It has been reported that a naturopath from the US who sold fake COVID-19 immunization treatments and fraudulent vaccination cards during the height of the coronavirus pandemic has been sentenced to nearly three years in prison. Juli A. Mazi pleaded guilty last April in federal court in San Francisco to one count of wire fraud and one count of false statements related to health care matters. Now District Judge Charles R. Breyer handed down a sentence of 33 months, according to Joshua Stueve, a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Justice. Mazi, of Napa, was ordered to surrender to the Bureau of Prisons on or before January 6, 2023.

The case is the first federal criminal fraud prosecution related to fraudulent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccination cards for COVID-19, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. In August, Breyer denied Mazi’s motion to withdraw her plea agreement after she challenged the very laws that led to her prosecution. Mazi, who fired her attorneys and ended up representing herself, last week filed a letter with the court claiming sovereign immunity. Mazi said that as a Native American she is “immune to legal action.”

She provided fake CDC vaccination cards for COVID-19 to at least 200 people with instructions on how to complete the cards to make them look like they had received a Moderna vaccine, federal prosecutors said. She also sold homeopathic pellets she fraudulently claimed would provide “lifelong immunity to COVID-19.” She told customers that the pellets contained small amounts of the virus and would create an antibody response. Mazi also offered the pellets in place of childhood vaccinations required for attendance at school and sold at least 100 fake immunization cards that said the children had been vaccinated, knowing the documents would be submitted to schools, officials said. Federal officials opened an investigation against Mazi after receiving a complaint in April 2021 to the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General hotline.


On her website, Mazi states this about herself:

Juli Mazi received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon where she trained in the traditional medical sciences as well as ancient and modern modalities that rely on the restorative power of Nature to heal. Juli Mazi radiates the vibrant health she is committed to helping her patients achieve. Juli’s positive outlook inspires confidence; her deep well of calm puts people at immediate ease. The second thing they notice is that truly she listens. Dr. Mazi’s very presence is healing.

On this site, she also advocates all sorts of treatments and ideas which I would call more than a little strange, for instance, coffee enemas:

Using a coffee enema is a time-tested remedy for detoxification, but it is not without risks. If you are not careful, the process can cause internal burns. In addition, improperly brewed coffee can lead to electrolyte imbalances and dehydration, and coffee enemas are not recommended for pregnant women or young children.

To make coffee enemas safe and effective, always choose quality organic coffee. A coffee enema should be free of toxins and pesticides. Use a reusable enema kit with stainless steel or silicone hosing for safety. Moreover, do not use a soft plastic or latex enema bags. It is also essential to limit the length of time that the coffee spends in the container.

A coffee enema should be held for 12 to 15 minutes and then released in the toilet. You may repeat the process as necessary. Usually, the procedure should be done once or twice a day. However, if you are experiencing acute toxicity, you can use a coffee enema as often as needed. Make sure you have had a bowel movement before making the coffee enema. Otherwise, the process may be hindered.

Perhaps the most interesting thing on her website is her advertisement of the fact that her peers not just tolerate such eccentricities but gave Mazi an award for ‘BEST ALTERNATIVE HEALTH & BEST GENERAL PRACTITIONER’.

To me, this suggests that US ‘doctors of naturopathy’ and their professional organizations live on a different planet, a planet where evidence counts for nothing and dangerously misleading patients seems to be the norm.

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  • in addition, improperly brewed coffee

    This worries me. Do I need to consult with a trained and experienced barrista? Do I need to by an espresso machine? The complexity is driving me crazy!

  • They should be jailing the pharma executives and regulators for selling fraudulent vaccines.
    The interviewee has 20 years experience in vaccine regulation. She did a deep-dive on the fraudulent documentation. It becomes very clear who is responsible and why. One factoid from it: 26+ groups analyzed the vaccine vials and NOT ONE had what the manufacturer claimed!

    • @stan
      And once again you come up with a story from the sewers of the Internet, with a self-proclaimed yet rather incompetent ‘expert’ doing some VAERS dumpster diving, jumping to completely unwarranted conclusions.

      This person basically matched VAERS reports of deaths with vaccine lots and US states – and then blamed vaccine lots used in states with high mortality rates for those deaths. However, her map ALSO matches up pretty well with excess deaths due to Covid-19, AND with states with predominantly Republican voters, AND with states with an already lower health ranking before the pandemic.
      One might just as well claim that republican voters are less healthy and more likely to die younger. Oh, wait, this actually appears to be the case:

      Anyway, you are spreading anti-vaccine lies. Again.

      • Excess mortality reported around the world is unrelated to Covid. They are able to separate Covid deaths from other deaths. Excess mortality (unrelated to Covid) has skyrocketed around the world starting in 2021. Insurance companies are reporting it. Interesting timing and no one in govt seems interested in finding the cause. Afraid of cupapbility?

        How many years have you worked in vaccine regulation?

        This former regulator also looked at the vaccine regulation documentation provided by Pfizer and Moderna and determined that they did only a few of the many types of documentation that are normally required for licensing new vaccines. She realized that this level of fraud had to be abetted by the regulators. The rest of the documentation they provided was irrelevant padding that was unrelated to their vaccines.

        You are spreading Vaccine-pusher half-truths (i.e. lies); not willing to address all the other issues that she raises.
        She also relates that the vaccines are basically garbage that dont have what they purport to have and DO have lots of crap in them according to many investigators. She states that many in the industry were surprised that they could even find the materials to make the quantities of mRNA for the billions of doses that they produced. Apparently they couldnt; didnt bother.

    • Rumble received investment from venture capitalists Peter Thiel and J. D. Vance in May 2021, with that round of funding valuing Rumble at around $500 million.[16] A month later, US President Donald Trump joined Rumble in preparation for recording his Ohio campaign rally. In October 2021, Rumble acquired Locals. On December 14, 2021, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) announced that it entered a “wide-ranging technology and cloud services agreement” with Rumble in a statement which also stated that Rumble would operate part of Truth Social as well as TMTG.

      Rumble’s video platform is popular among American right, and far-right users, and has been described as part of “alt-tech” by various observers.

      A very trustworthy online video platform and cloud service. Really! *Irony off*

      • What’s your point ?
        I can find the same coverage of the report on at least 25 other web sites.
        I won’t list them, but it’s not like Rumble is an outlier.

        • @RPGNo1

          Why do you have to make RG come out and state the obvious? I think it is about time you understand that if a report is covered widely on many websites on the internet, then it must be TRUE!

          • @Talker

            My response post was to contest the strong implication that Rumble, Truth Media, DJT or Peter Thiel ONLY would present such a publication about the subject of the link posted by Stan.

            There is no “trust” in journalism any longer, it’s a free-for-all. And the main-stream media is as much at fault as any, they are among the worst offenders.
            The recent Twitter revelations tell us all we need to know about collusion between government and media. (Even the FBI is deeply involved)

          • Oh yes, I forgot all about that. Stories written by “experts”, which are based on unverifiable internet sources and which are published on dubious social media channels are ALWAYS true. 😉

          • ‘RG’ wrote “Even the FBI is deeply involved”.

            Well, ‘RG’, I’m delighted to receive your assurance that the FBI is not some half‑arsed organisation that gets only superficially involved in its endeavours.

            In eager anticipation, I look forward to receiving more of your expert guidance and wisdom.

          • @RG

            There is no “trust” in journalism any longer,

            This strongly depends on partisanship, at least for the US.
            Even though on the whole, trust in news reporting has dropped, democrats still generally trust the media, while republicans have far less trust, and extreme groups (extreme right-wingers, Covid deniers, antivaxxers, conspiracy loons etc.) have no trust at all.

            It would seem that trust in journalism among any particular group is directly correlated with the group’s own propensity to subscribe to lies and BS, and spread those lies themselves. Ironically, most of these lies and BS boil down to accusing other groups of lying, in an attempt of the accusers to paint themselves in a more favourable light (which pretty much defines Trumpism).
            This becomes even clearer when you look beyond US borders: in pretty much every other western country, trust in news reporting has risen considerably over the past few years.

            So it is completely to be expected that you don’t trust the media at all; in fact, we would be surprised otherwise.

          • @ Pete Atkins

            Pete… when I state that the FBI in involved, I didn’t mean that the FBI is investigating. I mean to say that the FBI was complicit in perpetuating the fraud on social media information publicized by FB and twitter. These media outlets are being investigated in the collusion between the government and private corporations for limiting and disseminating “information” and disinformation” on the internet. The FBI is no longer a neutral agency. It’s possible that you are not aware of this because you read only TNI sources, who are still attempting to hide the story from the public at large.

            @Richard Rasker

            Richard, would you even for a minute just imagine why those of liberal population are more willing to accept the lies of the liberal biased media ? (Controlled over much of the world)
            It must be wonderful to have a perpetual tail wind blowing to assist.


          • @RG

            You just proved Richard’s points i.e.

            Ironically, most of these lies and BS boil down to accusing other groups of lying, in an attempt of the accusers to paint themselves in a more favourable light (which pretty much defines Trumpism).
            So it is completely to be expected that you don’t trust the media at all; in fact, we would be surprised otherwise.

            All that BS you have been shoveling onto the BS mountain stinks to high heavens and the shovel you are holding looks worn too, but don’t let us stop you from shoveling it.

      • Dont bother to assess the message. Attack the messenger if you dont like the message.

        • Your anti-vax propaganda has been assessed, addressed and debunked many times by several people.

          I am sorry your feelings are hurt, stan.

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