I did not think that I would be able to write a blog-post today; I was too shocked with the news from America – but now I find myself doing not one but two posts on this sad day. The reason is NATURAL NEWS; they reported well over a year ago that “Donald Trump is more holistic and health oriented than Hillary Clinton.” Here is what they stated:

…What has catapulted Trump to the top of GOP polls? His frank, honest – and admittedly blunt – discussion about illegal immigrants, many of whom he correctly noted were criminals: Rapists, murderers and gang thugs…

But Trump has also distinguished himself from the favored Democratic presidential contender, Hillary Clinton, the latter of whom is having so much difficulty connecting with the party’s progressive base she needs constant re-launches of her campaign just to remain relevant.

For one, “The Donald”, as NaturalNews has reported is a consumer of organic food. His daughter, Ivanka, has said that the whole family consumes mostly fresh, organic meals which she often prepares herself.

In addition, Trump’s children help oversee foods served at the family hotels – meals that include vegan, organic and gluten-free in-room dining choices. And when it can, the hotel chain obtains locally-grown organic foods as a way of giving back to the communities they serve. The family’s diet even has a name: The Trump Wellness Plan, which fits with Trump’s overall health and fitness lifestyle.

As we reported:

For example, a known golf lover, Trump says it’s an ideal way to diminish stress and ponder business tasks while walking. He says, “I find it opens my mind to new possibilities, and I can problem-solve very effectively while I’m on the golf course.”

Clinton, meanwhile, is a Monsanto sycophant and GMO devotee, eschewing the organic, non-genetically modified lifestyle in pursuit of campaign contributions.

In fact, her touting of GMOs and support for the world’s most evil biotech giant is costing her support, at least in early primary states like Iowa. As noted by the Washington Times, some have even dubbed her the “Bride of Frankenfood.”…


Presumably, this is why the scientifically illiterate Trump is concerned about vaccinations – they are not natural, a bit like Frankenfood, he probably feels. He once tweeted: Massive combined inoculations to small children is the cause for big increase in autism…. More on Trump’s attitude on vaccinations can be found in David Gorski’s excellent article on the subject.

And this may also explain why Trump is involved in a multi-level marketing (MLM) company selling ‘natural’  nutritional supplements and weight loss products. The full story by Britt Marie Hermes is here.

Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, does not seem to be much better: he doesn’t believe that smoking causes cancer. Either that, or he has been paid to claim that cigarettes, although “not good for you,” don’t kill. More on this one can be found here.

Together the two will get rid of ‘Obama-Care’ and replace it with…? Yes, with what? With vitamin pills, cigarettes and anti-vaxx propaganda?

It looks as though we are in for a rough ride!

41 Responses to Unbelievable: ‘THE TRUMP WELLNESS-PLAN’

  • We are indeed, on so many levels. Parliamentarism itself is. Science is. The very concept of facts. People of color in the northern hemisphere are. Many other minorities. One of the most troubling effects for me is the obvious encouragement European and especially German populists are drawing from Trump’s victory. What a day.

  • You are depressing me even more

  • Yup Edzard…I’m also in a state of shock that such an individual can be elected as the leader of the free world. And as it happened, appalled at the misinformation the extreme anti vax crowd peddle particularly concerning autism a long debunked theory bereft of evidence yet still marched out as fact. Are we to be increasingly dominated by an aggrandizement of ignorance, an insistence that all opinions are sacred and just because I believe in something strongly enough that this in and of itself somehow makes such opinions admissible to the debate. The campaign has clearly pitted race against race, gender against gender and generally descended into spiteful, nasty and simplistic characterisation of complex arguments. Perhaps the political elite have been bereft in their stewardship that should have seen far more equity in wealth sharing and far more emphasis on education and enlightenment. Because it seems those left behind in these efforts have just given them a big punch in the throat. Problem is that the global issues that face us all arent about to wait while folks vent their anger at the establishment but have little idea what to put in its place. I agree, a rough and perhaps dangerous ride ahead.

    • But Trump clearly stated that he is against any equity, and he does not seem to be a very learned person, so he might not support education and enlightenment. I’d rather suspect there must be some problems with vision and hearing, especially among female population of US, because so many supporters….

    • @ Dave

      “Because it seems those left behind in these efforts have just given them a big punch in the throat. Problem is that the global issues that face us all arent about to wait while folks vent their anger at the establishment but have little idea what to put in its place. I agree, a rough and perhaps dangerous ride ahead,” stated Dave. I think he has made very intelligent points here.

  • Yes, as Edzard says, this is shocking and catastrophic news.
    On the science side, I knew that Trump was a disaster, although I hadn’t realised that – in addition to his ‘climate change is a conspiracy’ view, and his evident disdain for basic science funding (only military and infrastructure research seems to figure in his thinking), etc – he is also an anti-vaxxer; but it certainly does not surprise me.
    We live in interesting times.

  • John Weeks, editor of a alt med journal, has a different view on Trump/alt med:

    • In that piece, John Weeks seeks to draw parallels between Edzard and Donald Trump. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    • The article attempts to denigrate Edzard by comparing him with none other than Donald Trump. How ludicrous. It’s almost as if some pro-altmed commentators lack critical thinking abilities…

  • I have never read so much crap in my life.

  • Hillary was unelectable, plain and simple. Her corruption was exposed during the campaign and she was unable to recover. Perhaps more Americans simply disliked her than disliked Trump?

    Vaccination proponents will have no worries. Trump’s friend, Dr. Ben Carson, set the record straight regarding vaccines and autism. It’s likely that Carson will have a position as an advisor in the Trump presidency. I had to laugh at the letter to which Edzard offered a link that referred to Dr. Paul’s being anti-vaxx….what a stretch! Dr. Paul has specifically stated that he was/is pro-vaxx.

    Trump was not elected because he is a scientist. Rather, America elected him because he was not Hillary, and because, as a political outsider, he is more likely than an establishment politiician to fulfill his campaign promises: build the wall, renegotiate NAFTA, re-initiate talks regarding the Iran nuke agreement, develop pro-business solutions which will positively affect America’s economy for everyone, etc.

    • Clinton pipped Trump in the “popular” vote. More voters disliked Trump, though the difference is so small as to be meaningless. Effectively the vote was split right down the middle. There were two equally good or equally rubbish candidates if one judges purely on “popularity” as expressed in terms of votes.

      I think they were equally rubbish in very different ways.

      If Trump employs Carson for his advice on neurosurgery, fair enough. There is no evidence to sugest that he is qualified to give advice on anything else. He is anti-vaxx on the subjects of climate change and evolution, thus demonstrating his eminent scientific ignorance.

      The pyramid salesman may think he has hit the jackpot but as always those at the bottom of the chain who voted for him are certain to get nothing back in return for their votes.

      • Those at the bottom have remained at the bottom for the last 8 years. If Trump delivers on his main promises and doesn’t get the US into a nuclear war, he’ll be a big upgrade compared to the dolt who currently occupies the WH.

        Be well.

        • Donald will make the rich richer at a stroke by reducing their taxes. Donald knows that very very rich people don’t pay taxes anyway, but he wants to make it easier for them not to, and wants the very rich but not very very rich to not pay taxes either. Economics ensures that there are winners and losers. Can’t be avoided. It’s the nature of the beast. Survival of the fittest, with the very fittest getting the largest lump of meat, and the very weakest getting zilch. Donald approves of all that. Donald don’t do anything unless he thinks it will make him money.

          He thinks he’s hit the jackpot. He can now make laws to make the very rich, rich beyond the dreams of bottom-dwelling dolts. He thinks.

          As for the poor dolts at the bottom: They are pyramid fodder. What are they to Donald? Now they have bought into his latest shmuck-scheme they have served their function. He’s Mr President now.

          • @ Leigh

            The rich don’t pay taxes? You don’t really believe such a bogus, leftist claim, do you? I suppose you think that Trump’s LEGAL write-off of a significant(nearly $1 billion) loss evinced his opponents’ farcical allegations that he was a tax cheat? Gimmee a break!

            Progressive taxation has been a reality in the USA for decades. The more a person earns, the higher the % of taxes the government gloms. In a linear tax-collection system, a 10%, across-the-board tax would result in a $1 mil earner’s paying 100K in taxes and a 100 K earner’s paying only 10K in taxes. Progressive taxation distorts the taxable amounts in favor of the lower earning people. Ergo, across-the-board tax cuts in a progressive taxation system naturally appear to favor the wealthy when using the fuzzy math of liberals, even though the wealthy still pay far more in gross taxes than lower income folks.

            I think we should give Trump a chance to right America’s sub-stellar economy via his business approach(vs. a failed, leftist, political approach). He certainly has been successful in enriching himself; perhaps he will be able to enrich all of America. He will be far superior to the inexperienced community organizer America elected twice since 2008.

          • Trump’s business model is: Where is my next schmuck? In this case it was the American electorate.

            He is the schmuck of all schmucks. Disgrace and downfall awaits him. Nixon’s fall will be as nothing.

          • @ Leigh

            “Where’s my next schmuck”! Is this your best effort? Time will tell if Trump’s business success will translate into a success story for America; he should be given a chance. Unfortunately, leftist antagonists will likely attempt to make his presidency an ordeal; such is simply what they do. Trump certainly can do no worse than the progressivist ideologue, whose claim to fame was as a community organizer, that America currently calls its president.

    • Corruption?? Hilary is an angel compared to Trump!! He is the most fraudulent liar the US has ever elected(and not by popular vote which he lost). His perpetration of health care fraud is just a drop in the bucket compared to his other unethical business predatory moves. In spite of any triumphs during his presidency the US will be ashamed and embarrassed to have elected such a dishonest and vulgar person. We have lost the respect of the world. Anyone who defends his stances against science is just as ignorant, abusive and pathetic as he is. Winning at all costs is not admirable.

      • @SCox

        Trump is a faudulent liar? Compared to whom? Trump has never held public office and therefore has never lied in a public capacity, unlike a certain inexperienced community organizer whose feckless policies have stunted America’s recessional recovery and stoked racial tensions. The entire ACA was based on lies to American citizens in the ultimately successful passage of the scheme which has been imploding for some time now.

        I think we should give Trump a chance to prove his presidential mettle. If he tanks, he’ll be voted out of office. If he succeeds in the mold of Reagan, a man decried by liberals as stupid, America will be all the better.

        Trump was not elected to be a scientist; obviously he is not one. I believe he will have proper scientists as advisors to direct his policies regarding same.

        Please elaborate as to what exactly you meant by “Trump’s perpetration of health care fraud.”

      • Logos-Bias is coming through loud and clear as the ignoramus bigot so typical of many chiropractor characters.
        Worst how boring (s)he is. No fun to heckle. 😛

        • Geir awakes from his hibernation to provide an ad hominem attack. I expected nothing more from him, certainly nothing intelligent.

          Please regale us, dear Geir, with proof that I have been ignorant or bigoted in this thread. Be specific in your criticisms and proofs, please. Do know that if I disagree with your typically sub-cogent blather, I will challenge your statements. Unfortunately, you “take your blocks and go home” all too readily when your opinions are evinced to be drivel; you have no fun heckling when you’re too often on the losing side of an argument.

          Be well, dear Geir

        • It is apparent that you don’t like me, Geir. Your biases/prejudices(in your case of all things chiropractic) are human failings we all possess. However, I do admire you for practicing in Iceland, a beautiful country(from what I’ve heard), but one with abysmally low salaries for its doctors. The fact that you have continued to devote your medical talents to what I assume to be your home country, despite receiving wages not befitting a man of your educational background, is laudable. You apparently have an earnest desire to help sick people and are mostly unconcerned about remuneration. I respect such personal committment.

          Be well

          • The Black Knight is a fictional character who appears in a scene of the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. As his name suggests, he is a black knight who guards a “bridge” (in reality a short plank of wood) over a small stream – which could have been easily stepped over by King Arthur but, for unknown reasons, he does not. Although supremely skilled in swordplay, the Black Knight suffers from unchecked overconfidence and a staunch refusal ever to give up.

            [Wikipedia article: Black Knight (Monty Python)]

            Chiropractic: in reality, a short plank of wood.

          • Another failed attempt at humor by Pete.


          • Which of the four temperaments and humors of chiropractic did my reply fail to mock?

          • While waiting for the discussion to return ‘ad operaepretium’ I find it quite appropriate to express my own ‘ad stultus clancularius’ earnestly low opinion of this boringly blathering troll who has been repetitively soaking this blog ‘ad nauseam’ with its grandiose delusions without contributing anything ‘ad subjectum’ of worth.

          • @Pete


          • It seems as thought the dullard Geir has failed to comprehend that this particular thread has evolved into a political discussion.

            One must find humor in Geir’s allegation that I have contributed nothing of worth. His claim is even more chimerical when one considers his own “contributions” to this thread:

            1.Logos-Bias is coming through loud and clear as the ignoramus bigot so typical of many chiropractor characters.
            Worst how boring (s)he is. No fun to heckle. ?

            2.While waiting for the discussion to return ‘ad operaepretium’ I find it quite appropriate to express my own ‘ad stultus clancularius’ earnestly low opinion of this boringly blathering troll who has been repetitively soaking this blog ‘ad nauseam’ with its grandiose delusions without contributing anything ‘ad subjectum’ of worth.

            Yep, Ol’ Geir’s contribution to the thesis of this thread has been enormous….one ad hominem attack after another. ROTF LMAO!

            Be well, dear Geir. Please do try to step up your game in the future; your hypocrisy is breathtaking….and boring.

          • The Logorrhea-Bias seems to think it knows more about me and my views than I do. Can’t see that it’s hitting lotteri winning numbers in any of its blurbs.
            Not that I have been reading much of the smart-ass muck lately, only happened to catch it mentioning my middle name. Can’t say I’m moved by its imperceptive attempts at reading my entrails. From now on anything under that silly ‘nym will be totally disregarded as far as I’m concerned.

          • @Geir

            It’s good to learn of your capitulation, dear Geir. Do know that it’s not your “entrails” which have been demonstrated to be intellectually vacuous in this thread, it’s the detritus that you proffer as cogent thoughts.

            Geir’s code of conduct: if he can’t win an argument, he picks up his blocks and goes home.

            Be well, dear Geir

          • Folks, if you simply don’t respond to a troll who imagines he can take over this blog with his patronising, red herring, semantic dissection and approximation approach to deflecting its purpose, you just might rid yourselves of the feelings of irritation. It has certainly worked for me.

          • @Odd Frank

            It was encouraging to read your cathartic expression of irritation relative to your having to defend much of your past drivel; like-minded, malign haters(er, you) of virtually all paramedical clinicians certainly have demonstrated great joy in denigrating non-medical professions, but not the capacity to tolerate justifiable criticisms of “modern medicine” without running away…quickly. Such utterances, verbal or written, will hopefully allow you to recover from your debate-induced psychological wounds. I suspect it has been hard for you and other posters(Hello, Geir) on this site to respond to criticism of your profession instead of merely exchanging and sharing simple-minded, jocular insults about paramedical professions. You epitomize the adage, “You can dish it out, but you can’t take it.”

            Be well, Odd Frank

    • A final return to the comment to which I originally replied.

      At that time Clinton had 0.2% lead in the popular vote. It now looks like it will be closer to 2%; not insignificant. That she was unelectable was simply due to the way the system is rigged. Many people wanted her to be found corrupt so as to justify their hatred of her. No evidence has been forthcoming to show their hatred is warranted.

      Not fraud but a fiasco of an election. A President even more disliked than the loser of 6 million of Obama’s votes at his last election.

      A fiasco and a shambles. With even more to follow.

  • We live in times that are both interesting and frightening. The social media and news aggregator utilities work actively to increasingly select what subscribers want to hear and thereby reinforcing beliefs and virtually blocking the opposite views.
    Trump is often (justifiably) called a fool, ignorant, imbecile and whatnot but in his severe limitations he is deviously clever at playing the selling game.
    Someone said he always had at least two opinions at any time, his own and the one he knew the audience wanted to hear. So we cannot really know what to expect from this clown. Hopefully he will prove smarter and more amenable than he played out in his sales-pitch but I am worried, as most are outside the hobo-herds of disgruntled americans who voted for the joker.
    What worries me even more than what the fool will do to foreign policy and cooperation or with science and healthcare3 is the signs of internal disturbance that have started to appear, where hords of racist bigots are attacking anything that looks colored or dark-skinned. Let’s hope our worries are unfounded.

    • “Trump is often (justifiably) called a fool, ignorant, imbecile and whatnot but in his severe limitations he is deviously clever at playing the selling game,” stated Geir. Trump multiplied an initial investment in his business by a factor of 10,000 and likely has a net worth greater than all of the regular posters on this site combined.

      It’s justifiable to have concerns about any newly elected president. Sometimes the concerns are proven to have been warranted: witness the multiple failings of Obozo”s presidency. Sometimes the concerns are proven to have been meritless(e.g. Clinton’s and Reagan’s presidencies).

      Trump’s foreign policy is nebulous. I’m concerned and will be paying close attention to see how it is prosecuted over time.

      Healthcare 3? I expect it will be more successful than the Abomination Care Act.

      To what attacks on colored or dark-skinned people did Geir refer? Clarification would be appreciated.

      “Hobo-herds,” stated Geir in reference to his elitist views of low-income Americans. It seems as though he has been taking “Derogatory Compound Slurs 101,” I wonder if Geir attended this class at Trump University. lol

      I do agree with Geir in that I hope our worries are unfounded. Further, I hope that Trump revitalizes America and helps to improve healthcare access for every legal American citizen.

  • Trump “University” is just one of many of his greedy, unscrupulous frauds upon naive and innocent people. Why do you think he settled for millions of dollars to avoid loosing to those he scammed at a trial? Don’t try to claim he has no time for it when he says he will continue involvement in the Apprentice show. Such a looser!!

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