Many chiropractors seem to view the present pandemic as a business opportunity and make no end of false claims to attract customers. This has now been outlawed in the US. Medscape reported that a US district court will decide whether a chiropractor who is charged with 10 counts of making false marketing claims related to COVID-19 will be the first person convicted under a new federal law.

On his website, chiropractor ‘Dr.’ Eric Neptune advertises his services as follows:

Have you ever been told by your medical doctor that you or a member of your family had a specific disease, syndrome, or sickness? Did your doctor then recommend a drug or surgery to fix the issue, or tell you that you would have to live with it for the rest of your life? If so, you are not alone!

Nepute Wellness Center is unlike any medical clinic you may have been to. The clinic team is focused on finding and fixing the CAUSE of your problem vs. seeking out and treating only the SYMPTOMS. Nepute Wellness Center is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and testing, as well as medical doctors, nurses, and chiropractors who have been uniquely trained to treat your whole body, regardless of age, and return your body to a healthy balance so that it can heal itself the way God intended.

If you are tired of trying to treat your symptoms using prescription and over-the-counter pills, or even considering surgery, then Nepute Wellness Center may be right for you! Or like many, you want to be proactive with your health and prevent sickness and disease before you begin to suffer any symptoms, allowing you to live the full life you deserve, then make Nepute Wellness Center your partner in health!

Already over a year ago, Eric Nepute, the owner of Quickwork, based in St. Louis, Missouri, managed to make headlines. He had recorded a video that racked up more than 21 million views and suggested that drinking tonic water would prevent COVID-19 infections. Now, Mr. Neptune is the first person charged by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) under the new COVID- 19 Consumer Protection Act. His company which has several locations in St. Louis County advertised its vitamin D and zinc products on social media and the internet as drugs that could treat or prevent COVID-19 claiming that their products are “more effective than the available COVID-19 vaccines”.

The FTC warned Nepute’s company in May 2020 about making unsubstantiated claims for other products regarding efficacy against COVID-19 and advised him to immediately stop making claims that were not supported by scientific evidence. However, Nepute seemed undeterred.

The FTC is seeking to fine Nepute and Quickwork up to US$43,792 for each violation of the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act. In addition, the FTC seeks to bar the company from making health claims unless they are true and can be substantiated by scientific evidence.

Through his attorney, Neptune told the local NBC TV news affiliate, “I feel that I have not done anything wrong. I encourage everyone to live a healthy lifestyle during this unprecedented time. My attorneys are reviewing the complaint and I have no further comments at this time.”

If you ask me, it is time that all counties make the publication of false medical claims illegal as well – not just those made by chiros, and not just those related to COVID-19 either.


10 Responses to US Chiropractor in court for making false claims related to COVID-19

  • It’s a step forward. Consumer protection is an important aspect of the whole SCAM scene, and consumer fraud laws should be more rigorously applied to purveyors of such treatments.

    There is a huge difference between saying “Have an aromatherapy massage – it will make you feel nice and relaxed, as long as you do not have a specific chemical sensitivity to any of the essential oils” and saying “Have an aromatherapy massage – it will prevent you from catching, or will cure you of, Disease X”

  • I think most people are intelligent and do not take statements out of context such as you have with Nepute. He is simply telling people how to strengthen their natural immunity and defenses against viral infections. Also how to increase their bodies optimal performance on a cellular level. There is no crime in that. Who is protecting the people from the untested gene therapy you call a vaccine. Talk about making false claims.

      why don’t you offer it to him?
      with that, he would get jailed, no doubt.

    • Lynn

      In what way are those claims taken “out of context”? They stand as they are.


      Interesting use of the word, Lynn. In what way would a vaccine which has passed through phase 1, 2 & 3 trials be considered “untested”.

      Nepute’s claims, however, ARE untested. And fraudulent.

      Gene therapy is where the genome of a cell is altered. Vaccines do not do this, unless you have convincing evidence otherwise.

      Not much you’ve managed to get right so far, is there?

      Your post is plenty of evidence that you are yet another willfully ignorant and inconsequential AltMed / antivax loon whose mindless and easily falsified spoutings can be laughed at.

    • Lynn, perhaps you could enlighten us – what tests have been carried out to demonstrate that Eric Neptune’s treatments can strengthen natural immunity and defence against viral infections, and increase the body’s optimal performance on a cellular level?

      Who carried out those tests, Lynn, and where are the results published? Please remember the red banner at the top of this Blog.

      Why do you call vaccines untested? Are you referring to the fact that Covid vaccines which as Lenny points out, have been through all the testing stages, are being used on large populations for the first time, following all the testing? Is that what you mean?

      • Well. I was 60 years old autoimmune and unvaccinated when I got Covid for a day and a half because I have been using the protocols he had suggested. In fact my husband got Covid three days before me and he was 65. He took the Horse Paste. Ivermectin. It Does come in human grade which I have now also been able to stock up on. Ivermectin 1.87% Horse Paste properly dosed is perfectly effective. In fact you bunch of losers, The national Institute of health now in February 2023 in a study on ivermectin and cancer states at the end of that document, Ivermectin has a few or no side effects and was successfully used to treat COVID-19. What a bunch of bullshit this has been for the entire three years you people have killed people By withholding that and I giving them the vaccines that are causing major serious illnesses and deaths I know loads of people. In fact one right now has lymphoma and tumours in her body and outside and they won’t acknowledge it and they won’t give her a biopsy and they’re letting her die. And Canada started the vaccine compensation program the moment they authorized emergency use of the vaccines. However it only covers three years of vaccine injury cost. There has been one major pay out who is now suing the government and healthcare system because his injury is for life

        • Someone is suing AFTER having received a payout? Who made the payout, to whom, who is suing, and what government are they suing?

          From a poem by Kipling:

          I keep six honest serving-men
          (They taught me all I knew);
          Their names are What and Why and When
          And How and Where and Who.

    • He is simply telling people how to strengthen their natural immunity and defenses against viral infections.

      No, he is basically selling nonsense and quackery.
      – You generally cannot ‘strengthen your natural immunity’ – and even if you could, you really wouldn’t want to. You know what it is called when your overall ‘natural immunity’ is ‘strengthened’? Auto-immune disorder and inflammatory disease.
      – You likewise cannot generally ‘strengthen’ your ‘defences against viral infections’. How a viral infection develops (or not), depends on several factors that are mostly outside your control, such as the amount of viral particles that you get infected with, the virus itself (how infectious and effective it is), and your genetic make-up (which determines how easy a virus can enter their target cells, and how well your immune system responds to the infection). This being said, there is a very effective and safe way to strengthen the immune system against specific viruses: vaccination(*).

      Also how to increase their bodies optimal performance on a cellular level.

      This too is simply a nonsensical claim, made exclusively by quacks and snake-oil salespersons. No reputable scientist has ever found a way or even a plausible mechanism to ‘increase the body’s optimal performance on a cellular level’ – and I challenge you to come up with proper scientific evidence for this if you believe otherwise. A claim like this is like those dodgy Web sites claiming to ‘improve fuel efficiency’ in cars by simple means (e.g. magnets or other gadgets).

      There is no crime in that.

      Um, yes, there is, at the very least on a moral level. This practitioner is telling people untruths about their health and what is good for them, in order to make money. If he sold e.g. fake insurance policies, he could be locked up for fraud. But strangely, when it comes to health, it appears to be perfectly acceptable to lie to people and sell them useless services and products.

      Who is protecting the people from the untested gene therapy you call a vaccine.

      With this ill-informed yet vehement statement you appear to exclude yourself from the category of ‘most people’ in your first sentence.
      Those mRNA vaccines are most definitely NOT ‘gene therapy’, and they are NOT ‘untested’. They have been researched and developed since 1990, without any serious adverse effects (or consequences for cellular DNA) being observed. In the past year, they have been tested on tens of thousands of volunteers, without any serious side effects. And with hundreds of millions of doses administered since, their safety is firmly established.

      And oh, you appear to be against administering mRNA vaccines? Well, then here’s something that should really scare you:
      Cellular reprogramming (MiRNA , mRNA and cytokines)
      This of course is all dumb quackery. You can’t ‘reprogram’ cells with simple injections of whatever substance, as a cell’s ‘program’ is fixed in its DNA, and altering DNA in a targeted manner is exceedingly difficult. But as you can see with your own eyes, it is this ‘Dr.’ Nepute who is actually claiming to perform some kind of gene therapy with mRNA.

      *: One can of course weaken the immune system by living an unhealthy lifestyle, e.g. foods lacking in vitamins or minerals, lack of exercise, substance abuse etc. – but even people with a very unhealthy lifestyle still have an immune system that appears to do a mostly adequate job: they are still not suffering from endless infections and cancers like HIV patients and other immunocompromised persons do.

  • It might be appropriate here to post again this clip from that culturally significant and highly informative animated series Family Guy:

    And this one:

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