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...  am truly saddened and shocked to hear that Peter Fisher has died. Apparently, he was cycling to work on 15 August, when, at 9.30 ...  sadness, news of the death of the Faculty President, Dr Peter Fisher in a road accident near the Royal London Hospital for Integrated ...

...  ‘TRUSTWORTHYNESS INDEX’ is remarkable. With Peter Fisher, things are a little different, and in a way much more convincing. He ...  of them cast any doubt on the effectiveness of homeopathy. Peter is also the long-term editor of the journal HOMEOPATHY, and he used this ...

...  (entrepreneur, US) Cheryl Hawk (US chiropractor) David Peters (osteopathy, homeopathy, UK) Nicola Robinson (TCM, UK) Peter Fisher (homeopathy, UK) Simon Mills (herbal medicine, UK) Gustav Dobos ...

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