Yesterday I received the following interesting email:

Pfizer your God father has now officially released the list ofAdverse events.. it’s huge.. and it’s official…If you guys had half a brainYou would have seen this coming.. calling others quacks..Pfizer clowns need to be hung on a tree just like Judas..

Is this a death threat?


Never mind, I am getting used to them.

The first one that I remember came when I was still working at my department in Exeter. We had to call the police who instructed my secretaries how to identify letter bombs without opening them. We had reason to believe that such a device had been posted to me. Not a nice experience!

Since then, death threats have arrived with some regularity.

The one above, however, seems special.

I do not recall advertising the Pfizer vaccine on this blog and elsewhere. It seems therefore that the author (who used the following email address: John <[email protected]>) is more than mildly deranged.

Am I worried? No, not about my safety (but a little about John, I must admit). I have long learned that such aggressions of this nature are a sign that I am probably on the right path. They are, in other words, a victory of reason over unreason.

So, maybe I will start advertising the Pfizer vaccine after all?

26 Responses to Apparently, I need to be “hung on a tree just like Judas..”

  • Technically, it’s not a death threat since it was written that Judas committed suicide by hanging. So John is calling for “Pfizer clowns” to commit suicide.

    However, it could be referencing that Judas was left hanging, at which point during the first stage of decomposition, the rope broke, he fell and he burst open. Thus, he means putting these “clowns” on public display for their “betrayal “

    Or it could be that John doesn’t know the details of Judas death and he thinks others hung him which I suppose one could construe as a death threat.

    Regardless, John needs help.

    • It’s a death threat. The people of who say such things are adapt at exploiting linguistic ambiguity to provide deniability, but they are still death threats, just like the mafia don who says “it would be a shame if something happened to your family”. And you are being an apologist for such a person.

  • Any Medic who pushes these clot shots needs jailing. I suppose ‘John’s’ reasoning was just as Judas betrayed Jesus, so Pfizer and cronies betray their Hippocratic oath.

    • … and my point would be that both John and you need your heads examined.

      • This interesting new thesis explains how conspiracy believers and antivaccine loonies such as the above specimens immunize themselves to anything that may cause them to abandon their beliefs. Most of their actions are not so much aimed at maintaining and internalizing the actual beliefs, but at reconciling the wealth of contradicting information and opposition from other people with those beliefs. Basically, they reject most of the objective reality that we live in, and create their own fictitious reality, complete with their own way of ‘reasoning’ (which boils down to ‘reality = anything I choose to believe’ – and this also explains their extreme arrogance: they won’t accept anything from anyone that they don’t believe in).

        Any efforts to convince these people that they are utterly wrong are doomed to failure, if only because they actually see those efforts as evidence for them being right, usually by deeming them part of the conspiracy.

        Their rejection of any and all information from mainstream channels prompts these people to automatically oppose the consensus on literally any topic – and as a result, unbelievable as it may sound, they now started openly supporting Putin and his war. Unfortunately, this is not just happening here in the Netherlands, see e.g.

      • @ Dear Edzard,

        good that you are not too worried. But it shows once more that the topic is explosive and therefore requires honest consideration of the benefits and risks. And really very good arguments speak against current vaccinations. No, you don’t have to rely on Bill Gates recent utterance alone, other experts like Prof. Dr. Streeck argue along similar lines for the time being!

        The huge amount of vaccination failures amply demonstrated and the still existing transmission potential despite vaccination, potential AEs, the highly unusual long outlast of mRNA and the untested additives which are a probable reason for that and the potential long term effects of this recent finding..all that needs to be kept in mind and makes it understandable why ppl have doubts about an “immature technology” as the father of the mRNA vaccines Dr. Robert Malone himself puts it.

        If John himself had severe side effects or had to experience them in his close environment, etc., then that could be a reason for his mail, which I would not yet consider as a direct death threat.

        Here again is a link to German hospital ICD billing data (2019-2021) displaying hospitalization due to vaccine side effects:

        “This is data that comes from direct interaction of trained medical personnel with those affected.
        Due to the nature of the data, it is immediately clear that these are serious symptomatology, as otherwise inpatient hospitalization would not have been necessary.”

        • nobody argues that COVID vaccinations are perfect, but anyone who denies that they cause much more benefit than harm is wrong.

        • @DanLucas

          If John himself had severe side effects or had to experience them in his close environment, etc., then that could be a reason for his mail, which I would not yet consider as a direct death threat.

          You have stooped so low that you are justifying the despicable actions of other antivaxxer loons.

          What does the rest of your comments have to do with this blog post?

        • @DanLucas

          But it shows once more that the topic is explosive …

          No, the topic is not explosive; you try to make it explosive by throwing the dynamite around and then crying foul. The vaccines for Covid-19 are in fact extremely safe and very effective.

          And really very good arguments speak against current vaccinations.

          No. The only thing speaking against current vaccinations are lying nitwits like you. The vaccines for Covid-19 are extremely safe and quite effective, and everyone is advised to get them – simply because they prevent severe illness and death, without any serious risk to speak of.

          The huge amount of vaccination failures …

          And another lie. The vaccines for Covid-19 are extremely safe and very effective, and have without a shadow of a doubt prevented dozens of millions of deaths and even far more serious cases of illness. Your cognitive development may be considered a failure, but Covid-19 vaccines are not.

          potential AEs,

          And another lie. The vaccines for Covid-19 have no serious adverse events to speak of. Also see below.

          the highly unusual long outlast of mRNA

          And more antivaccine drivel …

          and the untested additives

          And another huge lie.

          which are a probable reason for that and the potential long term effects

          And another lie … vaccines don’t have long-term detrimental effects.

          … makes it understandable why ppl have doubts

          No. It is lying nitwits like you who make people doubt the safety of vaccines and subsequently reject them – and quite a few of those people have died because of this, completely unnecessary.

          about an “immature technology” as the father of the mRNA vaccines Dr. Robert Malone himself puts it.

          And more lies. Malone is NOT ‘the father of mRNA vaccines’. Yes, he has contributed some important things to the development of these vaccines back in 1990, so 32 years ago – and even though he dropped out of this research shortly thereafter, mRNA vaccines have been further developed ever since, including testing in humans for the past 20 years. Only an idiot would call this ‘immature technology’. You are not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, now are you?

          If John himself had severe side effects or had to experience them in his close environment, etc., then that could be a reason for his mail, which I would not yet consider as a direct death threat.

          It is hugely unlikely that this john experienced or witnessed severe side effects – something that you in fact implicitly say yourself through the following:

          Here again is a link to German hospital ICD billing data (2019-2021) displaying hospitalization due to vaccine side effects

          These statistics show that a couple of hundred elderly people were hospitalized for possible vaccine side effects, with only a handful of emergency cases – as a result of 200 million vaccinations.
          So you just showed us that the risk of experiencing more or less serious adverse events is something in the order of one in a million. This means that almost anything you do in life is more dangerous than getting vaccinated.

          Anyway, I suggest that you keep on-topic from now on, and stop your antivaccine propaganda.

        • @DanLucas

          You are spreading fake news and lies again.

          the father of the mRNA vaccines Dr. Robert Malone

          Robert Malone worked on mRNA technology. But to call him the “father” of mRNA vaccines is an undeserved honour for him. Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman are the real “mother” and “father” of the mRNA vaccines and Malone begrudges them their success.

          Here again is a link to German hospital ICD billing data (2019-2021) displaying hospitalization due to vaccine side effects:

          “The allegedly alarming data analysis of the statutory health insurance had been carried out by an interview partner who is in demand in the “Querdenker” scene and who has already attracted attention there several times with questionable methods and, above all, analyses that fuelled public opinion.”

          The fact that you also call Hendrik Streek as a key witness for your lies about vaccinations is an unparalleled impertinence.

    • The clot shots, Paul?

      Which vaccines are associated with adverse cloting events?

      Ah, yes. The AstraZeneca jab was shown to carry a very small risk of thromboembolic problems. It’s why it is rarely used now.

      Would you have any decent evidence to show us any similar risks with any of the other vaccines?

      No, Paul. You wouldn’t.

      There’s only one clot around here, Paul. And it’s you. Now take your ill-informed, paranoiac, tinfoil-hatted twaddle and shout it at your fellow loons. They won’t laugh at you like we will.

      • “Now take your ill-informed, paranoiac, tinfoil-hatted twaddle and shout it at your fellow loons.”
        A very reasonable suggestion. I suggest you take it up.
        In any case, I will not allow you to misuse my blog for your dangerous misinformation.

  • Didn’t you know? Pfizer is who pays you!

  • The anti vaxxers are again on the war path. This in Malaysia was triggered by a Swiss paper about retrograde integration of viral component into DNA. The lead writer is a disciple of Matthias Rath. Could you comment?
    My opinion is that the Swiss research is an in vitro study. It’s a long stretch to extrapolate the result to in vivo situations.

    Media release from Malaysian Alliance for Effective Covid Control (MAECC)
    5 March 2022


    Malaysian Alliance for Effective Covid Control (MAECC) would like to highlight a recently published study that has confirmed the messenger RNA (mRNA) from the Pfizer Covid vaccine is able to enter human liver cells and convert into DNA. From the outset MAECC has been very concerned for the potential long-term adverse effect of the mRNA Covid vaccine, and this includes DNA change. Our fear is now confirmed.

    The study by Swedish researchers Alden et al, Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line, was published in Current Issues of Molecular Biology on 25 February 2022. In the In Vitro study, Alden et al showed evidence that the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine could enter the human liver cells and reverse transcribed intracellularly into DNA in six hours. This latest scientific revelation has shocked scientists and physicians throughout the world.

    For more than a year the public has been assured by the authorities that the Covid-19 vaccines would not change or interact with the human DNA. Pfizer has also assured that its Covid-19 vaccine would not change the human genome. The public has also been told that the ingredients from the mRNA and viral vector Covid-19 vaccines would be discarded from the body once antibodies are produced. These assurances are now proven wrong.

    Two previous studies had prompted Alden et al to study if Pfizer’s mRNA Covid vaccine could change the human DNA. The first was the preclinical animal studies in the Assessment Report of Comirnaty that Pfizer-BioNTech provided to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) dated 19 February 2021. The rats injected with the BNT162b2 (Pfizer’s mRNA Covid vaccine) had shown reversible effects on the livers, such as enlarged liver, vacuolation and increased enzyme levels.

    The second was a study by MIT scientists, Zhang et al (2021), Reverse-transcribed SARS-CoV-2 RNA can integrate into the genome of cultured human cells and can be expressed in patient-derived tissues. Zhang et al showed that SARS-CoV-2 RNA could be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the genome of human cells. This is made possible through various biological mechanisms such as genomic rearrangement or trans-splicing.

    With the latest finding by Alden and colleagues, MAECC expects the WHO and the health authorities of all countries to be alarmed. Immediate actions must be taken to seek the scientific truth, to pause on vaccine mandates. Safety must come first. We must be sure of no serious adverse effects, including DNA change. The authorities and decision makers must not pander to cables of corporate-financial interest.

    MAECC is not against vaccination. We have doubts regarding the science, especially the bad science behind the promotion and coercion of the masses to get the injections. The vast majority among our members have taken the two Covid injections. A significant high number have taken the booster.

    With this latest finding that the mRNA Covid vaccine could enter human liver cells and change the DNA, MAECC implores our health ministry to explore all scientific viewpoints regarding the Covid vaccines, including those not from mainstream, and meanwhile pause on the vaccine mandates.

    Capt Dr Wong Ang Peng (Rtd)
    MAECC Secretariat

    This statement is co-signed by:
    Dr Suresh Rajoo on behalf of the members of SAHAMM
    (Society for Advancement of Hormones and Healthy Aging Medicine Malaysia)

    Dr Vijaendreh Subramaniam on behalf of the members of MAAFIM
    (Malaysian Association for the Advancement of Functional and Interdisciplinary Medicine)

    Connie Lee Yoke Kwan on behalf of the members of MSCM
    (Malaysian Society of Complementary Medicine)

    Saroja Theavy Balakrishnan on behalf of the members of SNH
    (Society of Natural Health Malaysia)

    Prof Dr Chong Wee Fong on behalf of the members of NMAM
    (Naturopathic Medical Association Malaysia)

    Dato Nadzim Johan on behalf of the members of PPIM
    (Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia)

      • Publication in scientific journals is the way that doctors and medical researchers learn about what other people working in the same field are up to. However, to read them requires training and familiarity with the field in question; a working knowledge of medical statistics is also pretty useful if not essential. Without this you are likely to draw completely erroneous conclusions about what a scientific paper actually says.

        Otherwise it is like trying to write a critical analysis of a poem or a work of fiction without any knowledge of the original language or the culture in which the author lived, and using Google translate to render it into English.

        • You are of course correct that as a first prerequisite, one needs to understand how language works in scientific publications, and that you can’t just pick and choose the titbits that seem to confirm your preconceived notions and run with it.

          However, what irks me in these cases is the fact that those antivaccine people are almost certainly not acting in good faith.
          – If they actually are so undereducated and unintelligent that they can’t even do a simple Google search to see if they might be misunderstanding things, then they should have the decency to refrain from speaking out about it, as they will almost certainly make fools of themselves. (Then again, Dunning-Kruger is of course very common in these circles …)
          – But I think that most of these people actually know that they are not being honest, and simply decide that lying ‘for the cause’ is somehow justified. To put it another way: their basic antivaccine sentiments are probably sincere, in that they truly believe that vaccines are harmful. But then they go down the slippery slope of bolstering their beliefs with anything from half-truths and misinterpretations to outright lies and fabrications, just copy/pasting them from any source they can find, knowing full well that those sources and what they proclaim are more often than not highly dubious. The reason for this of course is that their beliefs are not supported by reputable sources, so they resort to the ‘next best thing’ (or so they think).

          • If someone isn’t smart enough to be intelligent, they certainly aren’t intelligent enough to be, or appear to be, smart.

            “Ignorance is nothing shameful. Imposing ignorance is shameful. Most people are not to blame for their own ignorance, but if they willfully pass it on, they are to blame.”
            — Daniel C. Dennett, Breaking the Spell.

      • Richard
        The best part of your link was at the end.
        Thanks, I got a good laugh.

        “Please Support My Work!
        Support my work through a bank transfer / PayPal / credit card!
        Name : Adrian Wong
        Bank Transfer : CIMB 7064555917 (Swift Code : CIBBMYKL)
        Credit Card / Paypal :
        Name : Adrian Wong”

        Debunking the debunkers
        Capitalism at it’s finest !

  • Guy needs to read his Bible: Doesn’t he know Judas hanged himself?

  • Can I just say that the bizarre email doesn’t actually mention the vaccine? I suspect that the author has been disappointed by another Pfizer medication and would think the most likely medication to be Viagra!

    (Happy recipient of two Astra Zeneca vaccinations and also two Pfizer ones because I’m special).

    • good point!

    • John, I think you’ve highlighted the fact that we cannot decipher the author’s intent because their email appears to have been written by someone who is functionally illiterate. Ineffective communication skills is one of many sources of frustration, which too often results in angry outbursts, lashing out.

      Many people, perhaps the author included, are blissfully unaware of the important difference between the words “hung” and “hanged”.

      In modern English hang has two past tense and past participle forms: hanged and hung. Hung is the normal form in most general uses, e.g. they hung out the washing; she hung around for a few minutes; he had hung the picture over the fireplace, but hanged is the form normally used in reference to execution by hanging: the prisoner was hanged. The reason for this distinction is a complex historical one: hanged, the earlier form, was superseded by hung sometime after the 16th century; it is likely that the retention of hanged for the execution sense may have to do with the tendency of archaic forms to remain in the legal language of the courts.
      — Lexico

  • There is also of course the metaphorical usage “hung out to dry” as in “The false claims of the anti-vaxxers have been thoroughly hung out to dry”…….

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