Louise Lubetkin

Louise Lubetkin is a medical writer and author with a particular interest in oncology. She is a keen observer and critic of the alternative medicine industry.

Her work has appeared in publications on both sides of the Atlantic, and her memoir, In This Dark House, won the National Jewish Book Award (US) and the Wingate Literary Prize (UK).

A retired dentist, she now lives in Los Angeles.



Richard Rawlins

Richard Rawlins

Richard Rawlins trained in London and was appointed Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in Bedford in 1985 and Honorary Consultant since 2006.

Richard continues in private practice and as a medical expert witness. He has been Chairman of the BMA’s Clinical Audit Committee, the UK Consultants Conference and is a member of the BMA’s Representative Body.

His lecture ‘Beyond the Syringe — Secrets of Alternative Medicine Exposed’ intrigues audiences as much as his presentation of ‘Secrets of the Magic Circle’ and ‘Entertainment at the Speed of Thought’.