We have discussed the UK conservative MP and arch-Brexiteer, Andrew Bridgen, and his anti-vax stance before. Yesterday, it has been reported that he lost the Tory whip, i.e. he was expelled from the Tory party. The reason for this step is that he had taken to social media and claimed the Covid vaccine to be the “biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust”.

The North West Leicestershire MP has been vocal in remarks questioning the coronavirus vaccine.

On Wednesday he shared an article on vaccines on Twitter, adding: “As one consultant cardiologist said to me, this is the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust.”

Renouncing Bridgen’s right to sit as a Tory MP in Parliament, Conservative chief whip Simon Hart said: “Andrew Bridgen has crossed a line, causing great offence in the process. “As a nation, we should be very proud of what has been achieved through the vaccine programme. The vaccine is the best defence against Covid that we have. “Misinformation about the vaccine causes harm and costs lives. I am therefore removing the whip from Andrew Bridgen with immediate effect, pending a formal investigation.”

Earlier, former Cabinet minister Simon Clarke had condemned his colleague’s tweet referencing the Holocaust, calling it “disgraceful”.

Bridgen is currently already suspended from the Commons after he was found to have displayed a “very cavalier” attitude to the rules in a series of lobbying breaches. MPs agreed on Monday to suspend the North West Leicestershire MP for five sitting days from Tuesday.

Comments from different sources are not flattering for Bridgen:

  • Karen Pollock, the chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said Bridgen’s tweet was “highly irresponsible, wholly inappropriate and an elected politician should know better”.
  • Anneliese Dodds, the Labour chair, said: “Andrew Bridgen has been spreading dangerous misinformation on Covid vaccines for some time now. He could have been disciplined weeks ago. “To invoke the Holocaust, as he did today, is utterly shameful, but it should never have reached this point.”
  • Andrew Percy, the Conservative MP who is vice-chair of the all-party group against antisemitism, called the comment “disgusting”. Asked by Times Radio if Bridgen should be allowed to stand again, Percy said: “I don’t think anybody who believes this kind of crap should, but that’s a matter for the whips not for me.”
  • John Mann, the former Labour MP who is now a non-affiliated peer and the government’s independent adviser on antisemitism, said Bridgen should not be allowed to stand again as a Tory. “There is no possibility that Bridgen can be allowed to stand at the next election,” he said. “He cannot claim that he didn’t realise the level of offence that his remarks cause.”


To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that a UK politician has been punished in this way. But it may well be also the first time that a sitting UK politician has uttered such insane stupidity. Bridgen’s chronic ineptitude is all the more significant as he really should know better. He studied genetics and behaviour at the University of Nottingham and graduated with a degree in biological sciences!

Here are some reactions from people commenting on Twitter about the twit:

  • Tory MP, Andrew Bridgen highlights… – Lies in court over family dispute and ordered by judge to pay £800k – Suspended for breaching MP lobbying rules – Thought all Brits entitled to Irish passport after Brexit – Likens vaccines to holocaust What a guy.
  • Spreads a dangerous, baseless smear his party colluded in a vaccine Holocaust and at the same time manages to insults victims of a grotesque wartime Holocaust. Conspiracy theorist Andrew Bridgen’s lost the plot. See no way back for the Tory MP now.
  • Grubby and despicable: Tory MP Andrew Bridgen loses whip over ‘dangerous’ Covid vaccine claims
  • To be fair, Bridgen kept the whip after saying the MI5 knew about the pandemic six months early, then colluded with shadowy elites to impose needless restrictions for their own nefarious ends. So the bar is high.
  • Politicians like Andrew Bridgen have succeeded in bringing conspiracy theories into the mainstream. They need to be called out, their arguments dismantled and their political influence cast out to the fringes where it belongs.
  • A Holocaust survivor has condemned a Tory MP’s “mind-boggling ignorance” after he compared the mass genocide of Jewish people during World War II to the COVID vaccine rollout
  • Many congratulations to Andrew Bridgen on his imminent selection as the Reform Party candidate for North West Leicestershire in the 2024 election
  • Andrew Bridgen. Perjury, bullying, misuse of money, months of anti-vaccine garbage, finally loses whip after comparing vaccination to the Holocaust. Scum.
  • Six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. COVID vaccines have saved millions. The false and outrageous comparisons must end.
  • Andrew Bridgen suspended as Tory MP he said: “As one consultant cardiologist said to me, this is the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust.” Crucially a cardiologist saying this too. Who are they? Should GMC act in same way as Whips Office?

The prime candidate for the cardiologist in question must, of course, be Aseem Malhotra who also appeared on September 27, 2022, in a press conference with the World Council for Health — a group that has previously spread vaccine misinformation — to call for the “immediate and complete suspension of Covid-19 vaccine.”

Who was it that coined the bon mot: We were all born ignorant but to remain so requires hard work

98 Responses to British politician punished for calling COVID-vaccination the “biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust”

  • It’s interesting that it’s the holocaust reference that seems to be drawing the most attention. Certainly the comment was in very poor taste as well as being nonsense but I’m not sure it was anti semitic. It is true that many anti-vaxxers are sucked into other conspiracy theories including holocaust denial but that wouldn’t make sense in this case. He is acknowledging the enormity of the holocaust precisely in order to make his false claim.

    The message seems to be that you can get away with lies as long as you don’t mention the holocaust.

    • I understand what you mean but, on the other hand, he seems to relativize the Holocaust.
      In any case, he is unspeakably embarrassing, in my view.

      • No argument about that!

        This is a bit of an aside but it is worthwhile, and not disrespectful, to ask why we see the holocaust as so uniquely shocking. After all it’s probably not the biggest number of victims, the Russians and Chinese killed more. And antisemitism was and remains well established in the UK and the US so it’s not some special sympathy with the victims. I can’t help feeling it’s because the perpetrators were Europeans like us, civilised people whereas we tend to dismiss the Russians and Chinese as “not like us”. That makes it more shocking, and frightening.

        Anyway it’s good to see action taken against Bridgen at last. Now watch as the “free speech” supporters rally round no doubt with explicit anti semitic slurs.

        • for me personally, the Holocaust is more shocking because it happened in Germany, my country of birth.

        • I agree it can be worthwhile and not disrespectful to ask such questions; but I think its important to be aware that such a conversation can be exploited (‘weaponized’ in the current parlance) by holocaust deniers and anti-semites, or be seen as giving succor to such views.

          • Yes, that’s why it is important to chose your words carefully. The discourse can be weaponised both by anti semites and by those who wish to portray any criticism of Israel’s increasingly racist policies as anti semitic. We should no more give in to one than the other, we should neither keep quiet nor speak carelessly.

            It would have been better for Bridgen to have been dealt with before this particular stupid lie.

  • Evidently the comparison is too weak, this is far worse than the Holocaust because it involves all of us. Look at the above comments by MPs against Bridgen, it’s a lynch mob driven by emotion instead of reason – that is the danger.

    If it was so obvious that the “jabs” were not the cause of the excess mortality, (that is now being broadcast, even by the BBC, of 1,000 per week) then why the complete lack of interest in discovering the cause?

    During the “pandemic”, we had the BBC broadcasting daily on the death rate, but now? Nothing.

    Instead of using force against Bridgen, honorable men would use reason.

    • you don’t need to insist on discrediting yourself, OB – by now, we all know what to think of you.

    • it’s a lynch mob driven by emotion instead of reason – that is the danger.

      OB, your comment (comparing people merely criticizing Bridgen to despicable lynch mobs that mutilated and killed people of color) provides a window into your own emotional state of your mind where reason took a back seat (most of the time reason eludes you anyway).

      …honorable men would use reason.

      By your own definition you don’t appear so honorable, do you?

      • Talker on Thursday 12 January 2023 at 16:44 said:
        “OB, your comment (comparing people merely criticizing Bridgen to despicable lynch mobs that mutilated and killed people of color) provides a window into your own emotional state of your mind where reason took a back seat (most of the time reason eludes you anyway)…”

        Likewise it provides a window into yours – we all expose ourselves this way (deliberately and unconsciously), the catchy label is “virtue signalling”.

        The above MPs are signalling how virtuous they are because they are afraid of being victims of their own lynch-mob, of being hoist in their own lanyards, for insubordination.

        By contrast, Bridgen is signalling how virtuous he is (as am I) by opposing the blob and getting lynched for his troubled. Why would he do that? Why is he risking certain death (politically)? The answer that everybody is determined to ignore: excess mortality since Q3 of 2021.

        “…By your own definition you don’t appear so honorable, do you?”
        Some folks (virtue signallers) mind about appearances but being anonymous I can’t be lynched or have my reputation destroyed, so I don’t suffer that pressure.

        When the government uses force to spend half a trillion pounds of the people’s money on their own destruction, this should be the shrieking siren of their immorality. I believe that their guilt is the reason for their hatred (of the likes of Bridgen) of morality. Honest men have nothing to fear.

    • Well, @Old Bob, you made it clear several times that you are literally the British(?) version of the Querdenker, i.e. a “latheral thinker”. A person who is into conspiracy theories, likes to use repulsing comments and is actually proud of such behavior.

      • RPGNo1 on Friday 13 January 2023 at 08:22 said:
        “…you are… into conspiracy theories, likes to use repulsing comments…”

        But am I right or wrong?
        Some conspiracy theories:
        1 “Jabs” don’t stop transmission.
        2 “Jabs” don’t stop infection.
        3 “Jabs” don’t stop hospitalisation.
        4 “Jabs” induce myocarditis in some people.
        5 “Jabs” induce clotting/bleeding in some people.
        6 “Jabs” cause death in some people.
        7 All the above is being censored as misinformation by MSM.

        Which of these conspiracy theories is false?

        • @Old:

          Which of these conspiracy theories is false?

          1: False. Covid-19 vaccination does stop transmission(*) by reducing the number of people getting sick and thus becoming infectious.
          2: False. Covid-19 vaccination does stop infections(*) by preventing transmission.
          3: False. Covid-19 vaccination does stop hospitalisation(*) in between 60% and 95% of cases, depending on the virus variant.
          4: True as well as false. Yes, Covid-19 vaccination doubles the baseline risk of myocarditis in young people (less so with increasing age). However, Covid-19 infection itself comes with a myocarditis risk that is some seven times higher still. Given the fact that everyone will come into contact with Covid-19 sooner or later, vaccination is by far the best option and effectively lowers the risk of myocarditis in the population.
          5: No longer true. The vaccine that was associated with an increased thrombosis risk is no longer used.
          6: Unclear. There are no reports where Covid-19 vaccination was the primary cause of death. It is however plausible that the immune reaction may have been contributed to the death of some very frail and sick people. Then again, those people would certainly have died from Covid-19 infection itself. Estimates of Covid-19 vaccine death rates are hard to give, but are most likely less than 1 in 10 million or so. Covid-19 comes with an average death rate that is about a 100,000 times higher, so again, vaccination is by far the wisest choice.
          7: False. None of this anti-vaccine conspiracy nonsense is censored in any way. It is just publicly contradicted and debunked by people who actually know what they’re talking about.

          *: And please don’t insult our intelligence by committing the Nirvana fallacy, i.e. by saying that it does not stop all infections, transmissions, hospitalizations etcetera, and thus is no good at all.

        • I challenge everyone to find a false statement below:

          1. Seatbelts don’t prevent death.
          2. Seatbelts don’t prevent injury.
          3. Seatbelts don’t prevent accidents.
          4. Seatbelts don’t prevent concussions.
          5. Neither do they prevent me from making utterly foolish statements about vaccines nor acting like a bloviating moron.

          Seatbelts infringe on my freedom to move. I don’t wear them when I drive my Ferrari or my MiG jet. In the event of a car crash, I have every right to let the force of the crash fly me out of the front of my car like a Superman. Therefore, abolish seatbelts!

          Anyone who enforces seatbelt laws are nazis and anyone who criticizes me for calling on to abolish seatbelts are no different than lynch mobs.

        • None are false, they are conspiracy facts.

          • Absolutely RG! For people like us (who suffer from intrarectalcranialitis) everything that falls outside of mainstream thinking is a CONSPIRA-FACT. Moon landing, a hoax. 5G chips in jabs, a fact. Chemtrails are there, we can see them with our own eyes, yet no one wants to see them. Vaccines contain alien DNA and that will activate in a decade and convert us all into alien-human hybrids, just in time for our alien overlords to arrive on earth. That is of course if we survive them jewish space lasers MTG warned us about:

          • @Honest Ape

            First of all, stick to the subject. Old Bob posted with regard to jabs, not seatbelts or anything else “outside of mainstream thinking.”

            It’s actually quite mainstream today to question the mRNA covid vaccines, billions of people have and continue to question the covid vaccines, nothing outside the box about that. In fact, the vaccines were questioned before they failed. The public knew they were not tested sufficiently, especially because of using a new science to produce them.
            They tried to tell us that if we got vaccinated that we wouldn’t get infected or infect others… that was simply not true. Nor was it true that the covid vaccines were superior to natural immunity via previous infection.

            Since the public at large became suspicious of the vaccines, they (authorities) had to lie about the testing, the efficacy, and the safety. Even after all that, they still had to create mandates, and threaten people with job loss or lockdowns to get the public vaccinated. Then because of lack of efficacy, they had to again recommend and force multiple boosters. After what occurred, the population is just not ready for the government to decide about what medical procedure we must accept without choice.

            The failed covid vaccines turned millions of vaccine-accepting people skeptical about vaccines…. how great is that ? Now the pharma corps have admitted that they didn’t conduct test to determine if vaccinated patients would still transmit the virus to others.
            So now we have a large segment of the population that doesn’t want more jabs because too many aspects of the pandemic and the response have turned out in the end to be the opposite of what we were told. Patients are having ill responses to the vaccines that NORMALLY would get more attention and send up red flags. However, mainstream news is suppressed, or stats manipulated by the bought and paid for media.
            Now they are injecting mRNA vaccines into animals to corrupt the food supply, I have not heard about any covid pandemic in animals. oh….except the one bat in china where it all began. Where does it end ?

            Please, were not talking about seatbelts here.

          • First of all, stick to the subject.


            You are hilarious. You keep croaking that we have to stick to the subject, yet you wouldn’t know what topic we are discussing even if the topic came to life and spanked you. 🤣😂

            You are preaching like a broken record to the choir. I have always been opposed to all kinds of jabs. The ‘public’ you are referring to is you, me, Old Bob and a hand full of our fellow anti-vax loons on substack. Rest of the world has moved on to more important things in life. One such thing is erosion of freedoms in the form of seatbelts in cars, airplanes etc. Vaccines are yesterday’s problem that anti-vax loons like us successfully fought and won. Instead of braying on and on about jabs, enjoy the successes we had and take the lessons learned and apply them to our upcoming fight on seatbelts and seatbelt laws.

            Seatbelts are the new vaccines! They lied to us about the safety of seatbelts. People wearing seatbelts still die in car and plane crashes. They don’t work and they restrict freedom of movement in the vehicles we own and operate legally. They are a disaster of epic proportion, and no one is talking about it. Public is so dumb and complacent. I want to get rid of them and the laws that enslave us into wearing them. I call myself an anti-seatbelter and am organizing rallies all across US. If you want to organize rallies in your town, go to, sign up and donate.

            If you don’t like to talk about seatbelts, that your prerogative. I will keep talking about them and you are not going to censor or cancel me.

          • @Honest Ape

            The more you express yourself, the more you prove you are inept.

            I’m not censoring you, please. The only person at the forum that has that power is the professor…. no ?
            I’ll gladly talk about seat belts when the time is right. And no, seatbelts are not the same thing as covid vaccines.
            Currently the topic is Andrew Brigden and the covid vaccines. You attempt again to lead off topic, I’m not biting.

            re not the same thing as mRNA covid vaccines.

          • RG,

            You know next to nothing about jabs and yet you insist on talking about them. All you do is whine like a cry-baby and have a meltdown about how unsafe the jabs are and how we are lied to. Safety of the jabs is not the issue here. The jabs serve a purpose which I will get to later but those who took the jabs had a choice and they chose the jabs and that is their right to do so regardless of what they are told. Also, you totally miss the actual reason why the humans are jabbed. Like I said earlier, the jabs are used to as a ruse to inject alien dna into humans along with a 5G chip. When aliens are ready to land, they will send a signal and the dna will start decoding and convert all jabbed humans into alien human hybrids to serve the alien overlords. Get ready to serve your new overlords if you took the jab. If not, you will be liquidated by them because you are of no use. Now on to seatbelts, do you wear a seatbelt when you drive RG? if so, do you know if they are really safe? You have been told they are but they are not. Think about that for a minute and respond.

          • @Honest Ape

            Aww, you’re telling me my knowledge on vaccines is inferior to yours ? …. lol, I get my information same as you do. We just perceive it differently. I know enough about jabs to know that in China, they administered a covid vaccine that has proven to be completely ineffective, and with no other options. No conspiracy there, just fact, because this is what the PRC has admitted.

            For the record AGAIN. I the past three years I have received a shingles vaccine (two jabs), a covid vaccine, flu vaccine. tetanus booster. I’ve taken my jabs. So please, enough with the labeling and name calling…. you baboon.

            I am opposed to EUA covid mRNA vaccines. However, I will state, NONE of the covid vaccines were fully tested properly. they are ALL EUA. Yes, I find that to be a problem. Are any pharma corps still testing covid vaccines so that the EUA will end ? No, why would they, they have no liability currently under EUA.

            Ahhh yes, seatbelts, inquiring minds want to know. it’s not your business if I wear a belt or not. If I do wear one, it’s because it’s demanded by the law. And if it’s not the law, I make my own choice. Last I checked, seatbelts are not EUA. The efficacy of seatbelts do not diminish after ten weeks. The use of seatbelts required by the law was intended for personal protection and not required so that I will protect others from accident harm. Seatbelts have little to no negative side effects beyond discomfort. So as I’ve previously stated, seatbelts are much different than covid vaccines… got it ?
            So, if I’m in a state like Florida where seatbelts are not required for backseat riders, I might choose NOT to use the safety feature. However, if I feel the driver of the auto takes too many risks, or is not a skilled driver, or the weather conditions are riskier to driving, I might use my freedom of choice and buckle-up. There, we got the seatbelt thing out of the way and now back to mRNA jabs, and the politics of England.

          • RG,

            If you are opposed to one vaccine, you are considered an anti-vaxxer. I know the world is unfair. Would you like to cry me a river? I am happy to offer my hairy chimp shoulder for you to cry on, just don’t get it wet. It is hard for me to get dry.

            Referring to a chimp as a baboon is like me calling you a dumb donkey instead of a dumb ape. Baboons are an old-world monkey, chimps are apes, so are humans. You can’t identify a baboon if it sat on your shoulder and slapped your face. So, let’s not get ahead of yourself in the matters of primates and vaccines.

            Coming to seatbelts, efficacy is measured in terms of how many deaths they prevent. So far, seatbelts are losing the fight against death. Seatbelts restrict the person and their individual freedoms and that is the biggest side effect, so do vaccines and laws that mandate vaccines and seatbelts. It is not your fault that you can’t wrap your brain (or what is left of it after taking so many jabs) around the fact that seatbelts are used for protection of others as well as personal protection. They prevent you from flying out of the car like a projectile and crashing into other humans and/or property. I was going to recommend that you try to think more critically and creatively, but I think that ship has sailed for you. The misinformation you consume took your brain for a ride and is MIA. I will put up a wanted poster soon: “Missing RG’s brain! Please call 1-800-brainless-RG if you have more information. Expect a hefty reward if your information leads to the capture of RG’s grey matter”

          • @Honest Ape

            You’re barking up the wrong tree again… you Ape.
            I referred to you as a baboon not because I’m errant about your handle, but because your thinking is in error.
            Urban dictionary;
            “you baboon” –
            When someone does something stupid or acts in a way that might lead people to think they are stupid”.

            As to antivax… you’re incorrect again. A person that accepts all vaccines other than UEA mRNA covid jabs is NOT antivax…. but your keep trying, you buffoon. If you are correct in your assessment of what constitutes an antivaxxer, the world governing authorities (WHO CDC FDA + Nation States) have done a monumental job at creating a new world of antivaxxers than they could have ever imagined…. congratulations.

            Again, seatbelts are a safety measure as you willingly admit. A vaccine injection is a medical procedure.
            NOT the same thing.

          • RG,

            There are two types of people in this world, they are anti-vaxxers and vaccine lovers (a.k.a vax-lovers). You adamantly deny that you are an anti-vaxxer and secondly you mentioned earlier that you got other jabs, therefore you are a vax-lover. You also happen to love freedom-restricting seatbelts, so you are a seatbelt-lover too. Yes, both seatbelts and vaccines are safety measures, supposed to protect you and both fail miserably. Both are supposed to prevent death and injury 100% of the time and data shows that they are close but not PERFECT. When it comes to matters of our bodies, anything less than perfect is unacceptable. Moreover, vax-loves are supposed to love all vaccines, yet you hate some of them and that makes you a hypocritical vax-lover. The jabs you took are to blame for your contradictory thinking. Maybe it is the brain you are missing, I wonder!

            PS: Congrats on being able to access Urban Dictionary and clarifying on how/why you are using the phrase ‘you baboon’. I had no idea! When I told my baboon friends about this, they mentioned that they refer to a stupid baboon as “you human”.

          • @Honest Ape

            You said;
            “There are two types of people in this world, they are anti-vaxxers and vaccine lovers (a.k.a vax-lovers).”
            Do you have any evidence to prove that claim ?

            You said;
            “You adamantly deny that you are an anti-vaxxer and secondly you mentioned earlier that you got other jabs, therefore you are a vax-lover. You also happen to love freedom-restricting seatbelts, so you are a seatbelt-lover too.”

            That’s your opinion of me that you are welcome to, I never made any such claims to be a vaccine lover or seatbelt lover. I’m not going into a box that easily….nope.

          • RG,

            Evidence? What is that? I never heard of it. Judging from your previous posts( it appears that you do not know what that means either.

            Big words like “evidence”, “logic”, “scientific” etc. are not something you are capable of comprehending. If you try to use them, you will look like a buffoon, YOU BABOON!

            You don’t want to be in a box? Are you scared of boxes? Too bad, I am going to put in a box anyway.

          • “You don’t want to be in a box? Are you scared of boxes?”

            Boxes are scary to people who can’t argue their way out of a paper bag.

        • @Old Bob

          As I said: Your are into conspiracy theories because you cite and consider articles from some unknown persons for vaild and true but ignore all scientific research in this field. Please crawl back into the troll den from which you once emerged.

          • RPGNo1 on Saturday 14 January 2023 at 21:43 said
            “As I said: Your are into conspiracy theories because you cite and consider articles from some unknown persons…”

            J. Small, for Pfizer, (“…did we know about it stopping the transmission before it entered the market? No! Heh heh…”) :

  • I completely agree with Socrates. Nothing was done about this creepy MP until he made a tasteless and untrue reference to the Holocaust. Anti-vaxxers have been throwing that one around for decades by the way, it’s just that the right wing nutters have now allied themselves with the hard core anti vax crowd–an unholy alliance if ever there was. Oh, dear, I suppose I have now offended Christians. Why is no one ever called out for offending atheists?

  • I’m sure that the well informed readers here will already know about this but just in case, a helpful link

    • NB the quality, starting with the title:
      “Andrew Bridgen, the MP who was ‘groomed by gangs of antivaxers’”
      Anyone fancy doing the cartoon of that happening?

  • Edzard, I have a little story for you, that you might find interesting (or not) on the subject of SCAM. The woman involved is long discredited, but the “moral” is the main point: how we fool ourselves, and then others, without realising it (hence we become the perfect useful-idiot of our own SCAM, from absolute self-belief).

    How to Fool One’s Self
    She was Hulda Regehr Clark Ph.D., N.D. who wrote The Cure for all Cancers – so that’s suspicious for starters.

    The fraud is in her electronic device for divining everything-under-the-sun, as carcinogenic, poisonous or the opposite etc., that she enthusiastically provides all the details for, a simple oscillator that you build yourself in a shoebox.

    Certain readers will guess what I am going to say next. It is not necessary to build the thing to see what’s coming, but for non-electronic folks: a little introduction:

    All analogue devices (except the most simple such as flash-lights or crystal radio sets) have gain, that is, they are amplifiers turning a small input into a large output (TVs, radios, cd players, mobile phones, you-name-it) and have gains as large as millions of times, from microVolts-to-Volts, and all risk the same problem of self-oscillation, the sort of thing that happens when you bring the microphone (or electric guitar) too close to the speaker: howl-around.

    The same risk is there inside the circuitry and great care is taken during the design to isolate the sensitive input parts from the high-powered output parts, both physically and electrically (sometimes the board itself is routed in key places to break any surface-conduction-possibility physically) – guitar players know that just touching the center-tip of the input lead produces massive main’s hum i.e. pickup from the human body because the body is conductive: this is key…

    Now Clark, who is evidently a dabbler in home-brew electronics, builds her oscillator (which is also an amplifier – as are all oscillators by the 2nd law of thermodynamics (otherwise they will die off)) and uses her own body (and the item “under investigation”) in the feedback path (just as Hendrix used his guitar near the speakers to create feedback-howl) and so she can manipulate the sound by changing her touch, as does Hendrix by moving the guitar around…

    And thence, “‘[with much practice]” she explains, one can “detect” all sorts of things from the tones, that she imagines are “resonances” of the thing-under-test (that includes her body) and gets carried away into a fantasy of what is happening with thousands of different substances-under-test while at the same time being completely unaware that it is she herself that is the cause…

    Does that ring a bell? She has reinvented the divining rod / ouija board – once one has been “with much practice” fooling around with either, suddenly they jump-into life without one’s having the faintest idea that one is doing it oneself (apart from that being the only, blindingly obvious reason) – the shock is that one can do this. It’s a good experience to put one on one’s guard from that effect in the future. I suppose it is a sort of self-hypnosis.

    The Psychological Aspect
    Anyone can be SCAMed. No one is immune. The only thing necessary is to be expecting (e.g. the phone call from the bank) and if, say by pure luck, it happens as expected, then the victim won’t suspect a thing and won’t “fall for it” because there is nothing to “fall for” because it was expected, hence they fall for it.

    Clark, we imagine, knowing that things resonate, from church bells to molecules, and that the resonant frequency depends on the mechanics of the thing being resonated, and that all things have different characteristics (otherwise they are the same thing), decided (or discovered by accident – most likely because all amateur electronic tampers experience “motor boating” sooner or later because of the gain + inevitable feedback) that putting a substance in series with her own body, must only allow identical frequencies through both, identical resonant frequencies, hence being able to detect the one in the other, so to speak – and the excitement got hold of her and she tried one substance after another and “got results” – it was true! Yes, iron is detected and I know I have iron in me etc. – it was expected, and it “happened” so it was true…

    And nothing after that could change her mind. She was absolutely trapped in the false belief forever because, if it did not work, then you weren’t doing it right!

    (Evidently this is not intended as a comment on this thread 🙂

    • if you think I read your ‘stories’, you are mistaken.

    • Thanks old bob, I’m glad you are still able to write like this.
      I was really worried about you for a time, because the covid-19 pandemic seemed to turn you into just another anti-vax loon parroting lines such as “the Covid-19 jab is not a vaccination”.
      But hopefully you can put that phase behind you, and return to your old cryptic self.

    • @Old Bob
      Yes, Hulda Clark may well be the epitome of delusional quackery, especially the ‘One Cause, One Cure’ school. In addition to your story, I may also add that she believed that
      – all diseases up to and including cancer had one cause, i.e. a type of parasitic flatworm, and
      – her ‘zapper'(*) could reliably get rid of this parasite.
      Just too bad she was completely wrong about everything, even though she did actually have an academic education.

      *: Which in fact is a circuit based on the so-called 555 timer chip that almost every electronics tinkerer and every electronics beginner’s guide starts out with. So in effect, millions of people must have ‘zapper’ circuits lying around that they built when exploring electronics.

      Anyway, I second zebra’s opinion: good to see that you can still show good sense. But as this is off-topic here, I’ll leave it at this.

    • Old Bob clearly demonstrated that his grasp of electronics is on a par with his grasp of immunology.

    • So it seems.

  • The irony of this is that this particular politician made a very accurate statement without understanding the science. I’m assuming only physicians would gravitate towards this web site, I am coming at this from a different angle. I have a PhD in Physics and Mathematics. I worked for a time with Douglas Altman (the famous professor of Statistics in Medicine from Oxford). My hope is that the deaths, heart disease, cancer, blood clots, Bell’s Palsy and the host of other side effects from this particular failed mRNA technology is not associated with other vaccines that work. If the general population believes that this negative efficacy disaster is typical of all vaccines, it’s not a good thing. Pfizer is already in the hot seat, Bourla will be facing charges along with Fauci and probably others. My dear friend who has PhDs in biochemistry and epidemiology is also predicting heads will roll. Andrew Bridgen should have softened his statement as we are only at approximately 1 million deaths globally, but I have to say that in the end the number may exceed 6 million. The British government is culpable, so it’s easy to understand why he was reprimanded.

    • @Dean C

      I have a PhD in Physics and Mathematics.

      Amazing. Given the conspiracy nonsense and blatant untruths that you are peddling here without even trying to supply any corroborating evidence, no matter how bad, I would judge your highest education to be elementary school at best.

      • @Richard Rasker

        Nice job…Richard. Just keep your eyes closed, and ears covered. Pay no attention to the many that are seeing the evidence of health-related mRNA vaccines. Just keep believing the lying mainstream legacy media.

        We know the efficacy wanes after ten weeks. However, I’m suspecting you will be fine regardless because your confidence in the mRNA is big enough to give you a hearty placebo effect. So, continue with regular boosters, and pay no attention to any side effects.

        BTW – The covid variant XBB 1.5 is likely gonna infect ya regardless of a jab or not. But we’ll mostly all survive it regardless of vaccination or not…. it’s just another flu virus.

        • @RG

          Nice job…Richard.

          Aww, thank you! You were the last person that I expected compliments from … This just goes to sow that everyone can sometimes show some unexpected kindness. 🙂

          Just keep your eyes closed, and ears covered.

          Are these the latest anti-corona measures? They do seem a bit restrictive … and oh, the virus enters the body through the mouth and nose, not the eyes and ears. I’m sorry to tell you that you’re probably badly informed on this part.

          Pay no attention to the many that are seeing the evidence of health-related mRNA vaccines.

          You mean all those millions that are protected from getting very sick? Because that is the one significant health effect that mRNA vaccines have. Everyone I know has received almost all recommended jabs, and even though quite a few eventually contracted Covid-19 after all, no-one got very sick and no-one died. This was quite different from the beginning of the pandemic, when two of my customers died and one person got critically ill and is still struggling with the aftermath – all three unvaccinated.

          We know the efficacy wanes after ten weeks.

          So what? At least it does give several months of very good protection, diminishing within a year. This is much better than nothing. As the vaccine is exceedingly safe, it can be administered annually, especially to higher-risk groups. And actually getting the virus also doesn’t offer lasting protection either.

          … pay no attention to any side effects.

          Admittedly, the sore arm for one or two days is a bit of a nuisance, and some people get mild flu-like symptoms. But that’s perfectly normal and expected. As with all vaccines, serious side effects are extremely rare (and still transient). Leaving the house and taking part in traffic is far more risky than getting vaccinated.

          The covid variant XBB 1.5 is likely gonna infect ya regardless of a jab or not.

          Yes, that can happen, although to my knowledge, I have not caught Covid-19 so far – so fingers cossed. Then again, I got all my vaccines and boosters.

          But we’ll mostly all survive it regardless of vaccination or not…. it’s just another flu virus.

          Sorry old chap, but you’re wrong here. Covid-19 is not a member of the influenza virus family, and even the latest major variant is still more deadly than ordinary flu – but, admittedly, less so than the early Delta variant. Just look at what happens in China now, with a population that has been largely unvaccinated, and a local vaccine that is considerably less effective than our mRNA vaccines.

          Anyway, nice to have this little chat.

          • @Richard Rasker

            Sir, I have no intention of reading you line by line drivel, you know nothing.

            Now for the latest on the covid vax harm.
            The US FAA has acknowledged that they are raising the maximum threshold on ECG parameters for commercial pilots. The standard for measure of heart function was just raised significantly in order to continue to have enough pilots that meet the threshold.

            So, in response the FAA has now resurrected the JnJ vaccine to be made available to pilots. So whey the sudden change in December to change from mRNA vaccines to JnJ ‘ … simple, only one injection and no mRNA.
            Same reason I took the JnJ jab.

          • RG,

            You do a great job playing detective. Below is a new riddle for you, it has been eluding me for while as I have no idea how to think conspiratorially.

            Why does FAA require pilots and passengers wear seatbelts during take off and landing? Is it for their safety? Or is there a nefarious purpose behind seatbelt mandate on flights? What is the FAA hiding by forcing us to wear seatbelts? Seatbelts have not prevented deaths in the event a plane crashes. Why are we forced to wear them?

            Do your magic and crack the case detective RG.

          • @RG

            Kirsch received a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1980.
            Steven Todd Kirsch is […] a promoter of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.


            If you trust what an electrical engineer says about Corona more than you trust the FDA, then you’d probably have a plumber do your car inspection. Wouldn’t you? 😉

          • Excuse me, RPGNo1! The so-called experts are wrong all the time. RG and I would absolutely go to a butcher for surgery. You’d be surprised at how much a butcher knows about human/ape anatomy.

            Thank you very much for your unnecessary comments. 😜

          • @RG
            Sir, I have no intention of further reading your contributions when these only consist of lies, rumours, speculation and completely unwarranted allegations from people who – just like you – know nothing.
            Steve Kirsch may be a fine entrepreneur, the man is a complete and utter imbecile in the field of medicine, immunology and statistics – and, no doubt guided by serious delusions of his own grandeur and self-righteousness, he even manages to send out a deeply insulting and vile hate message in response to the death of Harriet hall.

            As long as you base your comments here on the excrements of Kirsch and his ilk instead of proper, objective evidence(*), you yourself deserve no respect whatsoever.

            I sincerely hope that your head gets well soon, and we can at least have something resembling a normal conversation again.

            *: And no, some ‘connect-the-dots’ conspiracy belief about an FAA message is not ‘evidence’.

    • @ Dean C,

      Hitchens’s razor is highly applicable to your many assertions:

      What can be asserted without evidence, can also be dismissed without evidence.
      — Christopher Hitchens

    • You have a PhD in Physics and Mathematics. It says, that you do not have any clue about Physiology, Biology, Immunology, Epidemiology, Pharmacy, Biotechnology. So you make a fool out of yourself on this blog with ignorant statements? 😀

  • I have no clue what you are trying to say. You may have a PhD in physics as you claim, but you seem to have little idea of how to write down an argument clearly or concisely.

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