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...  the Charite in Berlin have published more studies of homeopathy than any other research group. Much of their conclusions are ...  uncritical, in my view. Their latest article is on homeopathy as a treatment of eczema. As it happens, I have recently published ...

...  triple-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over trial of homeopathy. Sounds rigorous and top quality? Yes, but wait! Essentially, the ...  are different from placebo? That Hahnemann’s teaching of homeopathy was nonsense and can thus be discarded (he would have sharply ...

...  in the vacuum pump industry. He started to dig into homeopathy after some useless treatment of a family member and found the ...  and initiated a meeting of the German speaking critics of homeopathy in January 2016, which then became the Informationsnetzwerk ...  authority in Austria was granting CME credits for „homeopathy treatment of multiple sclerosis“, 2014 he decided together with ...

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