Look what I found on Facebook:

Learn how to offer the healing energy of Reiki to yourself, people, and animals while enhancing your animal connection skills!

From daily support for health or challenges during times of crisis, Reiki helps restore balance on physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental levels for all living beings, enabling the body to do what it does best—heal itself. These benefits extend to other people, animals, trees/plants, and self-healing.

Reiki offers so many benefits for animals and for their human caregivers that I call it the gift that keeps on giving!

Reiki also enables students to connect and communicate more deeply with animals. If you think animals like you now, wait until they discover you’ve got Reiki—you’ll become an animal magnet!

For 25+ years Reiki has blessed me, my animal companions, students, and as a teacher I love sharing those benefits with as many people and animals as possible.


For many years I’ve taught a LIVE personally-mentored 6-week audio class where students learn all the basic skills needed by a beginning Reiki practitioner in addition to foundational principles of energy healing. And you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home!

TAKEN REIKI BEFORE but don’t feel confident? Students who have retaken Reiki with me share that the weekly calls, opportunities to practice, online community, and opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance have helped them make Reiki a part of their daily lives and feel confident in offering it to loved ones.


August 3 – September 7, 2022


Every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. Pacific for six weeks. Each call will be recorded and available for replay for students, including those in other time zones/countries. You do not have to attend live to take this class.

In addition to the 60-90 minute weekly calls, each student receives handouts and personal guidance for practice sessions.

When the class concludes, and all requirements have been fulfilled, each student receives a Reiki Level 1 certificate.

To learn more or register:


Choose one payment for all six classes. Payment is available with Visa, MC, or PayPal (choose PayPal credit card option for payment with Amex or Discover). PayPal also offers a payment plan option. Confirmation will be sent after registration along with instructions on how to join the first call. If you were unable to register in time to attend the first class live you can very easily catch up with the replay. Final deadline for registration is the day of the second class.

Single Pay Plan: $249.00


This seems like a good little earner to me!

Congratulations to whoever invented it.

Yet I do feel that something has been forgotten:

the evidence.

If you search for Reiki on Pubmed, you find a baffling array of papers many of which arrive at positive conclusions. If you then check out the primary studies, you realize that most of them are of extremely poor quality, published by members of the Reiki cult (often in 3rd class journals for the nursing professions). If you search for independent systematic reviews that adequately account for the quality of the primary studies, you discover that, in fact, the evidence does not support the notion that Reiki is effective for anything. Here are a few examples:

And what about Reiki for animals?

As far as I can see, there is no good evidence at all.

So, does this render the above and similar courses fraudulent?

I let you answer this question for yourselves.

19 Responses to Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing? No thanks!

  • Interesting picture of a battle of wits between the reiki lady and a goat – and the goat appears to be winning.

  • When my first human client got on the table for a Reiki session, my dapper black and white tuxedo cat Shaman totally surprised me by getting on the table with her and—completely uncharacteristically—laid down on her, stretching himself out so that he covered all her chakras from throat to root. He then looked at me, and said, “What are you waiting for?” I took my place and Shaman showed me how we could work together for the client’s highest good. Our client loved the teamwork, and a new healing paradigm was born.

    — Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC

    • I mean, Strange Woman I Live With regularly accuses our 2 cats of being able to understand English, but at least I know she is taking the piss…

      She also coined the term “shi-katsu” for the regular shreddings the little dears inflict with their claws…

      Even my daft tom isn’t daft enough to believe in chakras, unless they are tuna or salmon flavoured…

    • sounds like a cat-astrophe to me. I wonder if she was surprised as the cat got on the table by way of a ladder that it pulled out of a top hat that is was fortuitously carrying due to a high chance of rain. Next up was a verbose Narwhal called Henry fluent in woo who wouldn’t get on the table due to a fear of heights. I am 100% certain that I’m making more sense than either Rose or Shaman whilst I am currently holding my head in my hands wondering where it all went wrong for some of my fellow human beings. To be fair I do like the sound of a talking cat.

    • Move over Shaman the cat. Annie the goat wants a piece of your pie.

      Goat Yoga, anyone?

      • lol. I love goats but they can be extremely aggressive. Just ask Ralph Ineson

        seriously though

        re “animal ahamanism” and “animal therapy”, this is the film that kickstarted the careers of many vile exploiters and charlatans. The parents in the film may be well meaning, good people but “animal therapy” and “equine therapy” is an oft used MO for some very, very ruthless grifters.

  • Probably not as good as your revenue from your SCAM publications! Something for everyone here….

    • do you really think I earn money with this blog?
      or my books?
      here is the truth:
      the blog costs me money
      and as for the books; if I did the paper rounds, I would earn more!

      • I’m sorry to hear that
        You deserve greater reward and recognition for your important work
        Unfortunately grifting does pay and activism, by its nature, tends to involve self-sacrifice and lots of unpaid work

  • Her website is hilarious. It includes a video in which she talks about her friendships with “stone people”, by which she means pebbles, rocks and stones. She does at some point mention that diamonds are stones too. I can imagine how some people feel attached to expensive sparkly rocks but it does all seem rather sad.

    video here

    Her book on amazon here

    has a “look inside” option which demonstrates some of her influences, who include the notorious new age grifter
    Alberto Villoldo. Anyone interested in researching Villoldo further can use the thread on the excellent website below as a starting board

    Villodo has been very active in the UK and even featured at the centre for new age grift, Alternatives at St James’s Church, Piccadilly, London.

    Here he is. Just cringe. His various fraudulent trainings have launched the career of many a grifter and real indigenous tribal people despise him for obvious reasons.

    Further helpful information about “core shamanism” here

  • This is terrible, all these fraudsters. You can tell a real shaman a mile off…

    No, wait…

  • Some do and many cannot .Think of the way that a physicist works with Matter and Energy and believe it or not there is a similarity for the minority who do have an understanding as to how to work with what is incorrectly described as Reiki.
    The majority all fail when tested.

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