Referring to possible treatments for corona-virus infections during a press-conference, Trump said the following:

“So supposing we hit the body with a tremendous—whether it’s ultraviolet or just a very powerful light—and I think you said that hasn’t been checked because of the testing…And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or some other way.”

We already suspected that Trump has a thing about UV light.

We also knew that Trump has links to the SCAM scene. And his recent outburst sounds as though the president has come across a particular SCAM called ‘Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation’.

“Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation” (UBI), also called “ BioPhotonic Therapy”, is a treatment that was popular with German naturopaths a few decades ago. It seems to experience a revival and is bound to boom, now that Trump has claimed that UV light in the body might be effective against the corona-virus.

I have conducted in-vitro experiments with this method in the mid 1980s (sorry, I cannot find the publication and am not even sure we ever published the results). They failed to show any meaningful effects on blood rheology which was my main research interest at the time. I thus know how the method works:

  1. You draw a small (10-30 ml) venous blood sample.
  2. You anticoagulate it.
  3. You place it in a special chamber.
  4. You radiate it for a prescribed time with UV light.
  5. You inject the blood back into the patient.

There are semi-automated devices that are commercially available and render the process fairly easy. It seems that UBI has become popular in the US SCAM scene. One advocate of UBI informs us that:

This proven therapy has 70 years of history, helping those who still suffer after exploring other medicines.  Step into the world of over 140 published medical studies where BioPhotonic Therapy has shown amazing success rates.

  • No major side effects
  • Treats over 40 diseases  
  • Low cost 
  • Helps those in need

The same advocate also lists several viral infections for which UBI is, in his opinion, effective:

  • Hepatitis
  • HIV
  • Influenza
  • Herpes simplex/zoster
  • Mononucleosis
  • Mumps
  • Measles Infections
  • Viral Pneumonia
  • Polio

A more modern version of the same method has recently received CE marking to commercially sell its UVLrx 1500 multi-wavelength, intravenous light therapy system in the European Union. The UVLrx 1500 System offers the first intravenous, concurrent delivery of ultraviolet-A (UVA) and multiple visible light wavelengths. Using the company’s patent pending Dry Light Adapter™ and a standard I.V. catheter, the UVLrx 1500 eliminates the need for removal of blood from the body.

UVLrx’s CE marking covers the following indications:

  • Reduction of pain
  • Reduction of pathogens in the blood
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Immune system modulation
  • Improved ATP synthesis
  • Improved wound healing
  • Improved blood oxygen transport
  • Improved circulation

Needless to say, I think, that there is no good evidence for any of these claims. Yes, there are quite a few papers on UBI and related methods. But most of them are in-vitro studies, while robust clinical trials are missing completely (if someone knows otherwise, I’d be pleased to correct this statement). Needless to say also that UBI is an invasive treatment where lots of things might go badly wrong.

So why is Trump promoting this UV therapy idea?

Search me!

77 Responses to Trump seems to think that UV might be the answer to the corona-pandemic – could he mean “ultraviolet blood irradiation”?

  • Because he’s a quack.

    • who would have thought it – the president of the United States!!!


      Proof of Concept

      An abstract led by the team at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center was published in the United European Gastroenterology Journal, October 2019, titled “Internally Applied Ultraviolet Light as a Novel Approach for Effective and Safe Anti-Microbial Treatment.” Here, the authors show that UVA light exhibits significant in vitro bactericidal effects in an array of clinically important bacteria. Additionally, this is the first study using intracolonic UVA application, which reports that UVA exposure is not associated with endoscopic or histologic injury. These findings suggest that UVA therapy can potentially provide a safe and effective novel approach to antimicrobial treatment via phototherapy on internal organs.

      * This has not been reviewed by the FDA. This device, or concept of this device is currently not indicated for use in the treatment of COVID-19.

      • This is one of the worst cases of hyped up medical gimmics I have seen for many years. Such ventures are sometimes started simply to collect investments, siphon off the funds while the venture fails.
        Anyone with a modicum of insight into biology, physiology and anatomy will understand why this cannot work.
        I am not the only one who thinks this:

        • And who knew, in 1928, when Sir Alexander Fleming, discover that mold off of a staphylococcus culture would change the medicinal world forever?! Who knew that mold would become a major tool in combating the influenza virus? It makes no sense…. MOLD, being ingested or injected would stop major infections and viruses?!!! Hmmmm. Well, anyone that suggests that we use mold… or its fancy sci-fi names penicillin or antibiotics…, well, they should be publicly shamed and ridiculed for such a notion. We are too smart to fall for that quackery! It makes no scientific sense, MOLD? Oh, sorry, I mean the science community and those that like to pretend they know what they’re talking about just have not been able to prove nor disprove the UVLRX capability… They are also saying Vitamin D, C, A, are helping tremendously, as well. Is that quackery? If it were mixed with formaldehyde and Mercury and sold by Gates, would that make less quackish?

          It may not work, but it’s amazing to me that long before Trump made mention of the possibility, UVLRX or its equivalent is part of the PPE list that most states and hospitals are using to order from.

          • Er, Elle..

            Who knew that mold would become a major tool in combating the influenza virus?

            Nobody. Because it is of no use in combating the influenza virus. Penicillin is an antibiotic. It has no effectiveness against viral conditions such as influenza.

            Oh, sorry, I mean the science community and those that like to pretend they know what they’re talking about

            You mean those people who know that penicillin is an antibiotic and is effective only against bacteria and not viruses?

            Elle. You have demonstrated that YOU have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about and you’re only going to get laughed at here. Please keep your ill-informed opinions to yourself.

          • or better still: inform yourself!

          • I accomplished my goal! If anyone disagrees or sees positive possibilities in any other therapies, you charge in with insults and attack. You have also taken out of context what I wrote to twist to make yourself feel superior in your own mind. Furthermore, your closed minded approach is the fundamental reason why our education system, textbooks, and medical schools are teaching outdated theories. The close minded love to hear the sound of their own voice and nothing more.

          • Elle

            You don’t really get this, do you?

            Nothing was quoted out of context. You said that mould AKA penicillin cured influenza. You demonstrated a fundamental lack of understanding of biology and medicine. That you are unable to recognise or acknowledge your own errors is your problem, not ours.

          • Ms Davis,

            Well, anyone that suggests that we use mold… or its fancy sci-fi names penicillin or antibiotics…, well, they should be publicly shamed and ridiculed for such a notion. We are too smart to fall for that quackery!

            I think you have a rather strange notion of how science works.

            Thankfully Fleming noticed that something unexpected was going on and investigated it properly, with Watson and Cheyne building on his work. Most scientific breakthroughs begin by somebody saying to himself “that’s funny…”. The final judge is Nature, not received wisdom, which is why the motto of the Royal Society is “nullius in verba” (“take nobody’s word for it”).

            It makes no scientific sense, MOLD?

            It makes a great deal of scientific sense that microorganisms should make chemicals that kill their competitors.

            They are also saying Vitamin D, C, A, are helping tremendously, as well. Is that quackery?

            Who are “They”? Many claims have been made for the effectiveness of vitamins for treating things other than vitamin deficiency, but most of them have not been substantiated, so yes, that probably is quackery.

            It may not work, but it’s amazing to me that long before Trump made mention of the possibility, UVLRX or its equivalent is part of the PPE list that most states and hospitals are using to order from.

            That, I think, is the gist of Trump’s argument.

            I have no idea whether it is true that most hospitals are ordering ultraviolet equipment. Regardless, high-intensity ultraviolet light is very effective at killing most microorganisms on surfaces, in just the same way that it kills human cells, causing severe burns if it falls on the skin. Many things are very effective at killing pathogens outside the body – x-rays, gamma rays, pressurised steam, and chemicals such as glutaraldehyde are used for medical sterilisation. For disinfection harsher chemical agents (oxidising agents such as bleach, strong acids…) are used. However, you need to be very careful to avoid exposure to them as they can be highly dangerous.

  • He said this in jest do to media being ignorant with questions. He admitted he was being sarcastic later, he refers all medical questions that he does not know to his staff, importantly, Dr. Fauci and Admiral Adams, Surgeon General of US. You went with it, actually disturbs me you didn’t research it more, considering you are a researcher.

    • what disturbs me is that you fail to realise that Trump claimed to have said this in jest because he had by then be criticised for it – and even then he promoted the idea again.

      • I have watched some of his daily briefings, he refers every medical question to his medical staff, have you watched them or just getting sound-bites from the news?

        • sure I have watched not just his initial blubbering but also his back-peddling where is claimed sarcasm etc.
          perhaps I can think sceptically and you not?

          • You’re more than welcome to think sceptically while I’ll go ahead and continue thinking skeptically.

    • I listened to it. He was completely earnest. Confused, but earnest. And WTF, if he were sarcastic, does that make it better? I’d say no. The President of the Unitied States, the most powerful nation in the world working out the convoluted machinations of his tortured thought processes out loud at what is theoretically a serious forum to address a dire threat to the nation. We would be better off with him in a straitjacket in a padded room.

    • ‘admitted he was being sarcastic’

      Oh, come off it. We’ve all seen the video.

      He was pontificating and posing ignorant questions to Deborah Birx who shuffled in embarrassment at being invited into his car crash.

      He did not ‘admit’ anything. He’s just trying to retcon his own recent history, which has been a frequent tactic of his when he’s been called out on his stupidity.

    • He did not say it in jest! That you believe his excuses says all we need to know about you.

      As John Mulaney said (, that guy is like a horse loose in a hospital—and nobody is more confused about it than the horse!

    • All medical questions he does not know? What “medical questions” is a New York City conman able to answer?

    • @ Jim

      don’t be so ridiculous – why do Trump’s apologists make such ludicrous assertions?
      He quite obviously wasn’t joking or being sarcastic – the orange dolt was being quite serious.
      The man ise quite perfectly stupid and uneducated. He just says the first thing that enters his head unfiltered.
      He was talking to Dr Birx when he said it.

      Why would anyone research it more? Do you seriously expect scientists to follow up every wacky brain fart that emanates from this deluded bankrupt moron? Remember he thinks the moon is part of Mars – perhaps we ought to research that too?

  • Trump is a Law of Attraction scammer, that’s why he promotes such products. And of course this is also why he promotes absolutely everything he does using this bombastic sales pitch — it’s all he knows. And it’s also why he thinks he can create his own reality — as the press always describes it, without realising that really is exactly what he is doing; and it’s why he hates victims (he thinks they created their victimhood — like McCain not being a hero because he got captured — classical LoA thinking), and it’s why he gets upset when reporters say “negative” things — because negative thoughts also have creative power.

    Norman Vincent Peale, creator of the ‘Power of Positive Thinking’ scam in the 1950s, was Trumps pastor when Trump was young. Trump kept in contact with him throughout his life.

    It’s also why he thinks he’s an expert on everything — if you can create your own reality it also means you can create your own expertise: you’ve just got to believe in it strongly enough.

    It’s also why he hasn’t imploded like anyone else who tells as many lies in public as he does would — for him they’re not lies, so he has neither the body language of a liar, nor the guilty conscience; nor does he have any conception of the possibility that there is important information that he doesn’t know but others do.

    And it’s why he thinks he has a “very good brain” — it created all that “winning” for him.

    …And it’s why he has no concept of what a president is, beyond “person in charge of stuff”, which is why when he talks to a foreign leader who is personally more dominant than he is, he behaves submissively. He has no concept of the actual status of an American President. (Though that’s probably partly due to racism too — the status has been reduced by the fact that a black man had the job before him.)

    It’s also why his staff creates a folder for him each day with “positive” news coverage and photos of him looking dominant — LoA practitioners call it a vision board.

    He’s definitely forgotten the philosophy behind it by now, but ultimately the Power of Positive Thinking isn’t so much a philosophy as a behavioural program. You get into the habit of treating your words as having the power to create reality.

    He’ll be pushing colloidal silver next.

  • I’ve seen a theory on Twitter that Trump thought of UV light because there are experiments with using light to dissolve tau and amyloid plaques to treat dementia. (The poster believes Trump has this.)

    Trump doesn’t read. Ideas are planted in his head through phone calls or by watching TV. It’s far more likely he saw coverage this week of tests that suggest that the sun can destroy virus particles outside in 1.5 minutes, or something like that.


  • Several media report that Donald was recently approached by the “Bishop” who is the principal peddler of the chlorine dioxide panacea he calls MMS – Miracle Mineral Supplement. Here is The Guardian version:

    One would not be surprised if this seeded “Drano Don’s” salesman-brain, just like when Rudy Guliani told him that Chloroquine would save the day.

  • When a journalist in the Oval Office pointed out that Trump had turned to experts next to the stage when he first raised the idea on Thursday, the president claimed he was asking those officials “whether or not sun and disinfectant on the hands … can help us.”

    The president’s explanation drew skepticism among those who watched the briefing, where Trump directly turned to other government officials to ask about the idea.

    “It didn’t seem like it was coming off as sarcastic when he was talking and turning to Dr. Birx on the side,” Fox News anchor Bret Baier said on air after Trump’s walk-back was reported.

    Trump on Thursday latched on to a presentation from a Department of Homeland Security official who detailed initial findings that the coronavirus deteriorates more quickly when subjected to higher levels of heat, humidity and ultraviolet rays from the sun.

    “So, supposing we hit the body with a tremendous — whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light — and I think you said that hasn’t been checked but you’re going to test it,” Trump said. “And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside of the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. And I think you said you’re going to test that too. Sounds interesting.”

    Trump also asked if there was a way to use disinfectants on the body “by injection inside or almost a cleaning.”

    Asked later if it was irresponsible to give Americans the impression that going outside amid the pandemic would be safe based on the findings, Trump turned to Deborah Birx, a physician coordinating the White House response to the pandemic, and inquired about using the light and heat as a treatment.

    “Deborah, have you ever heard of that? The heat and the light, relative to certain viruses, yes, but relative to this virus?”

    “Not as a treatment,” Birx replied. “I mean, certainly … when you have a fever, it helps your body respond. But not as — I’ve not seen heat or light.”

    “I think it’s a great thing to look at,” Trump said.

  • I wish people wouldn’t talk of “UV light”. Ultraviolet radiation may be NEARLY light, but it isn’t light! We don’t talk about Radio light or Gamma light or X-Ray light!

    • Yes, but if they call it “radiation” it sounds scary.

      • Sorry, but yes, we (or at least, some scientists) do.
        All photons propagated by electromagnetic radiation are now regarded as ‘light’ – whether you can see them with the human eye or not.
        (‘Light in the visible spectrum’.)

        • Oh that’s interesting, thank you!

          Does “regarded as” also mean “defined as”? If so (sorry, I am going off-topic with a bit of nomenclature pedantry, perhaps), I guess dictionary definitions will change; at the moment they still seem to connect light with the part of the EM spectrum that lets human eyes see things.

          I rather like the idea of asking “What wavelength/frequency of light is BBC Radio 4 broadcast on?”

          • In dermatology of course, there is UVA, UVB and Narrowband UVB Phototherapy, and somehow I don’t like the idea of calling it Light Therapy.

          • In dermatology of course, there is UVA, UVB and Narrowband UVB Phototherapy, and somehow I don’t like the idea of calling it Light Therapy.

            Phototherapy is Greek for Treatment with Light. What would you call it, then? The term Radiotherapy is already taken.

            Ultraviolet radiation is commonly referred to as ultraviolet light in many branches of science. It also registers on normal photographic film (necessitating the use of an IV filter to avoid a bluish haze in certain landscape shots in the pre-digital days) and can be seen by many insects. It can be focused by lenses, and apart from the fact that we can’t see it, it behaves pretty much like visible light. In fact, some people can see a little way into the UV spectrum if their eyes are missing the lens (e.g. after cataract surgery).

          • Dr Money-Kyrle, I know the Greek etymology of “phototherapy”; indeed, I used to teach light-writing, back in the days of darkrooms and silver halide emulsions! Nonetheless, in common modern usage, a word might be mentally a little divorced from its Ancient Greek roots…..

            I know too that many scientists talk of UV light. I discussed this with science colleagues years ago, and no-one knew why scientists don’t speak of radio light. I guess, however, that I must bow to the ‘de facto’!

            Fascinating about perception of UV after lens removal for cataract. Must be a strange sensation. I wonder how colour perception is altered in those cases. It makes me think of the YouTube videos of people with colour vision deficiencies trying Enchroma glasses, which filter out some of the red and green cone cell overlap wavelengths and separate colours better. Some of those videos might be fake, but it seems clear that some are genuine and that people are having a powerful experience, just because they perceive colours in a new way.

            I am sorry, I may have gone off-topic with subtle semantical sophistry. ‘Scuse my ramblings.

          • @Julian

            “In dermatology of course, there is UVA, UVB and Narrowband UVB Phototherapy, and somehow I don’t like the idea of calling it Light Therapy.” But that’s what it has been known as since before you and I were born when dermatologists talk to their patients with (e.g.) psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo et al.

            Once a term enters the public lexicon it’s difficult to replace it with something more sensible. Think of the number of science journalists with degrees in genetics who insist on using “genetic code” incorrectly. They refer, for example, to SARS-CoV-2 as having a different “genetic code” from other coronaviruses, while it’s the sequence of bases in the genome that differs — the genetic code is a near-universal code for translating triplets of DNA bases into amino acids for protein synthesis. They should be talking about “genome sequence” differences or “SNPs” (single nucleotide polymorphisms).

  • Trump was probably referring to this, since the company has been in talks with the FDA re possible use for CV19 patients in ICU.

    • Did you have a look at the “Healight” thing? It is a joke. Not a funny one. If they are seriously trying to sell this, they do not understand anything about howthe body works or infections behave.

      • If that is what they are looking into, feel free to contact them and tell them it’s a joke.

        • I think if you just listen to the video and audio record, it might clear up some of the disinformation that has been published.

          • didinformation I published here?
            please be precise

          • @EE

            You don’t need to read in what is not there. I said…… disinformation that has been published. However, that said, some of the conversation here reflects what has been published, and regurgitated here…. yes.

          • Oh, we did watch the video RG, many times. It is hilarious 😀
            People are laughing at this clown and shaking their heads, all over the world. He only gets worse. Every day we are reminded of his stupidity with news of his latest press conference rants and blunders. If it was the occasional misunderstanding or misinformation, we could accept him as the fool he is, but he is constantly proving that he is a narcissistic mythomaniac uneducated fool who is running democracy in the US into a pit.
            ”Don Drano” or “Dr. Knowlittle“, as he is commonly called over here in the past days, is really doing his best to ruin the reputation of USA. Or rather, he already ruined it, now he is dragging your country through the dirt. And the USofA seems full of idiots who don’t see that their emperor not only is without clothes, he is without brains and a dangerous fool as well.

          • @Bjorn

            Ahh yes Bjorn

            You have difficulty staying on subject, due to your need to rant on about a politician that doesn’t represent you.
            Yes, much disinformation.

            Trump never made any such claims that the media accused him of making.
            He ASKED probing questions to the professionals to look into such potential remedies. while he fully admitted that he doesn’t know since he in not an MD. If you find that foolish or narcissistic, you hear what you want, while he’s seeking out solutions for the subjects of his kingdom.

            No democratic pit being created here, your’re wrong.
            The uneducated fool you refer to has accomplished more already than the typical career POLITICIAN, and that’s why the people elected him and not HRC. Furthermore he has accomplished this while being under attack from the opposite party and the media his entire term. Most politicians and political leaders would have withered away, or quite the job long ago for what Trump has endured. The liberal biased published media and television and tell lies of him daily.

            DJT’s decisions my not please you. Trump was not elected to please the residents of Iceland. He was elected to represent the welfare of the US people, as every president in every country should do…. represent the people. Sorry to disappoint you…. Iceland nor the world is his priority.

            It was BO that embarrassed the subjects of the (US)kingdom when he went on his middle east apology tour…. apologizing for the USA being exceptional….. baah !!
            Since BO left office the USA has only increased in economic well being and power.

            Trump renegotiating trade agreements, bringing back manufacturing jobs, tax cuts for businesses and individuals, all time highs in the Stock Market, establishing an energy sector policies that don’t depend on foreign oil, all time low in unemployment rates…. etc.

            You really should try to be more informed … Bjorn. Or perhaps you should just worry about your little space over there in Iceland. You clearly don’t know what’s happening in the USA

          • Thank you “RG”, for your little demonstration of why you have a mentally unstable idiot for president. The world is waiting for normal Americans to remove the tangerine toddler in november, preferrably sooner. Let us hope he doesn’t set off a civil war or even a nuclear strike before that. It is a grave concern for the whole world.

          • You have difficulty staying on subject, due to your need to rant on about a politician that doesn’t represent you

            My wife and I have been tuning into the news every evening to watch Trump’s press briefings as they are so entertaining.

            We may not have elected him, and he certainly doesn’t represent us, but that doesn’t stop us laughing at him. The thing that puzzles both of us is how so many Americans can take him seriously. I don’t know anybody outside the US who does.

          • Julian,

            “The thing that puzzles both of us is how so many Americans can take him seriously. I don’t know anybody outside the US who does.”

            I don’t know anybody inside the US that takes him seriously. Some will claim to, if it suits their agenda – but everyone knows he’s a dangerous clown. Or a narcissistic mythomaniac, as Bjorn put it.

          • @Dr. JMK

            “The thing that puzzles both of us is how so many Americans can take him seriously. I don’t know anybody outside the US who does.”

            Because no matter what faults he has, his supporters believe he is still a better person to have running the country than BO or HRC…. and that’s all that counts.

            Those of us that support him, we care about policy, not personality…. and we certainly don’t give a hoot about the color of his hair. You folks on the other side of the pond must be focused on the wrong things, like how well a politician can deliver a speech, or make promises that can’t be delivered. Trump has plenty of short comings, but we’re better off than we were four years ago…. with career politicians.

            Keep laughing doc, it’s great for the spirit soul and body.

  • An excerpt of what Dr. Cannel said back in the day (nowadays you must go the wayback machine route):
    “If the “Knott Technique” cured rickets and tetany, maintained serum calcium in parathyroidectomized animals, and caused hypercalcemia with over-irradiation, it must have delivered pharmacological amounts of vitamin D into the circulation.”
    Piece of advice for those with a critical mind: read the complete essay. Lots of referenced papers there.

    I cannot imagine how to falsify (UVB|UVC) blood irradiation results working only in vitro except partially if you measured vitamin D (cholecalcifero) content beforehand and afterwards.

  • Holistic Healing numbers how to use
    An object in 1 hand, the other hand over the object.
    220 lungs, 528 DNA, Energy 285

  • I found this in a search for touching basis to any medical references on UV blood irradiation.
    Please review….

    Are you saying this u-tube conference meeting is un valid

    US citizen

  • There is personal truth, political truth, objective truth.
    If facts are present that several hundred thousand will die as a result of this covidr-19 virus. ..a comment for the medical field to check it out certainly makes sense. Progress does not come from sitting idle in a political argument who said it….people are dieing for God’s sake.

  • I understand your website post here now.

  • To add some actual content, aside from the snark earlier on about a grammatical error, the cynical side of me believes that the President made these comments fully knowing what the media would snatch it up. Most MSM have stopped broadcasting the regular press conferences because there has been an increase against the narrative being spun by them. CNN’s credibility has been thoroughly dismantled with their journalistic blunders to those like me at the center and of course those on the right of me. I would not doubt that Trump did this specifically to further add to how MSM makes lies or rather is all about sensationalism over quality content and actual investigative journalism. News for the most part is no better than a hit sitcom now a day; entertainment and turning a profit.

    But off of that cynical theory, glad I found your site. I like your approach and it reminds me of SGU and Science Based Medicine. Keep up the great work!

  • President Trump is CORRECT about UV Treatment of Blood. Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) was used successfully in the USA for human bacterial (e.g. Pneumonia, TB) and viral (e.g. Polio) infections, before the widespread use of antibiotics, but is now “the cure that time forgot.”

    See: Dr. M. R. Hamblin (MGH/Harvard) at

    UV effectiveness for inactivation of Coronavirus was clearly shown at the Apr. 23 Press Briefing. So YES, as POTUS asked his medical experts, human blood can be (and has been) “disinfected” by UV treatment.

    • this article is interesting, thank you. but does not provide evidence that the therapy is effective in viral infections, as far as I can see.

      • The final paragraph of Dr. Hamblin’s 2017 manuscript states: “We would like to propose that UBI be reconsidered and re-investigated as a treatment for systemic infections…” Whether this technology “could ever be a mainstream medical therapy” has been a SUBJECT OF INTEREST for over 50 years.

        At the least, the statement POTUS made that “…supposing you brought the light inside of the body, which you can do either through the skin or IN SOME OTHER WAY. And I think you said you’re going to test that too. SOUNDS INTERESTING” is no more wrong, offensive or a SCAM than all the respected researchers and medical professionals who have thought the same thing for a very long time. President Trump deserved a far better and more intelligent reception on this subject than he received.

        • I disagree.
          Trump blundered into this subject like he often does. UV treatment is not on the list of the most promising approaches for controlling the pandemic. To go after far-fetched possibilities at this desperate time is irresponsible.

  • And by injecting disinfectant, he could have mean that MMS chloridioxid. Suddenly are kalker’s videos very popular.

  • Still, after all these comments, what is wrong with a person stating let’s look into it? Isn’t that what initially starts a scientific study? Take your political blinders off first. I still cannot find an article where he said this is a fact, or he endorsed unproven science.

    • “Still, after all these comments, what is wrong with a person stating let’s look into it?”
      it had all the hallmarks of the utterances of a moron.

      • @EE

        “it had all the hallmarks of the utterances of a moron.”

        ahhhh, yes.
        Had Barack Obama said it, it would have never been questioned.
        (and that’s a fact)

      • I don’t understand, who is moronic, the person who brought it up or the person who said let’s look into it? One is a Dr., one is going by the Drs idea. Where do experts like yourself fit in this? I am dumbfounded.

        • I am thinking this President is very involved, all the scientists in world don’t have an answer but he suggests let’s look into it. He is suggesting to look into anything. Meanwhile, scientists on this very site are making it political, not giving ideas to “let’s look into it.” I am feeling we are not looking into it unless a certain party hack finds the cure or vaccine.

  • I am thinking the world has multiple leaders who lean one way or the other, they have equal deaths on their hands. I for one do not blame a leader, I blame the virus and hope they come together for mankind and let the scientists find a cure or vaccine. Maybe my belief in this whole science thing is wrong?

    • no, your belief in Trump is wrong, if you ask me.

      • My belief in Trump? My belief is in a scientist to get us past this, hopefully a vaccine, not an yearly flu shot that is 50/50 chance. An actual vaccine like for polio, mumps, etc.. where we will not have to worry about this again. Please tell me you put politics aside when researching, especially taking a comment out of context when you research, actual life-saving procedures for mankind are at stake. I have been following this blog for several years now, actual doctors and scientists should be bias, not twisting their findings for grants or funds. I thought you were retired and not living off grants anymore, what is your situation here? I am starting to wonder about all scientific studies now, how are they influenced, by grants, by actual facts, actual monetary funds from a political leaning party, maybe enhance their stock portfolio? What gives? My bias meter is going off the charts here.
        An actual Medical Doctor on your site really threw me off. I respected all his comments until he showed me his crazy side when he deals
        with political issues.

  • On a note that’s somewhat tangential to this thread:

    Amazon and Ebay are now awash with listings of corn-cob style LED lamp bulbs marketed as “UVC Germicidal lamps”. They are fake. The LEDs emit either blue visible light, or blue with a little UVA. An increasing number of YouTube demonstrations by engineers and scientists demonstrate this.

    To exploit people’s fears in this way in the middle of a dangerous viral pandemic, by selling lamps they think will destroy virus particles and bacteria but which will do no such thing, is immoral and of course illegal.

    It is to be hoped that Amazon and Ebay will soon ban these fraudulent products.

  • I own a intravenous ultraviolet blood irradiation device. They work.

  • Mark,

    I own a intravenous ultraviolet blood irradiation device. They work.

    What do you mean by that? Do you mean that it is able to irradiate circulating blood successfully, or that by doing so it is able to kill coronavirus, or something else entirely?

    Nature has provided us with quite a lot of protection to protect the body from ultraviolet, which suggests that it is not a good thing at all (and most of us, I am sure, are familiar with the effects of sunburn).

    I would expect an ultraviolet light strong enough to kill viruses to be quite damaging to blood cells, particularly the various kinds of white blood cell, and also to the endothelial cells lining blood vessels.

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