A remarkable case of a German doctor homeopath from the Lake Constance district in Germany has been reported. The public prosecutor’s office in Constance is currently investigating the physician on suspicion of causing bodily harm.

Several hundred people seem to have received an ineffective Corona vaccination from her. According to a spokesperson from the office of the Lake Constance district, 430 people who had been vaccinated against the Coronavirus in the doctor’s practice in Markdorf have now received mail from the public health department.

The recipients of the letter were instructed to take an antibody test to clarify their vaccination status. The officials are also interested in their testimonies on the circumstances of the vaccination. It is suspected that the doctor added “something homeopathic” to the injections which presumably were saline solutions.

One of the victims has now filed an official complaint. At the request of the Constance public prosecutor’s office, a judge of the district court issued a search warrant for the medical practice concerned, whereupon officers of the Ravensburg police headquarters seized evidence.

The case had come to the attention of the authorities after no antibodies against the coronavirus could be detected initially in three patients despite them having received first and second vaccinations and no plausible medical reasons for this lack of response could be found.


It is true that some homeopaths reject vaccinations and believe that homeopathic vaccinations are an effective alternative. It is also clear to anyone who has followed the discussions on this blog that some homeopaths are severely deluded and might therefore try this method on patients, even though there is not a jot of evidence that it works. The fact that this is done dishonestly and without the informed consent of the patient is nevertheless astonishing. Even more surprising, I find, is the notion that such a crime should be committed by a doctor who must know better.


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