These days, I am often not sure what puzzles me more, Boris Johnson or homeopathy. Come to think of it, our PM seems, in fact, to have a lot in common with homeopathy/homeopaths. With my tongue lodged firmly in my cheek, I can see some communalities:

  • They are both popular in the UK but have their origins elsewhere.
  • They were both laughed at by people who are serious.
  • They have both been around for far too long.
  • They both are useless.
  • They both have plenty of charisma.
  • They both, however, have little more than that.
  • They have a long history of misleading the public.
  • They have both been taken to court.
  • They both failed to accept the judgement when it went against them.
  • They are both particularly successful with the female section of the population.
  • They both thrive on personal attacks.
  • They both make far-reaching claims which turn out to be false.
  • They both claim to want only the best for the public.
  • They both consider themselves as progressive.
  • In truth, however, they are both deeply regressive.
  • They both do not to think that ethics are all that important.
  • They both irritate people who are rational thinkers.
  • They both negate the evidence and act in overt contradiction to the evidence.
  • They both tend to think that popularity is a measure of efficacy.
  • They both managed to mislead even the Queen.
  • Nevertheless, they both enjoy royal support (at least for the time being).
  • They both seem to think that the laws (of the land/of nature) do not apply to them.
  • They are both only bearable when highly diluted.
  • They are both a complete waste of money.
  • They are both dangerous when the public follow their advice.

Have I forgotten anything?

Do tell me, please.

40 Responses to Boris Johnson: almost a homeopath?

  • As a Canadian, I know only what I read in the newspaper so I can’t say I know a lot about Mr. Johnson.

    I suspect, however, you can simply replace “Boris Johnson” with the names of any number of other politicians. I won’t bore you with a long list of those from my own country.

    Thanks for the great read.

  • I also see some differences though: whereas homeopaths claim that their treatments are both safe and subtle, and that people should be patient (in both meanings of the word) in order to see any progress, Johnson seems to take pride in his demeanour that is probably best described as that of a blind butcher: bluntly hacking away at the patient any old how, with complete disregard for the patient’s comfort or even basic dignity, in order to perform a horribly messy amputation of the UK from the EU as soon as possible.

  • But the outcome of Hahnemannism is illusory and only in the imagination (seeting aside the issue of avoidance of effective care).
    The outcome of Johnsonism may be seriously harmful.
    Leaving the EU, and it’s promotion of homeopathy in every pharmacy could be seen as a good reason to leave!

    • Why would a sovereign state willingly yield decision making powers to another separate and sovereign power ? … it makes no sense.

      Equally, the USA should leave the UN before it’s too late, we do not have control of our own destiny.

      • good to know that you not only fail to understand medicine and science, but also are a regressive nationalist.

        • EE

          I suppose that might put you in the globalist camp…. great, now we got that out of the way.

          I understand medicine very well as it pertains to ME. That is what I should care about primarily…. no ?

          You see, I was getting bad advise from the SBM doctors, as my family was also. So we said bye-bye to self-deluded bunch (with the fluffy credentials), and those of us that are still alive are doing much better now.

          • “I understand medicine very well” … EVEN IF I SAY SO MYSELF

          • EE & Lenny

            So I should listen to you, another self proclaimed expert ? … no thanks, I’ll make my own decisions about my body.

            You make a point, for once.
            You state correctly, the EU is not “a” sovereign state, but a union of sovereign states. Does that make it any better ? No, not this makes it worse in my view. Why should a band of nations decide what’s best for another ? hmmm.

          • stop making a fool of yourself – you have long convinced us.

          • EE

            Calling me a fool.
            I could have guessed your reply, your typical Ad hominem attack when you don’t want to address the subject matter. I’ve experienced it myself, I’ve witnessed you doing the same to others. You’re a pathetic forum moderator. You’re the fool…. FOOL FOOL FOOL ! There how does that suit you ?

            BTW- you think it’s so cool and acceptable to have foreigners having control over your own affairs. Perhaps then you would not object to me taking an active role in managing this forum ….. huh ?

          • stop making a fool of yourself!
            read again what you commented

      • a) We don’t
        b) The EU is not a sovereign power

      • You clearly don’t understand what the EU is, nor the UN, apparantly.

  • They differ in that the UK is willing to give BJ a try whereas skeptics are completely unwilling to try homeopathy and only rely on their imagination based on their mechanistic paradigm to conclude that it cant work.

    • Roger said:

      They differ in that the UK is willing to give BJ a try

      Bizarre. I did not elect Johnson and tbh, I’m not really willing to give him a try. I have no immediate say in the matter though.

      skeptics are completely unwilling to try homeopathy and only rely on their imagination based on their mechanistic paradigm to conclude that it cant work.

      Sorry you’ve failed to understand so much.

    • “whereas skeptics are completely unwilling to try homeopathy and only rely on their imagination based on their mechanistic paradigm to conclude that it cant work.”


    • I try homeopathics all the time.
      It’s called Aitchtooh.

  • The polls suggest that Boris would win >35% of the vote. That means about 25% of the electorate ie 10 million people would vote for Boris despite everything stated by Edzard. What is to stop this 10 million from using homeopathy?
    I dont want to miss out on this homeopathy wave so i had better do a course. I don’t have much time though so that course the dead cat passed would be fine I think.

  • As a veterinarian who has used homeopathy (over the past 20 years) with dogs and cats to treat many illnesses successfully that have not responded well to conventional medicine, I have to laugh at the ignorance of many of these comments.
    Sorry folks. In the hands of an experienced homeopath many illnesses can be cured. It is based on over 200 years of research and development…and proved successful.

    • yes, of course!
      why did I not think of it before?
      and all the science is just wrong!!!

    • JILL ELLIOT said:

      I have to laugh at the ignorance of many of these comments

      What, specifically, did you find ignorant?

      Please back up anything you say with evidence and argumentation.

      Please also highlight what you believe to be the best research and development in homeopathy from these past 200 years.

    • a veterinarian who has used homeopathy (over the past 20 years)

      What do the regulatory authorities say about selling fake medicine for health problems in pet animals. Are there no laws governing cruelty to animals or veterinary malpractice?

      • There is nothing fake about it. You can keep saying it is fake but that does not make it true. Will not comment further. Will not say anything that will change your mind.

        • And you saying it works does not make it work, but the onus is on you to substantiate your claims.

          You came here and threw accusations and claims around yet have failed to substantiate any. Why’s that? Unwilling or simply unable?

        • @Jill Elliot

          You said “Will not say anything that will change your mind.” But it seems you really have nothing rational to offer.

          Your first comment said: “Sorry folks. In the hands of an experienced homeopath many illnesses can be cured. It is based on over 200 years of research and development…and proved successful.” Fine. Now back up your statement by referring readers to published research and definable development in homeopathy as applied to animals. For a start, if you claim “many illnesses can be cured”, you might at least tell us which illnesses can be cured (and supply appropriate references to support your claims).

          You post some comments on this site “As a veterinarian who has used homeopathy (over the past 20 years) with dogs and cats”. That immediately suggests to readers that you’re going to be arguing from authority, not from evidence. Your subsequent posts confirm this.

          And now you tell us “Will not comment further.” So you’re taking your bat away rather than coming up with anything remotely substantial to support your case. Fine. ‘Bye.

          • Ok. Here goes. But I am not a scientist so my examples may not not satisfy you.
            I have used the remedy pulsatilla 30c to treat many dogs with the problem of incontinence over the years. Especially dogs with a type of incontinence called “spay incontinence”. This often occurs in female dogs after they are sprayed and usually occurs as they age.
            Conventional vets will use a conventional medicine that the dog needs to take once or twice a day for the rest of its life.
            I recommend the owner give the dog pulsatilla 30c once a day for a one or two weeks until this condition usually stops. Then I suggest they taper the use of the remedy to the lowest possible dose. Most clients usually end up giving it once or twice a week and some can stop all together.

            I use the homeopathic remedy Belladonna 30c to prevent and stop seizures in dogs and cats. Belladonna 30c given at the first indication an animal is about to have a seizure will often have the effect of preventing it from happening. Or if the seizure has started, it will shorten its duration or lessen the intensity. I do not tell the clients to stop conventional meds if the are on them. But many animals will have seizures even while on conventional meds. They use this remedy as an acute to help initially. Then I will search for a constitutional remedy to try to prevent seizures from reoccuring. Once such case was cured with using the remedy bufo 30c as the constitutional remedy.

            One case that comes to.mind was a 12 year old dog that would start to run around the house and jump up on the couch and its own prior to a seizure occuring. When the owner gave belladonna 30c when she notices his pre-seizure behavior, the dog would stop its behavior, lay down and go to sleep. As a constitutional remedy I gave the dog Causticum 200c. After this remedy the dog no longer had any seizures. (Seemed cured). PS He was not on any conventional seizure meds. The owner did not want to use them.

            My own personal dog, a Keeshund, who lived to 14-1/2, had a terrible fear of thunderstorms since I adopted him when he was 18 months old. I used to have to give him acepromazine (a heavy tranquiler) and crate him or take him out in my hallway since I lived in an apartment building and hold him tight, until the tranquiler kicked in. Then he would be “knocked out” for many hours until the meds wore off. If not tranquilized he would go nuts in my apartment, destroyng furniture, etc mostly he looked terrorized and it pained me greatly to see him this way. I lived with him acting this way until I worked with a vet homeopathiv vet ( long before I started studying homeopathy). She prescribed Phosphorous LM1 daily because he also had some respiratory issues. At this point he was about 13 years old. His respiratory issues improved (less coughing, more energy on walks, etc.) But what amazed me is I came home one day during a thunderstorn (I was unable to get home beforehand) and my dog was quietly lying in the living room, looking a little nervouse, but not exhibiting his usual crazy reaction to the thunder. This incident actually was the point that made me decide to study homeopathy. I thought to myseld “if I can do nothing else but help dogs (and their owners who had to deal with this problem) to cure this problem, it will be worth doing so”.

            One client (mother and daughter) brought their 10 year old cat they had taken him out of a well-respected NYC 24 hour emergency hospital in NYC after he had been there a few days.

            The cat originally was taken to the ER hospital because he was not able to urinate (was blocked). Technical name of the disease is FLUTD (feline lower urinary track disease). This can be life threatening because if the cat cannot urinate all his toxins are backing up into his system and his electolite balance is way off and he can die.

            He had been treated by first being unblocked, then put on antibiotics to help with any potential bacterial infection either that was present at time admitted or sometimes can be caused by the insertion of a urinary catheter. Cat seemed to have an allergic reatic to the first antibiotic (clamamox). His tongue started to swell. After a day they switched his antiobiotic to baytril. His tongue swelled even more and was now protroding out of his mouth. He could not close his mouth.. Hospital gave steroids and switched his antibiotic again to no avail. His urinary problem seemed cured but this secondary problem was worsing. Because the cat could not now eat they put in a nasal gastric tube (in his nose) to give nutrition.
            At this point the owners had had enough.
            They requested the cat be discharged ( against medical advice).

            They came to see me. I was newly practicing homeopathy at this point. Was hoping for some easy cases so I could try out what I had learned.
            I had never met these clients (mother and daughter before).
            When they brought in Whiskey, and told me his history I wanted to help but also was terrified and not sure if I could.
            I advised them I was new to homeopathy and would best. But only if they agreed to contact me daily with Whiskey’s progress and monitor him carefully. They agreed. Also if he got worse they would need to take him to a different 24 hr. Hospital. They agreed.

            Started out by giving one dose of nux vomica 30c in the office. One of the uses of this remedy is to take away bad reactions to medication. (All prescribed doses were diluted with water and given orally by dropper.)
            Then I advised them to give apis 30c three times a day.
            Apis is very effective as an anti allergic remedy. Also to dilute callendula 30c and use it as a mouth/tongue wash twice a day. Did not want his longue to dry out. Callendula is very good for healing in general. They should continue to feed a slurry (cat food watered down to be given through the feeding tube every few hours) to maintain nutrition and cat’s weight.

            They did this and reported in daily. Each day the cat seemed to get a little better. The tongue swelling started to subside. After 4 days the cat started to try to groom himself. After 7 days he was able to groom himseld and lick the slurry of cat food to eat on his own. After a few more days we removed the nasal gastric tube because he no longer needed it. I then gave a constitutional remedy, lycopdium 30c. He seemed.much better. Tongue was now normal size and receded back into his mouth. He was on his way to a full recover. Clients were very grateful.

            As an aside the client who was the mother asked if I needed help as a receptionist. She worked for me for 4 years. After she moved on to become a medical biller. her daughter then worked for me for many years. I got to know the family quite well. And saw that Whiskey stayed healthy for many years to come. Over the years I knew them if Whiskey started to exhibit any straining to urinate, one dose of lycopodium 30c would resolve this issue.

            Over the 23 years I have been a veterinarian, I have practiced alongside many excellent conventional veterinarians that have poo pooded my treatments as nonsense. But at some point some have come to me to ask for suggestions for treating a difficult case thay have not been able to help. Often adding a homepathic remedy has helped the case in some way.

            For instance, one vet whose own personal dog was going down hill because of acute liver issues, asked me if I had any suggestions. He was an extremely good conventional vet and had done everything he could possibly think of to help his dog but nothing was working.
            I gave the dog two doses of hydrastis 30c about an hour apart at night before leaving the clinic. In the morning when we came in the dog was looking better and a blood test revealed the dog’s orginal elevated liver enzymes were starting to come down…and continued to come down over the next few days. His dog’s condition completely resolved. Of course he thought it would have turned around anyway. Cannot prove it was the homeopathy but this dog looked like it was going to die the night before.

            I really do not want to argue or to push my beliefs on anyone. I just keep doing what I do which includes using conventional meds when needed. However my years of experience using homeopathy has shown me positive results over and over.

            Many clients come to me after they have exhausted all the conventional options. They come frustrated and angry that conventional meds have not worked. Homeopthic treatment has helped many of these animals. I get thank you letters all the time from the owners of my patients.

            Certainly we can agree that conventional medications often cause many problems with their side effects. Just listening to the medication ads on TV makes me wonder why anyone would risk taking some of those meds. I personally would rather try the gentlier, non suppressive action of homeopathic remedies before any conventional medication whenever possible.
            To each his/her own.

            Wishing you all the best in health and life,

          • How many cases exist where homeopathy did not work?
            Why do you think do the most reliable trials of homeopathy in animals and humans fail to demonstrate effectiveness?

          • Yes of course there are cases that homeopathy did not work. However there are many cases where conventional medications do not work or cause side effects as in Whisky’s case. Nothing works 100%. I never said it does.
            And like I said many of the cases I do see are cases that conventional medicine did not help.
            Since I am not a scientist I do not feel I can answer about research.

          • “Since I am not a scientist I do not feel I can answer about research.”
            that’s an odd reply, in my view.
            if you had a drug that, in your experience worked on several occasions but not always, and then a rigorous review was published showing that it does not work beyond placebo, who would you trust: 1) your scant and somewhat contradictory experience, or the evidence?

          • I give up. I do not have the time or desire to keep this dialogue up. You win for persistance.
            Wishing you the best possible health and life.

          • JILL

            Thanks for your little story.

            Whenever you come across any good evidence, please do let us know.

  • The RCSV did try to control homeopathic prescriptions from vets in 2017 with a prescribing statement. However, the RCVS came up against well organised pet owners supporting homeopathy who started to point out evidence based veterinary treatments that don’t work. Over treating and overcharging by vets working for corporate owned practises also came up. There was a distinct lack of evidence of harm caused by homeopathic vets who were practising at the time and who were extremely busy supported by animal owners . Momentum gathered outside of the homeopathic community and the statement was not enforced so nothing has changed. Homeopathy rocks on with huge numbers of animal owners using it and writing about it. There is nothing vets can do about this without coming into conflict with their clients.

  • Thanks Dendra for your input.

  • @Jill: you should consider duct tapping your fingers together before sitting down to a keyboard.

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