Out of the blue I received an email infroming me that Wellness consultancy and online health boutique Conscious Spaces is marking the Black Friday sale season with 12% off its hugely popular Qi tech EMF protection devices. Shop Black EMFriday at…

I must be a sucker for such stuff, so I had to have a look.

Most impressive!

The ‘Qi-Max Cell™ 5G / WIFI / EMF Protection For Home & Business’ for instance is for sale at £4,399.00 Sale Price (normally it costs £600 more!!!).

Naturally, I was fascinated and had to know more. Luckily, the email told me all I needed to know:

What are EMFs?

EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are invisible fields of energy, or radiation waves. There are many different types of electromagnetic fields in the world around us. They come from both natural sources (like sunlight) and man-made sources (like mobile phones). Over the last century, exposure to man-made EMFs has been steadily increasing in line with the growing demand for electricity and the more recent explosion of wireless technology, including smart phones, laptops and tablets.

Where’s the harm?

Exposure to EMFs of the kind emitted by mobile technologies has been found to be harmful to health by a growing number independent, non-industry funded scientists and doctors. With thousands of papers, the extent of scientific research into the health impacts of EMF radiation exposure is too vast to list, but a cohesive body of evidence exists surrounding the damage caused to DNA, cells, organ systems, fertility, brain function, liver and memory.

How do Qi tech devices work?

WaveGuard’s Qi technology provides a sanctuary from EMFs by creating a protective shield of negatively charged electrons. These devices come in a variety of sizes to provide different size torus fields of protection, from the Qi-Me, for personal protection on the go, through to the Qi-Max, providing a protective field with a 50m radius.

The Qi-Me device uses the same technology as the larger Qi-Shield device which has been scientifically proven to provide EMF Protection tested using a double-blind study at the BION Institute. Priced at £399 (£350 during Black Friday), it provides a 1m radius (2m diameter) of EMF protection and is available in Walnut, Maple, Olive and Yew.

The Qi-Shield provides an EMF protection field of 2.5m radius (5m diameter). Perfect for your office, bedroom, vehicle or air travel, it is priced at £899 (£790 during Black Friday) and is available in walnut.

The Qi-Home provides the relief of being protected from harmful and damaging EMFs while at home, with an EMF protection field of 7.5m radius (15m diameter). It is priced at £2750 (£2,420 during Black Friday) it is available in Swiss pine, oak and beech.

The Qi-Max Cell is the largest and most powerful EMF protection device, creating an EMF protection field of 50m radius (100m diameter). Available in Swiss pine, it is priced at £4999 (£4,399 during Black Friday).

Tara Williams, founder of Conscious Spaces, says: ‘The calming effect I felt when I first held a Qi-Shield in a high EMF environment was a revelation. My heart rate is usually up in those sorts of settings, but this had an immediate positive effect. I now carry this or the Qi-Me with me wherever I go and have noticed a real improvement in my EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) symptoms.’


As I said, I am most impressed by the ‘Qi-Max Cell’ (it creates an EMF protection field of 50m radius (100m diameter) in width and 35m radius (70m diameter) in height, protecting your family, workplace and business against mobile phone radiation, WiFi, electrical frequencies, electro-magnetic frequencies) and, of course by the prospect of saving £600!

But seriously! Would it not be illuminating to get such a device and take it apart to see what technology it actually contains? Or does one of my readers already know?

26 Responses to Qi technology: “scientifically proven to provide EMF Protection”

  • Shields up! (Sorry, I’m an old Trekker at heart).

    If someone would donate one, I am sure electrical engineerBig Clive who posts on YouTube as bigclivedotcom would do a superb job of analysing the makeup of this device. Have a look at his “5G Death Beams” explanation at OR SEE A ‘TEARDOWN’ AT

  • This is, of course, total bollocks.
    – There is no peer-reviewed literature that consistently demonstrates harmful effects of radio-frequent electromagnetic fields.
    – It is absolutely impossible to create any sort of intangible ‘shielding’ emanating from whatever device; there is only one way to shield electromagnetic fields: a closed metal cage.
    – That these products are 100% fraudulent is easily demonstrated: if they were to function as claimed and create an EMF shield 100 meters in diameter, cell phone reception would be blocked within that sphere. There exists no technology capable of such a feat (and I guess those thousands of people nearby who would permanently lose their cell phone reception wouldn’t be too happy either …).

    Would it not be illuminating to get such a device and take it apart to see what technology it actually contains?

    Not really. From the looks of it, these ‘devices’ are simply a copper cylinder with a wooden disc on either end. They may or may not contain some ‘magical parts’ inside, e.g. more copper wire, bits of rock crystal, or just a lump of plain concrete to give the whole thing a bit of weight.

    The ludicrous pricing serves two goals: a) make certain that they only get the most gullible people as customers, as these people are easiest to separate from their money, and b) prevent somewhat smarter people like you and me from buying one, and exposing it as nonsense.

  • So cellphones won’t work in that shielded area?

  • So let me get this right – it won’t be possible to receive radio or satellite TV in the home when one of these devices is either on one’s person, or working in the home?

    And in fact it won’t be possible to SEE, since EM between 400-700nm will be blocked too?

    WHen I was a young boy I loved the Professor Brainstawm books, about a scientist whose inventions had unintended consequences. One of his inventions, as I recall, was the ELectric Dark Bulb which when switched on, plunged a room into darkness.

    I perceive that this is now a reality……

    • … the Electric Dark Bulb which when switched on, plunged a room into darkness

      You’re not that far off the mark – effectively, the pedlars of this nonsense contribute to plunging society into intellectual darkness by poisoning real science with their pseudoscientific rubbish and outright lies.

      I’m rather worried that this is a serious problem, in particular because there is so much of this nonsense out there, and because of the well-known mechanism of ‘truth by familiarity’: people will start believing things if they come across it more often.

    • “Professor Brainstawm”

      Woot. British nerds are the best nerds. Also everything Heath Robinson (who illustrated the Branestawm books too).

      • In a fit of nostalgia, and the realisation that I can no longer live without at least one, I have ordered a Professor Brainstawn book from a well-known online retailer.

        I had not realised the Heath Robinson illustrated the books.

  • Anyone fancy a laugh? Have a look at their “study” which “proves” the effectiveness of the device.

  • Well, that would be a great idea – kill off all wireless signals so no TV, radio, mobile phones and wireless networks! I am assuming there that the device might work. I doubt this thing is much more than am air purifier!

  • I have asked the company where the study was published, and what marketing licence they have. No reply yet. Then it’s off to Trading Standards. Oh to hell with it, I’ll do it now, it’s so obviously fake.

  • And – wowser, hold the front page – they have a prominent monthly full-page advert in What Doctors Don’t Tell You (page 4 in the current issue – I’ve checked)

    Defrauding the gullible. Classic grifters. And WDDTY are happy to take their coin. It’s how the money goes around.

    • Never underestimate a woo-woo peddler’s fondness for the cold hard allopathic cash.

      I defy RG, Dendra, Bob, et al to make their next payment for homeochirocrystalpathic services rendered using Complementary and Alternative Currency (kitten smiles, sunbeams, a waft of air that once passed over a penny, etc). And do let us know how many steps to the door you managed to make before they flattened you to the floor.

      • This Qi technology is complete bullshit has.
        I note that this piece of crap technology works by providing a shield of negatively charged electrons.
        Well my version of the Qi max uses my new quantum dendra G string technology. This provides a shield of positive electrons to protect against EMFs. This technology has been pier reviewed by the fortune telling bloke in the caravan on my local pier. My device sends all EMF waves packing into Hilbert hyperspace.
        I offer you a 99% discount @ £4398.99.
        So you save money as well.

  • I first read Q and not Qi. But I don’t think Q would stoop to such cheap games.

    Live long and prosper!

  • But wait, there’s a registered clinical trial!

    “Study Aims:

    “To evaluate the changes in the semen parameters from the use of Qi-Shield device in sham (control) and user groups To determine the molecular changes pertaining to sperm proteins from the use of Qi-Shield device in sham (control) and user groups”

    Forty subjects in two arms, so I guess they must be expecting very large effect differences between the active and placebo devices.

    “Estimated Study Completion Date : April 1, 2021” (I kid you not!)

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