If you feel that, on this blog and elsewhere, some sceptics sometimes use harsh language, you haven’t recently read what ‘the other side’ of the debate regularly publish. A good example is ‘NATURAL NEWS’; slander and insult seem to be the daily fare of this publication. A good example is this recent article [02/02/2017: url disrupted by Admin because of suspected malware]; it is so disgustingly vile that I cannot resist showing you a few passages.


Meet the ultimate pharma whore and vaccine-toxin apologist, Dr. Paul ‘Profit’ Offit

Possibly one of the most dangerous doctors on planet Earth is Paul Offit, a man capable of creating, promoting and profiting from the most toxic “medicine” known to mankind – experimental vaccines. Not only is injecting neurotoxins into children extremely dangerous, but the whole vaccine industry is loosely regulated, and the CDC requires no proof of safety or efficacy for immunizations.

Plus, the vaccine industry has their own rigged court system so that families cannot sue the manufacturers. Anyone who lets their children be injected with mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum and MSG (contaminants found in nearly every vaccine and flu shot), is putting a ton of faith in something they should not have any faith in. The inoculation industry as a whole has been making fraudulent medical claims for more than 60 years. Vaccines and prescription medications are fast-tracked through the FDA and CDC without any tests for safety or efficacy.

That’s why about one sixth of all Americans (about 50 million) have sought out holistic care of some sort, at least once already. People are fed up with pediatricians who know nothing about nutrition or quality, non-invasive, non-chemical care. They’re also realizing that prescription meds come with side effects that are worse than the conditions being treated. That’s where scare tactic “professionals” and criminal propagandists come into play, like Dr. Paul Offit.

Never trust someone who can ‘vote themselves rich’ – like Dr. Paul ‘Offit-for-Profit’

One of the biggest scams of the century is the “RotaTeq” rotavirus vaccine. Invented by, patented by, promoted by, and worth millions in profit to Offit, the extremely toxic (oral) vaccine contains live rotavirus strains (G1, G2, G3, G4 and P1), plus highly toxic polysorbate 80 and fetal bovine serum. Scared yet? There’s more. This insane inoculation contains parts of porcine circovirus, a virus that infects pigs! This is all per the Merck website’s list of ingredients, in case you’d like to check for yourself. Want to infect your infant with all of this and help “Profit-Offit” get richer, so he can infect more infants?

Bill Gates promotes Offit in their combined attempt to mass-vaccinate the whole world and decrease the population by several billion, by injecting cancer-causing carcinogens and toxins that cause infertility. That’s the plan.

Offit works at the Children’s hospital of Philadelphia (appropriately nicknamed CHOP), and he is a founding advisory board member of the Autism Science Foundation. All this in spite of the fact that autism has been directly linked to the MMR vaccine, which contains, not coincidentally, many of the same ingredients as the RotaTeq vaccine.

The Rotavirus vaccine has never been proven to work, yet Offit made tens of millions of dollars when he sold the patent. Offit has direct financial ties to Merck, and formerly served on the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, a position which has come into question as an extreme conflict of interest. That job entailed Offit creating the market for the rotavirus vaccine, which means he basically voted himself rich in the process.

Paul “Profit” Offit is quoted as saying he could get “10,000 vaccines at once” and be fine, knowing even a dozen would probably kill him or maim him for life…


Such extreme diatribe does, of course, not deserve a comment. However, I want to stress that Paul Offit is one of the leading paediatrician and immunization expert in the US; his reputation is undisputed (except, of course, in circles of deranged loons) and he recently published a book on alternative medicine, entitled ‘DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC’, that I highly recommend.

20 Responses to The vile vitriol of some alternative medicine promoters

  • For some reason, I no longer get sent posts from this certifiable madman and his ‘Natural News’ site. The fellow Adams seems to be even more hysterical than ever.
    Amazingly, one idiot suggested a few months ago that it would be a good idea to separate off the ‘political’ stuff from the ‘alternative medicine’ stuff, because there was a danger that the political items were in some way contaminating the medical ones, and making them look extreme by association.
    So there’s no doubt that these lunatics know their audience.

  • “Such extreme diatribe does, of course, not deserve a comment.” That assumes a certain level of rationality among its readers, of course.

  • The irony here of course is that Offitt made very little money from his invention of the rotavirus vaccine, but Mike “Health Danger” Adams makes a fortune from selling the bullshit he promotes. Enough that he has given up real work and now spends his entire life doing it. How many of us are likely to be able to give up the day job and live in comfort funded by our skeptical activities?

    • But Health Danger has a l̶a̶b̶o̶r̶a̶t̶o̶r̶y̶ kitchen – he calls it the Natural News Forensic Food Lab – where he does ‘research’ and everything…

      Wait! He has renamed it CWC Labs and has ISO 17025 accreditation…

      • Years ago, TV ads for ‘skin products’ etc always used to refer to their ‘Swiss laboratories’ for scienciness. Then-if I remember correctly- they changed that to ‘Norwegian’.
        What now? ‘Natural News’ laboratories? With like all important looking equipment and that?

      • I think MadMike went for ISO/IEC 17025 for the extra ‘credibility’ it might give hos pronouncements on heavy metal toxicity.

        That said, I read his self-published ‘paper’ on metals in drinking water. Looking at the ANSI method he claims to use under 17025 with the crowd-sourced sampling used for his paper I reckon there’s acase that the sampling was not properly controlled by the lab, and therefore results not actually valid under 17025.

        A proper test would be to submit something to him for testing as a ‘customer’ and also to well-established 17025 accredited lab and see how they compare. But that would involve giving him money. And there’s always the possibility that the lab is competent at analysis, and it’s just Adams is incompetent with using the analysis.

      • I don’t think the ISO accreditation means very much

        Not that this will be a great surprise to anyone, given what a fool Adams makes of himself when trying to interpret what he sees down a microscope.

        • ISO/IEC 17025 (don’t let its innocuous title fool you) accreditation does mark a lab out as better than others. It’s the standard that underpins testing and calibration laboratories, and a lab with it has to be taken seriously. It’s proof that the lab has quality control and procedures based on good science and lab methodology. That said it’s dependent on the assessment and how the lab sticks to its policies and procedures once accredited. And a scientist can take good analysis and make a bad interpretation.

          COI declaration – Technical Manager for an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab.

  • As a charlatan is supported with zero evidence and, in this case, opposing evidence, their claims become more extreme and hysterical. Barrie Thorpe mentions both quacks and politicians. I see little difference between them on evidence and rhetoric.

  • Try searching for my name on There are at least 30 articles attacking me in terms even worse than the examples you mention above for Paul Offit.

    • It was the citing of posts on a two-bit, unmoderated “rate my surgeon” website as evidence of David’s supposed minimal clinical skills and lack of ethics that made me shake my head in wonder. The posts were clearly fabricated, probably posted by Mad Mike himself. To check the quality of the site I posted a review. It’s still there.

      I don’t know if Mike believes the stuff he writes or if he’s just the archetypal snake-oil peddler working to protect his income stream and preaching nonesense to his acolytes. Time will tell. I wonder who’s going to be the first and finally get fed up before sueing him for libel?

  • Just for fun, I started counting all the lies in the quote – but it turned out to be too depressing and infuriating 🙁

  • It is obvious this Adams jerk is dangerous to society and individuals who believe his lies. One wonders how many misinformed believe him. It is a shame his followers/suckers do not have equal access to factual health news in response to his deliberate use of false information and fear mongering. Is this not some form of health care malpractice or just freedom of speech to get rich at the expense of those he lies to? Why do lawyers come after doctors and not this guy?

    • His readers may well have access to “factual health news”, but there is good reason to doubt they would understand it. His so-called “Natural News” is practically a cult. After one younger member of my family bought into his lies, I strongly cautioned her against it. To this day, she still doesn’t understand the basis for my objections, preferring instead to believe his conspiracy-based bull, probably because so many of her friends do, too.

  • What’s happened to the abusive lad Sasha, and his chum Doc ‘Trust Me I’m Not A Doc’ Dale?
    Only I’m working through the ‘Chiropractic’ -silly made-up word -section of Peter Barrett’s book ‘The Health Robbers’, and -call me naive -I’m stunned. Stunned I tell you.
    I just wondered whether the Made-Up Doc would have any replies to what’s in there? Other than the usual ‘There’s charlatans in every field’. I especially love where the reporter goes to consecutive chiropractickers, to be told that each leg is shorter than the other.

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