feeling of being cut off and isolated.
• After strokes, for parts not connected yet again.
• Temporary blindness and deafness in emotional situations.
• Stiffness of joints-swelling: ” a claw coming into it”.
• Dupuytren.
• Emptiness, a hole in the gut (ulcers).
Narcolepsia (20 hrs a day).
• Insomnia.

If so, you are, according to some homeopaths, in need of a very special homeopathic remedy: BERLIN WALL.

No, I am not joking! There are even case reports of successful treatments with this extraordinary remedy: A case of asthma, fear and depression, solved with the remedy ‘Berlin Wall’.

Homeopathy is based on the ‘like cures like’ principle. This means that anything which causes symptoms in a healthy person, can be used to treat these symptoms when they occur in a patient. ANYTHING! Even fragments from the BERLIN WALL.

Of course, the bits of the wall are not administered in their original form; this might be unhealthy and, eventually, it could even exhaust the supply of the raw material. It is ‘potentized‘ which means it is diluted and diluted and diluted and diluted and…

So, the homeopathic BERLIN WALL is as safe as a placebo – in fact, it is a placebo!

30 Responses to BERLIN WALL: homeopathy at its finest

  • Well, now I’m feeling all those symptoms just reading this article. This proves it works!
    …no, but really, this is a new low even for them. I’m baffled.
    And there are comments at that link talking about “Ground Zero remedy”… I feel a sense of indescribable evil/darkness.

  • Great wall of China anyone?

    I like the shipwreck one where the “provings” reveal homeopathy can stop you being “stuck” in traffic amongst other things. Well, obviously not but that seems to be the claim. Although one prover did report “sore fanny”. There are other gems, homeopathic thunderstorm etc. One wonders if ancient monuments such as Karnak were damaged in the sampling process?

    I think it’s the ainsworth site that lists homeopathic nothingness for T.rex, X rays, ultrasound, brain and on and on…they sell the Berlin Wall “remedy”.

    Paper homeopathy is an even more bizarre variant.

    • I see Ainsworths still list Bach Flower “remedies”. All for the ignorant, credulous “type of persons”…

      I find it really hard to read their web site without smashing something through the computer screen because it’s full of obviously made-up drivel designed to deceive the ignorant and risk people’s health and even their lives. It takes a particularly nasty, calculated, unscrupulous business owner to do that. All these people (Ainsworth, Helios, Boiron etc.) are incontrovertibly fraudsters, and there’s no difference between their activities and those of a financial swindler. All hiding behind another deceit – “consumer choice”.

      • The absolutely most incredible fact in this theatre of the absurd is that the prefix ‘Health-‘ seems to have magically protective properties. No matter how far fetched and preposterous the statements are in a sales pitch for modern snake-oil, if only the product is called Health-something, then the charlatans peddling it seem to be protected from ridicule and liability.

        Let’s say I tried to market a petrol additive saying that it was water ultra-diluted 3000000000000000000000000000000000000 times in petrol so only the magical healing memory of water remained, and declared that it protected against irregular running and other symptoms that would occur in a petrol-engine by too much water in the petrol, I would not only be laughed at I would probably be sued for fraud by a number of people and official institutions.

  • Is it reallly possible to make homeopathic remedy from every substance? Is somebody already tried to make a homeopathic remedy from human sceptic?

  • Ernst:

    By now you should know homeopathy is only what’s in some official Pharmacopeia. Question is:

    What pharmacopeia is murus berlinensis registered in?

    • “there is even a remedy of non-material stuff like X-RAY”

      Likewise: ¿What pharmacopeia recognizes that “remedy”?

      I know you don’t want your followers to believe you have to support every single claim, but sometimes you have to

  • If you’re going to censor my comments again, who validated the previous one? One of your minions?

    You lie about homeopathy, lie about scientific discussion and then hide behind censorship? Pathetic

  • I just found this comment on the Berlin Wall remedy []:
    There has even been a remedy made from a piece of the Berlin Wall. My homeopath had this remedy, and says it was so powerful she had to keep it away from her other remedies, out in the garden shed.

    According to an editorial in the International Homeopathic Internet Journal, “Berlin Wall has many symptoms that fit the psychological aspects of that wall, a split between two worlds. The wall in Berlin seems to have been immersed with the psychological emotions and thoughts of humankind.”
    I thought this was sufficiently amusing to be reported.

  • The power of the Berlin Wall – kind of late satisfaction for Erich Honecker…

  • I find the degree of mockery of Homeopathy and also the Berlin Wall remedy in these comments to be offensive.

    • I agree!
      I find it offensive to be mocked by charlatans who take people’s money for a useless remedy laughing all the way to the bank.

    • I find it to be truthful, Judith. Obviously if you have some decent evidence to show why we shouldn’t mock, please show it. Otherwise, be prepared to be laughed at.

  • Berlin wall worked like magic for me.
    I am being severely bullied by the family of my partner who are obsessed by money and inheritance issues. They are extremely possessive of him and attack me on a regular basis overtly or insidiously. i was shaking with emotional stress.
    The bullying got so bad that i went to Ainsworth and asked for a remedy.
    Berlin Wall worked overnight. I woke strong and resolute in the morning and that feeling lasted over 2 days.
    .Another bout of bullying today and i have just taken a second dose before sleeping.
    seems to be a Brilliant remedy.

    • Well that’s all of chemistry, biology and physics overturned by Judith and her anecdote. The Nobel prize will be in the post.

      What is it with people called Judith?

      • This endorsement sounds memorized and copied. You can program bots to search the web for keywords. They then let off their advertising slogans when they get a hit.

    • “Berlin wall worked like magic for me.”

      Indeed, like magic!

      Sympathetic magic is a specific magical belief that similar objects affect each other. (This concept is often phrased as “like affects like,” as in homeopathy.) Anthropologically speaking, this is apparently one of the most common and most primitive forms of magical belief, found in communities and cultures all over the world.

      Sympathetic magic is surely the basis for homeopathy and remote healing.

      — The Skeptic’s Dictionary: sympathetic magic

      …for the purposes of popular discourse, it is not necessary for homeopaths to prove their case. It is merely necessary for them to create walls of obfuscation, and superficially plausible technical documents that support their case, in order to keep the dream alive in the imaginations of both the media and their defenders.

      — Ben Goldacre

      • Perhaps she whacked the bully round the head with a chunk of Berlin Wall. That would work, and be entirely consistent with known science.

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