When I first saw this, I was expecting something like If Homeopathy Beats Science (Mitchell and Webb) – YouTube : videos ( But no, “Acute Care Homeopathy for Medical Professionals” is not a masterpiece by gifted satirists. It is much better; it is for real! In fact, it is a collaboration between the “Academy of Homeopathy Education” (AHE) and the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH). Together, they published the following announcement:

AHE and AIH are pleased to present a customized educational program designed for busy medical professionals interested in enhancing their practice and expanding the treatment tools available with Homeopathy. Grounded in the original theory and philosophy of Homeopathy, AHE’s quality curriculum empowers practitioners and the material’s inspirational delivery encourages further study towards the mastery of Homeopathy for chronic care.

This course is open to all licensed healthcare providers— medical, osteopathic, naturopathic, dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians, nurse practitioners, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacologists and pharmacists.

Acute-care homeopathy addresses the challenges of 21st-century medical practice.

Among many things, you’ll learn safe and effective ways to manage pain and mitigate antibiotic overuse with FDA-regulated and approved Homeopathic remedies. AHE delivers an integrated learning experience that combines online real-time classroom experiences culminating in a telehealth based clinical internship allowing participants to study from anywhere in the world.

AHE’s team of Homeopathy experts have taught thousands of students around the globe and are known for unparalleled academic rigor, comprehensive clinical training, and robust research initiatives. AHE ensures that every graduate develops the necessary critical thinking skills in homeopathy case taking, analysis, and prescribing to succeed in practice with confidence and competence.

  • Smart and savvy tech support team helps to on-board and train even the most reticent digital participants
  • Academic support professionals provide an educational safety-net
  • Stellar faculty to inspire confidence and encourage students to achieve their best work
  • “Fireside Chats,” forums, and social gatherings build community
  • Tried and true administrative systems keep things running smoothly so you can focus on learning Homeopathy.

All AHE students receive Radar Opus, the leading software package used by professional homeopaths worldwide.

Upon completion of the didactic program, practitioners begin an Acute Care Internship through AHE and the Homeopathy Help Network’s Acute Care Telehealth Clinic “Homeopathy Help Now” (HHN) which sees thousands of cases each year. Upon successful completion of the internship, practitioners will be invited to participate in ongoing supervised practice through HHN.

AHE is part of a larger vision to shape the future of Homeopathy: HOHM Foundation and the Homeopathy Help NetworkAll clinical services are delivered in an education and research-driven model. HOHM’s Office of Research has multiple peer-reviewed publications focused on education, practice, and clinical outcomes. HOHM is committed to funding Homeopathy study and research at every level.

The Academy of Homeopathy Education (AHE) operates in conjunction with HOHM Foundation, a 501c3 initiative committed to education, advocacy, and access. The Homeopathy Help Network is a telehealth clinic providing fee-for-service chronic care as well as donation-based acute care through Homeopathy Help Now.


I suspect you simply cannot wait to enroll. To learn more about “Acute Care Homeopathy for Medical Professionals” please fill out the form.

… and don’t forget to pay the fee of US$ 5 500.

No, it’s not expensive, if you think about it. After all, acute-care homeopathy addresses the challenges of 21st-century medical practice.

10 Responses to Acute Care Homeopathy for Medical Professionals: better than satire

  • “Homeopathy experts have taught thousands of students around the globe..”
    I’m surprised that they acknowledge that the world is round! Surely this ‘allopathic wisdom’ will alienate their core customers?

    • “around the globe” ….. isn’t that an oxymoron for a group that are probably flat earthers?

      • @Chris
        Well, they do call their sugar crumbs ‘globules’, which no doubt is some sort of homeopathic version(*) of the globe we live on. So each globule is absolutely packed with all the goodness that our planet has to offer.

        *: 15C, if I did the math correctly – some 6 milligrams per 2 mm globule against 6E27 grams for our whole planet.

  • $5,500 for the Radar Opus software is quite a bite.
    I wonder if there is a more powerful, “watered” down version

    • A homeopathic (watered down) version of the Radar Opus software will be much stronger according to Hahnemann’s teachings. Then the AIH and AHE could ask for a much higher cost contribution. Maybe $ 10000? 😉

      • @RPGNo1
        That’s an interesting idea … how about we sell these believers in homeopathy the absolute most powerful version of the Radar Opus software possible: a version so diluted compressed that it fits in just one bit (a.k.a. boolean value).
        Now of course I’m not going to divulge here if its value is TRUE or FALSE, but the question is what we could ask for it. Would $1 million be a reasonable price?

  • Definately for healthcare professionals who operate at a bar lower than a snakes belly. I’ve just enroled I’m hoping they suppy ‘Peckham spring water’. I’ll be a millionaire by next year – mange tout:)

  • Buy some Arnica 30c or 200c or higher and keep it on your person. Next time you have a blunt injury trauma e.g. smash your finger with a hammer or in a car door, fall and hit your head, etc.., and start to bruise or start to go into shock, take some Arnica. Then you can come back here and tell us how your Acute Care with Homeopathy fared in practice.

    • “Then you can come back here and tell us how your Acute Care with Homeopathy fared in practice.”
      You might have a swift recovery – but you don’t know how swift it would have been without Arnica; perhaps even swifter?!?

    • @Stan

      Next time you have a blunt injury trauma e.g. smash your finger with a hammer or in a car door, fall and hit your head, etc.., and start to bruise or start to go into shock, take some Arnica.

      OK, I got me some arnica 200C, so the really potent stuff, and took exactly one globule. And because I didn’t have any bruising to start with, I should actually develop similar symptoms, right? However, nothing happened.
      Can you please advise me as to what I did wrong?

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