One should never assume that one has seen everything so-called alternative medicine (SCAM) has to offer. New interventions pop up all the time. The ingenuity of the SCAM entrepreneur is limitless. Here is a particularly audacious innovation:

Aura sprays deliver healing gemstone energies to your body, emotions, memory, and mind via your aura.

They give you:

  • Instant relief from negative, harmful, or unwanted energies.
  • Support that you cannot get from herbs and medicines.
  • Deep nourishment to help you overcome weakness and depletion.

And you can choose from an entire range:

7-Color-Ray Diamond Spray $34.95 – $89.95

Energy Clearing Spray $24.95 – $59.95

Electromagnetic Radiation EMR Clearing $24.95 – $59.95

Sparkler Diamond Spray $34.95

I was particularly fascinated by the EMR spray and found further relevant information about it:

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) floods our environment and is potentially harmful. GEMFormulas’ EMR Clearing spray clears this energetic toxin from the body and teaches it to become immune. This is essential if we are to thrive in a modern world.

Use this spray to help clear your body and aura of harmful electromagnetic radiation frequencies, which can weaken tissue, inhibit cellular function, and interfere with normal energy flows in the body.

**Harmful electromagnetic radiation is emitted by computers, cell phones, motors, microwave ovens, and other electrical appliances.**

Use When You Are Feeling:

  • Weakened in the vicinity of electromagnetic fields.
  • Dermatological symptoms such as redness, tingling, and burning sensations.
  • Symptoms typical of EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) such as fatigue, tiredness, concentration difficulties, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations, and digestive disturbances.
  • A range of non-specific, medically unexplained symptoms.

And When You Want to:

  • Become more resilient to the effects of potentially harmful EMR.
  • Build immunity to EMR, heal from damage caused by EMR, and protect yourself from further EMR damage.
  • Clear harmful EMR residues from your body and aura.
  • Maximize your health potential.

Ideal For People Who:

  • Work with computers all day long.
  • Live near sources of high electromagnetic radiation.
  • Suspect they have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).
  • Plan to become pregnant.
  • Are trying to heal from another affliction.

Additional Benefits: Clear Therapeutic Gemstones and Crystals

You can also use the spray to clear electromagnetic radiation that therapeutic gemstone necklaces naturally accumulate during normal wear in areas of high electromagnetic fields, when stored too close to computers or other electronic devices, and when worn while you are holding a cell phone.

I am tempted!

Not that I plan to become pregnant but I am trying to heal from another affliction: gullibility.


Seriously: how can anyone fall for such nonsense???

But obviously, some people do and pay good money to ruthless con artists (if you look on the Internet, there are dozens of firms offering such quackery).

Even after 30 years of research, so-called alternative medicine (SCAM) has a sheer inexhaustible ability to amaze me.

9 Responses to Aura sprays: “Instant relief from negative, harmful, or unwanted energies”

  • Let’s see what their products are made of:

    7-Color-Ray Diamond Spray
    “Physical Ingredients: Purified water, diamond-infused organic grape alcohol.
    This product has been imprinted with the energies of a 7-color-ray Diamond.”

    Energy Clearing Spray
    “Physical Ingredients: Purified water, gemstone-infused organic grape alcohol.
    Imprinted with the Healing Energies of these Gemstones: White Beryl (Over one hundred, arranged in a spiral.), Aquamarine, Sugilite, Rose Quartz, Chrysoprase, 7-color-ray Diamond”

    So what we basically have here is a combination of three forms of quackery: ‘crystal healing’, homeopathy and ‘energy medicine’. I’m almost amazed that they didn’t manage to squeeze some chiropractic in there as well.

    What you actually get is an outrageously expensive vial of gin – that you are supposed to spray over your head instead of drinking it. So you smell like a drunk without actually enjoying it. Well done …

    • “So what we basically have here is a combination of three forms of quackery: ‘crystal healing’, homeopathy and ‘energy medicine’. I’m almost amazed that they didn’t manage to squeeze some chiropractic in there as well.”

      I use this remarkable spray and have my wife rub it on my back. It adjusts everything!

    • You see, where they have gone wrong is in using the 7 colour diamond. You need a minimum of 8 colours for EMR.

      • I thought it was 256^3 colours?

        • I thought it was 256^3 colours?

          Now that you mention ‘colours’, maybe I should license my Colorivitreous Nasal Therapy to these clowns?

          Colorivitreous Nasal Therapy
          First, the patient’s ailment and mood are charted to produce a spectral map, combining ancient knowledge about the influences of colours on human health and emotions with the latest insights in Colour Theory.

          Then, a carefully selected globular translucent element with precisely matching spectral properties is introduced into the nasal passage; this location is chosen for its proximity to the brain’s frontal lobe. Here, it exerts its beneficial effects, its spectral profile resonating with the body’s energy field, damping out the negative frequencies through effective interference. During this process, biophotons are exchanged with the surrounding tissues in accordance with Feynman diagrams, which are of course well known from quantum mechanics. The resulting collapse of the multipath quantum state to a single, well-defined optical path guarantees the precision required for optimal efficacy.”

          I’m almost tempted to throw this out there and see how many gullible suckers I can entice to spend money on this … It wouldn’t surprise me if I could instantly double my income, given the amount of gullible suckers out there.

          • How could you mention Feynman in this context without mentioning quantum CHROMOdynamics?

          • Colourless green hadrons sleep furiously.

            — Pete Attkins’s not half odd integer spin on Noam Chomsky’s Syntactic Structures

          • @Walter Turner

            How could you mention Feynman in this context without mentioning quantum CHROMOdynamics?

            Um, because that would make sense, now wouldn’t it? And making sense is a big no-no in quackland …

  • Brilliant. I think the best argument against SCAM is that if its claim to solve the causes of all ills were true, humanity would just have to use those remedies once. If the cause of disease was removed the disease would be removed and there should be progressively less need for these things as time went on.
    IF they worked.
    And this one has got bizarre written all over it. Sigh.

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