Yes, the fear of nuclear radiation has gripped the minds of many consumers. And who would blame them? We are all frightened of Putin’s next move. There is plenty of uncertainty. But, let me assure you, there is one certainty:

Homeopathy does not help against the effects of nuclear radiation.

But this indisputable fact has never stopped a homeopath.

Many of them are currently trying to persuade us that homeopathy can protect us. Here, for example, is something I found on Twitter:

But there is more, much more. If you go on the Internet, you find dozens of websites making wild claims. Here is just one example:

Homeopathic remedies as a preventive for adults

To be taken on an annual or bi-annual basis:

Week 1: Carcinosin in CM potency

Week 2: Radium Bromide in CM potency

Week 3: Carcinosin in CM potency

Week 4: Radium Bromide in CM potency

Week 5: Carcinosin in CM potency

Week 6: Radium Bromide in CM potency

Homeopathic remedies as a preventive for children (13 years old)



To be taken on an annual or bi-annual basis:

Week 1: Carcinosin in 1000 potency

Week 2: Radium Bromide in 1000 potency

Week 3: Carcinosin in 1000 potency

Week 4: Radium Bromide in 1000 potency

Week 5: Carcinosin in 1000 potency

Week 6: Radium Bromide in 1000 potency.


Ridiculous? YES

Irresponsible? YES

Dangerous? YES

It’s high time to stop this nonsense!

13 Responses to Homeopathy against radioactive radiation – time to stop this dangerous nonsense!

  • I got curious about “Carcinosin” and found this psychotic prattle in the first Google hit.
    The next hit was this wasteof money and rape of the principles of science After perusing the joke of an “abstract” referred to in there, my coffee was finished and I was getting disgusted.

    Lessons learned:
    1. Homeopathy is still an absurd way of playing doctor.
    2. Homeopath´s thought processes are still out of harmony with the normal.
    3 . Apparently you take a sample of cancerous tissue along with a lorryload of wishful thinking (or just the wishful thinking?), wash it away thoroughly with water while praying and shaking and then sprinkle the shaken holy water on sugar pillules and let dry. Then you can make money selling the sugar to gullible desperate patients.

    Ah, well… Nothing new or interesting.
    Back to work.

  • I think they may may have been exposed to homeopathy ideas for far too long and irreparably damaged their pre-frontal cortex.

  • Duck liver is on thing but remedies made out of cancer tissue and radium bromide? WTF! How on earth is this legal?

  • People who are into homeopathy could do their own comparisons with placebo – put the placebo and homeopathic preparation into identical containers, label on the bottom, randomize somehow. Then consume the containers one by one, see if they can tell which one is the preparation and which is placebo; write down their guess; then look at the bottom of the containers to see if they got it right.
    But people spend their whole lives believing in homeopathy and investing money and effort into it, and never do this.

  • What do “CM potency” and “1000 potency” mean? I’ve seen the homeopathic nX and nC “potencies”, but I don’t think I’ve seen those ones before.

    • Thanks Edzard, so CM=10^-200000, then? The table seems to be a bit internally inconsistent, with 10M=10^-20000 and 50M=10^-50000. But then whats a few thousand powers of ten between friends, anyway?

      Is “1000 potency” the same as “CM potency”?

      At least at CM concentration (if they diluted correctly), the product would be harmless, if also entirely useless.

      • @ prl,

        “Potencies of 1000C and above are usually labelled with Roman numeral M and with the centesimal ‘C’ indicator implied (since all such high potencies are centesimal dilutions):
        1M = 1,000C;
        10M = 10,000C;
        CM = 100,000C;
        LM (which would indicate 50,000C) is typically not used because of confusion with the LM potency scale.

        In the last ten years of his life, Hahnemann also developed a quintamillesimal (Q) or LM scale diluting the drug 1 part in 50,000 parts of diluent.”
        — Wikipedia, Homeopathic dilutions [retrieved 2022-03-13, my formatting for clarity]

      • Yes, but the table in the link that Edzard provided avoids using “LM”. It uses “50M”, but defines 10M as 10^-20000 and 50M as 10^-50000. Surely one of those two must be incorrect?

        • The author of the table forgot to multiply by 2 the exponent of the 50M entry (I think all the other table entries are correct).

          50M is 50,000C,
          which is 100^−50,000 = 10^−100,000 = 1E−100000

        • Yes, exactly. As I said, what’s a few thousand powers of ten between friends? Especially when further dilution has already become meaningless. 😉

          • Just for the sake of interest, I calculated the maximum possible theoretical centesimal dilution as follows:

            • volume of object to be diluted, 1 Plank volume, 4.2E−105 m³,
            • in a diluent volume of the entire visible universe, 3.4E80 m³,

            which is 1.2E−185, approx. 92C.

            The M-scale and beyond are theatrics for the functionally innumerate.

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