When I started this blog almost precisely 8 years ago, I had no idea that I would take to it. Those who know me personally would probably confirm that I and a blog go about as well together as fire and water. But here we are:



Unquestionably, this is a reason to celebrate. And I have decided that I will do this with a ‘homeopathic proving’. If you have followed some of the recent comments, there are some who cannot stop telling me that I must do a proving, otherwise I understand nothing about homeopathy. I have repeatedly replied that I have done my share of provings but they never produced any result. The homeopathy-fans then wanted to have proof of my provings, and I answered that there is no proof. Then they wanted to know the exact details, but I cannot remember them because they were some 35 years ago. Consequently, they imply that I am a liar. This does not bother me much; on the contrary, according to the ‘like cures like’ assumption, this must mean that I am a 100% truthful person. So, I am flattered by their insinuations.

Anyway, the occasion of POST NUMBER 2000 calls for Champagne – more precisely, for homeopathic Champagne.

Yes, there is such a remedy

Provings are best carried out with the mother tincture. So, in anticipation of today, my wife and I invited two friends to conduct a proving on a bottle on Dom Perignon 2008. Expensive stuff, I know, but good science has never been cheap.

As we opened the bottle, the excitement reached fever pitch. The bouquet was perfect, the robe elegant, the bubbles fine and steady. As the first drops reached out lips, we were transported to Champagne heaven! Patiently we waited for the first symptoms to show: nothing!

Perhaps it’s a question of dose, I thought and refilled the glassed. Nobody protested.

If anything, the second glass was even better.

We waited.

Then, suddenly, the first symptoms seemed to appear: one of us started giggling without apparent reason. Soon all of us normally very introvert people started laughing, talking, relaxing, being sociable. As a good scientist, I noted all this down to generate a proper drug picture of the remedy.

The third glass was greeted with impatience. At this stage we were in full swing: we laughed, told jokes and had a good time. I carried on making notes discretely, while everyone was enjoying themselves. To my shame, I have to admit that, at that stage, we broke off the Champagne proving by opening and consuming a bottle of red wine.

The next day, I looked at my notes and composed the following drug picture of Champagne:

  • unmotivated giggling,
  • laughing,
  • being sociable,
  • telling jokes,
  • having a good time,
  • being relaxed.

The question that the world of homeopathy is dying to get answered is, of course, what must a patient suffer from to be effectively treated with homeopathic Champagne? Well, thanks to my homoeopathically trained mind and my thoroughly developed scientific method, I am now in a position to answer it: if you patient is happy, sociable, relaxed and generally has a good time, you, dear homeopath, must urgently prescribe homeopathic Champagne to stop all this and turn him into a uptight sociopath who hates life.



I know very well that the success of my blog is due to the interesting comments it receives.





17 Responses to Blog-post No 2000 !!! (PLUS A DETAILED REPORT OF A HOMEOPATHIC PROVING)

  • Congratulations! Brilliant work IMO.

  • I’d say the appropriate comment here is


  • Congratulations. I’m looking forward to the next 2000.

  • In the interests of science, this experiment must be repeated.
    I am willing to be a ‘prover’.

    Please send 1L of the mother tincture ASAP

    Thank you!

    (The process is called a ‘proving’ by English speaking homeopaths, though the word Hahnemann used simply meant ‘trial’ or ‘experiment’ – with no implication of ‘proof’ in the sense of veracity. Sigh.)

  • Congratulations dear professor!

    When will this remedy be available in Helios?
    The one they have
    seems to be made from cheap prosecco.

  • Congrats and long live your blog!

  • Congratulations, Professor!

    Provings are best carried out with the mother tincture. So, in anticipation of today, my wife and I invited two friends to conduct a proving on a bottle on Dom Perignon 2008. Expensive stuff, I know, but good science has never been cheap.

    Yes, good science is not cheap. Thankfully, doctors, researchers and scientists of all stripes can rely on income supplements from Big Pharma to help. 🙂

    • my cheques seem to get lost in the post!

      • Maybe they are homeopathic cheques or bank transfers – nothing in them?

        Looking forward to the next 1000 posts and thanks for fighting ignorance.

      • @edzard

        I think Jonathan Jarry, a science communicator from McGill University’s Office for Science and Society, reads this blog and I hope he doesn’t mind but I have to share a comment of his from Twitter:

        So many poorly done studies get loads of media traction. They’re like animals that run out of the barn and get everyone excited, and we have to run after them, bring them back in, and tell everyone there was no real reason for the commotion.

        It is tiring.

        I often think it must be like that for you, too, Professor. Especially when discussing the crazy notions that homeopaths try to sell.

  • Even though I disagree with you often, I admire your noble dedication to inform via your blog. May you publish 2000 more blog pages while enjoying prosperity and the best of good health! Cheers Professor!

  • Well done old chap – keep them coming!

    I must take great care never to drink a drop of watered down Dom Perignon.

    Dastardly stuff!

  • If you didnt experience anything from a proving you didnt perform it properly. A proving is not best carried out with mother tincture; Its best carried out with a highly potentized remedy. Its best to have a supervisor of your proving who takes a comprehensive history of your recent health and can be an objective observer. But if you are self-aware then not Absolutely necessary. You have to keep taking a remedy repeatedly over several days until you DO have some new never-before experienced symptom(s). Then you have to keep recording the new symptoms until they recede, which they will. This is a repeatable experiment that anyone can do, even you, Edzard.

    You must have been a very poor student in your homeopathy classes. You dont seem to know the basics.

    • If you didnt experience anything from a proving you didnt perform it properly

      And there, in thirteen words, we have the most eloquent of demonstrations of the warped and logic-free mindset of the homeopathy loon. And Roger will never understand why.

      Hang on, Rog. Let me guess. I’ve got to go and do a proving, haven’t I?

  • Right now it is looking good for another 2000 Edzard blog posts written with the narrative of evidence based medicine of settled science fully behind him.
    What could ever possibly go wrong?

  • Wir gratulieren!!!

    Ganz liebe Grüße aus Andechs

    Erika und Michsel

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