When I previously wrote about Pranic Healing I boldly asked whether it is a hoax. This prompted several furious reactions of believers who thought my question was insulting. Meanwhile, I informed myself more thoroughly and am happy to confirm that Pranic Healing is not a hoax at all. In fact, it is much worse.

What, you forgot what Pranic Healing is?

How could you?

According to one website, Pranic Healing is a

no touch, non-invasive healing technique that was founded by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. It is a synthesis of healing techniques from ancient China, Tibet and India in which Prana is used to heal a wide variety of illnesses. Pranic Healing is not only used to cure illness or physical ailments but also can be cure person of his psychological ailments. To be very simple in this computer age as the computer contains the hardware and the software. In human body hardware is our physical body and the software’s are the Human emotions which includes Anger, Grief, Anxiety, Stress , fatigue, our karmas, pride, fear, Phobias and many more.

These human viruses affect the physical body of a person. In Pranic healing Grand Master Choa kok Sui has taught to remove these negative emotions from our system in a very simple but powerful and effective way. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui did lot of research and experiment for treating different diseases and ailments and made is very simple so that anybody can learn it. Today Pranic healing is taught and practiced in more than 80 countries of the world and its books are available in more than 34 languages. Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox western medicine, but rather to complement it. Countless people and their families have been treated and are enjoying a better quality of life through Pranic Healing.

‘Grand Master’ Choa was born August 15, 1952, in the Philippines. His parents were of Chinese descent and became successful business people. Choa was raised in this environment of business and absorbed its lessons only too well. Sadly, he seemed to have been immune to his own healing innovation, as he died young in 2007. But his Pranic Healing empire lives on and today it is a hugely profitable business.

Prana Crystals sell a wide range of products, for instance ‘healing wants’ which they advertise as follows:

Healing Wands made from various stones and crystals have been used round the globe Rare 496 grams Quartz crystal wand Imagefor healing purposes since ages. They help in cleansing of the entire body or aura or they can also be used to heal an affected part of the body or chakra. These wands can also be used for massaging purpose. They absorb the negative energy and release stress and pressure and help in transferring the positive energy of the stone. Healing Wands are available in variety of stones and crystals in different sizes. Each one of them have specific characteristics and uses. We have a variety of Wands available to meet your requirements.

My favourite wand is the one pictured on the right here. It is the Rolls Royce of all the wands on offer and therefore it can obviously not come cheap. But at US$ 1999 (yes, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine American dollars) it is still a bargain, because it rids you of all the diseases and negative energy that you can dream of.

During my recent crash course in Pranic Healing, I came across dozens of websites, hundreds of testimonials, uncounted comments and a plethora of curious things. Let me share just one of them with you:

Pranic Weight Loss Body Sculpting Face Lift is a fascinating area of the applications of the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui for health and beauty. This workshop helps you look prettier and loose weight without surgery, exhausting exercises and medicine, just by using the knowledge of subtle energy.

Using specific combination of colour pranas and techniques, your skin can look 10 to 20 years younger. In fact the lines and wrinkles of the face are storage of negative and unpleasant feelings and experiences such as anger, fear and grief. When this emotional garbage is cleared and released, the face will look younger, brighter and revitalized.

Certain colour Pranas have the power to disintegrate and remove fat, wrinkles and lines from your system to create a healthier and better-looking body. In fact the lines and wrinkles of the face are storage of negative and unpleasant feelings and experiences such as anger, fear and grief. When this emotional garbage is cleared and released, the face will look younger, brighter and revitalized.

No, Pranic Healing is most certainly not  hoax, and I was wrong to imply it. My sincere apologies! It is pure and simple exploitation of  vulnerable people who have not had the opportunity to learn how to think critically.


29 Responses to Pranic Healing revisited … no, it’s not a hoax

  • There is a UK charity for pranic healing. Well let me qualify that. There was The European Pranic Healing Foundation, charity 1129146, registered 2009 and closed 2012. Now we have MCKS Charitable Foundation UK, charity 1148680 registered 2012. They say they are for the relief of poverty, but have forgotten to change the name in their charitable objects: PRANIC HEALING CHARITY UK. Their charitable objects are extremely vague and general, and look like a front for something else.

    • Well it is a front – the pranic healing website is here.

      Their online shop sells all the usual rubbish – crystals etc – but without claims. The usual ploy is to run training courses in which the claims are made, along with “you can buy all the things you need in our shop”. This needs further investigation, when I have time.

  • This [question if pranic healing was a hoax] prompted several furious reactions of believers

    O-K …

    In human body hardware is our physical body and the software’s are the Human emotions which includes Anger …

    So if I understand correctly, upon reading your question, those believers experienced a personal ‘software glitch’, easily fixed with their own pranic healing. Then what is their problem? Why did they bother to respond in an angry manner in the first place?

  • Could it be – though one hesitates to make calumnious accusations – could it be, that some of the claims about the powers of Pranic Healing are not quite…. true? Could they be…. Lies?

    From The Pan Book Of Limericks (for those not in the UK, Deal is a town in the County of Kent):

    Said an ageing faith healer from Deal,
    Although I know pain isn’t real;
    If I sit on a pin
    And it punctures the skin,
    I dislike what I fancy I feel……

  • My husband and all his family are now full enmeshed in Pranic Healing. It’s not a hoax. It’s a cult. He left me after 20 years together last September and never spoke to me ever again. It is a morally bankrupt license to print money and preys on the vulnerable. They have now hitched their bandwagon to Tony Robbins and his dangerous money-making bullshit. “Master” Stephen Co and Les Flitcroft in the UK are leading the way at the moment – I don’t know where to begin with describing how corrupt and nonsensical this cult is.

    • Hi Aimée,

      I totally agree with you. I had a similar experience with my ex-husband who dumped me, in part because i did not share his point of view about pranic healing.
      First point, when you look for pranic healing on the internet, you will see that this is pranic healing: registered trademark, that gives a clue on “how spiritual and business friendly” this is, no ? ?
      My ex-husband has a PhD in bioprocessing, so he has a strong scientific culture. But this did not prevent him from being seduced by all those not proved concepts of pranic healing. He had interests in it for years, but that became stronger after he finished his PhD and he was unemployed for more than a year (similarly, we do not speak enough about how people can suffer during a PhD but it’s another business).
      It really frightened me when he was telling me that highly qualified pranic healers could heal people from cancer or auto immune diseases. Pranic healers have a “protocol” for each disease, that “Master” Cho Kok Sui (MCKS) had knowledge after years of studies and astral travels (the guy is an ex chemical engineer, from this fact he tried to gain some credibility, but c’mon, i read some books of him,this is crazy…. he even said he had a master that was able to resurrect people from the dead). Most of the teachings are just brain washing mantras, and what you have to do is to repeat some gestures with your pranic crystals that were created to heal…. and even if you feel nothing while you’re doing, it works!!!!! everbody can be a pranic healer. this is what they tell you.
      That could be innocent, but most of the trainings and “pranic spiritual retreats” are a big cost when you are unemployed. People are glorifying their dead master MCKS watching some old videos where he just behaves like a caricature of a guru that just repeats a lot of non justified concepts and his audience blindly repeats after him.
      I won’t even talk about the price of a PH consultation.
      I tried to read some “scientific” article about PH evidence. This is just a exposure of some non reproducible measures (does not justify anything, correlation is not causation, but that’s even some defect that we nowadays find in a lot of serious scientific articles) , showing you beautiful graphs where you are dealing with some measurements of the “chi” in unknown units, that you have no idea how that was sensored. And the institutes are most of the time some private institutes that you can some doubts about how oriented their owners are.
      When I think again about it, i wonder how this was possible that my ex husband got brain washed this way. This is not only some piece of not proved concept, but it really looks like a cult.

      Please do not hesitate to share about your experiences.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. I found this on meet up. Was getting sober and looking for something fun to do. Before you know it I was spending hundreds of dollars thinking I had bad thoughts circling around me. When you first go they have you write everything you love and all your desires and act like their meditation is going to bless you with those things. The scary part, in the process if you give it the benefit of the doubt long enough, it strips you of who you are, and steals your soul…from the inside. Also interesting to note Pranic healing and it’s name changes and website changes, institute of Asian studies, all of it. It is really scary stuff. I spent about a year almost going to the mental ward cause it was hard for me not to do these rituals they engrain in you without making you go crazy cause they have you repeat it every day and make you think that it’s what’s causing good things in your life to happen. I was so Nieve and I’m glad I have my life back today with ABIDE meditations and my own concept of God on my side.

  • One can say that universities are a scam and brainwash their participants.
    They take thousands of students’ money. The fees each term are expensive, non refundable, no guarantee.
    They keep their students there for years, no guarantee for a job after graduation. They narrow opportunities to that one studied area.
    It is a cult.

    What about the government? Another cult. They take your money without your consent. Tax “everything” including CO2 emmision. They harass people with the police and army. In the name of health and safety they bring insanity, chaos, confusion and limit your freedom. Lack of morality. It is a cult.

    Pardon me what I have just said. I just have a good imagination. Take it with a good humour.

    If Pranic Healing bothers you, just leave it. Do not touch it, just go.

    • very funny!
      thank you

      • This depends on the political decisions of higher education by the states, this is not a characteristic of the university to charge its students. You have many examples of universities on all continents where subscription fees are for free.

        Besides, universities teaching scientific fields teach you contents that are independent from the universities. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering science, all those things keep being “true” even if you decide not to “trust” them, even if you want to ignore them, cause there are the finest description of what we perceive to be the rules of the universe. The day we’ll have them failing, scientists will review and adapt their concepts, this is the way science works and it had already done it in the past, even by elaborating theories that are against the intuition, but that appear to perfectly describe the observations. There is no cult in it, only observations, and designing of theories based on logic, critical state-of-mind that must stick to the reality of the facts, without the intervention of some mystic powerfull force that nobody , apart from the ones who believe in it, was ever able to see, feel, measure and that magically “explains” all that our low minds cannot understand in this world.

        Kind regards,

    • Dude taxing co2 emmisions is perfectly fine if you wanna deny global warming cite medieval times

  • This is what it boils down to : the power of your own beliefs. This healing has worked for many people just as antidepressants and anti anxiety meds have. yes you can harness your own energy and abilities to change certain things about your health and your life. Call it the placebo effect if you want. If it works , it works. Does it cure cancer ? I doubt it. Does it help with deep emotional problems that negatively effect one’s life ? I say yes it does. It works if you believe it will work. the power of the mind is immense and that is why many see benefits from this. Again , call it “the placebo effect “ or call it what you like. It has helped thousands of people. I say , let it be.

    • 1) you don’t need a placebo to benefit from a placebo effect (even effective therapies can generate a placebo effect)
      2) relying on placebo to cure disease is dangerous because it is not sufficiently effective in many cases.

    • If I have a serious health condition, though, I want a treatment that has been demonstrated to work BETTER than placebo.

      • @DavidB

        C’mon David, you know it’s much about risk/benefit.
        Nothing is 100% effective, in fact most approved therapies are closer to 50-65% effective. So if a given patient lands in the unfortunate group with low efficacy, yet still incurs the same risk, it’s not so simple, now is it ? Let’s say that patient finishes with little to no benefit, however, experiences the negative effects. This is how the choice for many becomes more obscured.

        • so you assume that not everyone has the benefit but all experience the harm of a therapy?

        • Eh? Who said anything about 100% effective? I certainly didn’t. All I say is that if I have some serious health condition that requires intervention, I want a treatment that’s been proven to work better than placebo.

    • Maybe if you have a positive attitude to an illness you are more likely to follow medical advice, eat and drink properly, exercise appropriately and so on. Ie do those things which support your medical treatment.

      Nothing magical about that.

      • There’s a lot involved in the “placebo” response.

        Doctor patient relationship
        Social support

        • nice to see that the placebo response is among the many issues you fail to understand.

          • Fortunately we have more recent information since your little paper from 27 years ago.

            For example:

            “A greater understanding of the placebo effect is the recognition that there is not one placebo effect but many.”

            “From the psychological viewpoint, a multitude of mechanisms contribute to placebo effects. These include expectations, conditioning, learning, memory, motivation, somatic focus, reward and reduction of anxiety.”

            Perspect Clin Res. 2013 Jan-Mar; 4(1): 49–52

            Now go back and read what I wrote.

          • Neither the doctor-patient relationship nor social support are placebo responses
            and the paper you cite confirms how little you understand about the subject.

          • “Quotation marks within an emphatic context should tell readers that the content in quotes means something other than what it usually would.”


            Read what I wrote in context to the comment that I was responding to.

    • I have been a Pranic healer for many years. I know it works on healing short term mostly. I believe the work on the original healing techniques is very useful.
      I find discrepancies in some of the other teachings and use the Super Market Approach espoused by MCKS
      “You don’t buy everything in the store, get what you need”. It’s a great resource if you want to be a healer!
      You can stop at that level and review for a discounted fee if you need. Master Co has free Mediations 6 times a week on Facebook. He never says just believe me, he can be quite rough and sometimes judgmental but sometimes people need that to change.

      My testimony is proof with just basic classes you can heal.
      I was working in a rehab and my unit secretary was having vertigo. My manager knew I took a healing class and asked if I could help. I just happened to have the advanced Pranic Healing book in my car.
      I didn’t know if there was a protocol for vertigo. I ran down to my car and checked and ran in to do the healing. I wheeled my unit secretary into the med room and closed the door. I opened the book and followed the protocol like a cookbook. When I was done she was able to stand up and walk out of the med room. The healing lasted for about 3 months before she had to take her meds.
      That sold on the effectiveness of Pranic Healing.
      I’m not sure about all the other teachings and classes.

      • @Sue

        “My testimony is proof with just basic classes you can heal.”

        Do you think that the edifice of scientific knowledge is based on such evidence? What if an astronomer said “My testimony is proof that there is another planet between Mercury and Venus”? I think you would expect several other astronomers to look through their telescopes to see if he/she was right. The problem with your sort of claim is that it’s worse than the astronomer’s. You are dealing with people not dead planets, people who should not be misled about how their body works. They can be harmed by misinformation.

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