Astrology is nonsense!

Hold on, did we not recently discuss an RCT showing that being born under the sign of Pisces was associated with a decreased risk of death? Yes, indeed, we did!

And isn’t there a branch of homeopathy that heavily relies on astrology? Yes, indeed, astro-homeopathy does exist.

This suggests to me that a sizable proportion of my readers do believe in astrology. As I have made a New Year’s resolution to try to be nice and patient to even the weirdest of them, I herewith offer astrology fans an insight into what 2022 will bring. For that purpose, I have taken one key prediction for each star sign from a website fittingly entitled YEARLY HOROSCOPE:

  • Aries will have big surprises from his life partner.
  • Taurus: dept can increase by leaps and bounds.
  • Gemini: expect big developments.
  • Cancer: You will have a hard time keeping up with messages and appointments.
  • Leo: your abilities will be appreciated.
  • Virgo: you should seriously consider advancing your education.
  • Libra: you’ll need to work closely with others.
  • Scorpio: you, and everyone around you will focus on a variety of challenges.
  • Sagittarius: you’ll refuel what might be called your inspiration tank.
  • Capricorn: you may meet a fortunate contact.
  • Aquarius: don’t burn any bridges that you don’t have.

Being an Aquarius myself, I am struck by the wisdom of not burning bridges that I don’t have. It is brilliant! And so fitting!!!

But then I look at the predictions for all the other signs, and I must say: they also apply to me. In fact, ALL of them apply to me, and not just me – they all apply to everyone.

Does that mean that astrology is nonsense after all?

Does that mean that my attempt to be nice to and patient with even the weirdest of the proponents of so-called alternative medicine (SCAM) has already ended in defeat?

I hope not!

6 Responses to Here is your horoscope for 2022 … yes, really!

  • Such commonplace sayings can also be found in Chinese fortune cookies or 3.99 € calendars from the supermarket. They are good for a short laugh and nothing else.

  • The inimitable Derren Brown illustrates this beautifully here:

  • Edzard’s birthdate and place of birth are stated on Wikipedia. I have no idea of the time but some might assume that it would be at the witching hr in the middle of the night at around 4am! Anyway there are a number of free online astrological resources where anyone can enter birth details and get a short forecast. I thought that it would be interesting to do a little test.
    According to the short forecast on one very popular resource it appears that Edzard is soon within a few months coming up to an important Saturn opposition to his natal Saturn which is conjunct Pluto. So apparently Edzard will in the next few months reap whatever he has sown in the last 14 years.
    There was also something about Jupiter and Venus conjunction with good relationships and money in 2 months time- maybe some limelight and a nice holiday. I will spare you all the rest.

  • My prediction for 2022:

    For Aquarius:
    “Beware the unenlightened who suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect and blithely assume that because their acolytes and sycophants do not challenge them, no challenge to their wrongheadedness is called for.”

    Professor Riccardo
    Consultant Charlatan and Specialist in the Care of the Gullible.

    (I’ve ordered my copy already!
    IMHO ‘Alternative Medicine’ is for alternative people, and the Prince is indeed an alternative – as evidenced by his own behaviour. Sad really.)

  • Libra: You will be struck by an egg lorry at 2:36 next Tuesday…..

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