According to his own website, Andreas Kalcker is a biophysical researcher of German origin who has lived most of his life in Spain and for many years has been living in Switzerland where he has investigated and registered several international patents that deal with the therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide for both hypoxia and for inflammation, infection, sepsis and Sars -Cov 2 -Coronavirus.

In recent years, he seems to have been particularly active as a snake oil salesman in South America. Argentinian authorities have now charged Andreas Kalcker for promoting toxic bleach (MMS) as a “miracle” medical treatment. Kalcker, alongside several Argentinian nationals, is accused of playing a key role in promoting chlorine dioxide in the country as a cure for various illnesses, including COVID-19, in conferences, books, and on social media.

The charges follow a seven-month-long investigation by the Unidad Fiscal para la Investigación de Delitos contra el Medio Ambiente (UFIMA), which investigates medical crimes in Argentina. The investigation was launched after the August 2020 death of a five-year-old boy in Neuquen, western Argentina, of multiple organ failure consistent with chlorine dioxide poisoning. The child’s parents believed, on the basis of misinformation spread by Kalcker and others, that the substance had the power to ward off COVID-19. An Argentinian judicial source said that Kalcker has been charged with the illegal practice of the medical profession and selling fake medicines. If found guilty of causing a child’s death, Kalcker could serve a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

Apart from Kalcker, four other persons were accused of being responsible for the distribution of chlorine dioxide in Argentina. The Argentine nationals had advertised and sold the substances via the internet – apparently in Kalcker’s name. According to the prosecution, “this distribution would have led to the messages about the ‘improvements’ resulting from the consumption of a substance with serious health consequences, which can even lead to death, being circulated with greater vigor.” The lawyer who started the ball rolling through his complaint is convinced that the parents of the deceased child believed that chlorine dioxide could protect their child from COVID-19 because of the misinformation spread by Kalcker.

Chlorine dioxide is a type of industrial bleaching agent commonly used to treat wood products. Public health authorities around the world have issued warnings about taking the substance, with the US Food and Drugs Administration warning that it can be fatal if taken in large doses. In recent years, a movement originating in a fake Florida “church” has promoted the substance it calls “Miracle Mineral Solution” (MMS), or “Chlorine Dioxide Solution” (CDS), as a cure for a range of illnesses and conditions.

MMS, or the Miracle Mineral Supplement, is a beverage product designed by former aerospace engineer, Jim Humble, who has tested his MMS protocol in Malawi and other parts of Africa. Initially used to treat malaria, the manufacturer claims field-tested success in treating and reversing the effects of AIDS, malaria, hepatitis, herpes, tuberculosis, most cancers, and a host of other diseases.

MMS has been promoted with the help of celebrities and VIPs, including Donald Trump. One  of the many websites that advertise MMS states the following about it:

Master Mineral Solution, MMS or WPS Solution – Why has this Product Become so Popular?

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful anti microbial compound that has a long history of use – mostly known for its ability to sanitize drinking water (the last 60 years being the primary chemical used in municipal water supplies). The reason being is that it works, & works well. There are very few pathogens out there in water anywhere in the world that cannot be made potable with the use of this potent little molecule.

I think it goes without saying that MMS has not been shown to be effective against any condition while being very harmful when taken orally by humans.

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  • Edzard published;
    “the US Food and Drugs Administration warning that it can be fatal if taken in large doses”

    How many over the counter and prescription drugs have killed patients via over-dose ?
    “The legal ‘drugs’ we take today, both over-the-counter and prescription medication, are responsible for at least 100,000 deaths per year in the United States alone. As many reports have indicated, most of the published research supporting these drugs is completely false; results are manipulated in order to get products onto the market as quickly as possible, rather than to ensure their safety.”

    One death occurred ?
    hmmm… more hypocrisy from science based medicine
    This nothing short of a witch-hunt to combat Covid-19 therapies.

    • “How many over the counter and prescription drugs have killed patients via over-dose ?”
      How many over-the-counter and prescription drugs with zero efficacy have killed patients via overdose?
      Not many.

    • @Deaf Idiot Listener

      How many over the counter and prescription drugs have killed patients via over-dose ?

      This is totally irrelevant, for several reasons:
      – The subject here is quacks and grifters selling bleach as a medicine, not the shortcomings of real medicines.
      – You only look at harmful effects of real medicines, completely ignoring their beneficial effects.
      – And even if real medicines were as harmful as you claim, this still does not mean that drinking bleach prevents or cures Covid-19.

      This nothing short of a witch-hunt to combat Covid-19 therapies.

      No. This is a witch-hunt to combat dangerous quacks and fools who try convincing people that industrial bleach is a medicine. It isn’t.

      In other words: you are trotting out the usual well-known fallacies of alternative apologists – and you are probably not even a real alternative apologist but just a troll, trying to annoy people by endlessly repeating the same old nonsense.

      But by all means, you just keep popping that Ivermectin and wash it down with generous amounts of MMS. Every minute you spend in the john with intestinal cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea is a minute that we can enjoy life without your foolish comments.

      • @Richard Rasker

        Richard… please address this issue

        ” The legal ‘drugs’ we take today, both over-the-counter and prescription medication, are responsible for at least 100,000 deaths per year in the United States alone”

        Why do you insist on pointing the finger when “real” medicine is also dangerous.

        • Both Richard and I addressed the issue by alerting you to the risk/benefit issue which is the main criterium for any drug or remedy.

        • @Listener

          Why don’t you look up what a Straw Man is?

        • @Deaf Idiot Listener

          Richard… please address this issue

          No. I will NOT address this issue because it is irrelevant and even off-topic.

          Please for once live up to your badly chosen nickname and get this into your head:

          Even if real medicines would kill many millions every year, then that STILL does not say anything about the safety or efficacy of ingesting bleach.

          The topic here is a quack being arrested for trying to promote and sell bleach as a medicine, NOT whatever may be wrong with real medicines or anything similar(*).

          In this thread, you are welcome to contribute any information on the merits and/or hazards of drinking bleach – provided this is supplied with proper evidence, see the banner at the top. And even if you cannot produce any pertinent evidence, you’re still welcome (within limits, of course) to give your opinion on this particular subject, as long as you make it clear that it is your personal opinion.

          But if all you can do is come up with the same handful of off-topic rants and whines, don’t bother to respond.

          *: E.g. excessive numbers of deaths due to firearms or road accidents, or the generally deplorable state of American healthcare – all these things are off-topic here. Until one such topic presents itself, of course. THEN you can eat your heart out on the subject, and nobody will call you out for that.

          • @Richard Rasker

            You folks want to cloud the issue by misrepresenting the facts.
            Chlorine dioxide is not bleach…. just as human grade Ivermectin is NOT de-wormer for animals.
            You folks really do need to read-up.

            I agree with you, the state of American Healthcare is deplorable, for many reasons.
            To begin, the Insurance companies, the AMA and the FDA are leading the corruption…. followed by the Pharma Industry…. followed by the MD’s. EVERYBODY is making boatloads of money. I agree, it’s a greedy corrupt system. The sad truth is, even though the money is being spent, patients are largely still living with dis-ease…. and yes, science based medicine is just as much at fault as homeopathy.

            The American people are in some of the poorest of health, (evidenced by the high Covid prevalence of hospitalization and death). Partly due to their own folly of sitting on their arses too much, followed up by a terrible diet. When these ill and diseased patients seek medical help, they are met from industries bent on making money from their disease, rather than making them healthy again…. their doomed by their own ignorance. Ignorance of the disease, and ignorance of the system. Perhaps a not for profit system might be better, however I can point to many countries that have government run healthcare, and the covid outcomes are not much better…. think many EU counties.

            That said, obesity, heart disease and diabetes are rampant in many countries of the world. I’ve witnessed it in many places…. surprisingly here also in South America. I’ve watched the percentage of obese people grow in the Country I live from about 12% fifteen years ago to about 28% today. Those stats don’t include children, but obesity is much on the rise with children also.

            With covid-19, no matter how poor or great the healthcare, it largely comes down to immune response or early treatment…. which aside from Remdesiver, not much is accepted by the authorities. So the masses are left to their own devices…. Remdisiver is cost prohibitive for the masses. Ivermectin can be administered for as low as two cents. I myself have used Ivermectin four times. My wife the same…. our extended families many more people, and not one ill reaction. But yes, the subsiding of covid symptoms and recovery. I have my own oxygen concentrator and never had to use it… for anybody with covid.

            Now, the subject at hand. Chlorine does kill, I previously used it from weed killer…. works great at killing life !
            Most cities treat the water with some form of agent to kill microbes and bacteria. I simply use a filter system at the tap wherever I am so I don’t consume more than I want to.

          • @Deaf IdiotListener
            Sorry old chum, but chlorine dioxide IS bleach (and OK, a disinfectant). Calling it ‘medicine’ doesn’t change this, because it is NOT a medicine, just as homeopathic preparations are just water, not ‘remedies’.
            There is not a single piece of research that supports the notion that ingesting it is good for anything, except maybe as a mouth disinfectant and a rather crude laxative – all there is are anecdotes from uneducated people who believe that it can cure almost ailment under the sun. And this ‘believe’ is to be taken literal. Heck, they even invented a fake church in order to get around the problem of completely lacking science and illegal medical claims.

            And it is in fact that this very claim that it cures almost anything that proves that it is not good for any condition whatsoever.

            Still, I find it quite interesting (and a bit disheartening) to see how many people are prepared to believe the most incredible claims about this bleach product without any evidence whatsoever, yet will stubbornly refuse to accept the safety and efficacy of things that HAVE been rigourously tested on hundreds of thousands of volunteers, and have proven to be effective and safe in billions of people (I’m talking about vaccines, of course) citing all sorts of imaginary risks.

          • @Richard Rasker

            When the scientific community has a valid treatment for covid-19, perhaps the world will stop using other agents to combat the ill effects of the disease.
            Until the present, evidence based medicine has given the world little but Remdesivir which is little effective and is in fact dangerous to the patient (and cost prohibitive) And vaccines, that have proven to not be effective enough to stop the spread.

            REGEN-COV (Monoclonal Antibody Therapy) has also been given EUA by the FDA , and is quite effective, but not being used widely.

            As I’ve stated previously, if or when the scientific community fails, this opens the door for patients to seek out homeopathic solutions.

          • … if or when the scientific community fails, this opens the door for patients to seek out homeopathic solutions.

            Allow me to rephrase that into something approaching the truth:
            “Whenever the scientific community has no solution, quacks and fraudsters will inevitably step in and start selling fake solutions.”
            And not only that, but even if effective scientific solutions DO exist (e.g. vaccines and dexamethasone and some other anti-inflammatory medicines in the case of Covid-19), quacks will denounce these solutions as being no good, and claim that people should listen to them, touting bleach, cattle deworming pills, malaria medicines and other ineffective treatments. And oh, homeopathy of course (which is only a solution for those suffering from hyperpecuniosis).

            And with all due respect, but calling out science as ‘failing’ (with several effective vaccines and even reasonably effective treatmants being developed within a year) while promulgating all sorts of quack treatments is not very smart …

          • Rockefeller made a fortune in the petroleum industry. He found out he could make drugs with it. He started the pharmaceutical company. He funded the medical association. We had many natural cures but he had them outlawed and only patented medicine was allowed. If any Doctor suggested any natural medicine they would no longer have a job. People then started getting cancer from the petroleum medicine. Brilliantly, he started the American Cancer Society. Made more money. There have been natural cures for cancer and even some early drugs that cured it. When someone tried to get it out to the public they mysteriously had a heart attack or committed suicide. They don’t want a cure for cancer. They want to make money with radiation and chemo which are really nothing but poison and a death sentence and the people spend their last days in agony. Most pharmaceutical meds are made to mask symptoms. They don’t cure. Fact is that there are 6000 cures they have hidden from us. They have used them because “they are special” and we are just their slaves. The top 1% has been running out pharmaceutical companies, our elected officials, the media, the president, most all of congress. Your vote never really counted. If you had a mortgage, a car payment, a cell phone contract you signed for them to be your total power of attorney. The language was probably in French so you wouldn’t know what you were signing. Bank officials or a lawyer or the bar association has power over you and they cast your vote for you. We have never had a say. They put in who they want and they usually don’t care which party it is because they have them both in their pocket. That is until Trump was elected. They were shocked. They couldn’t have this. They couldn’t control him. They wanted the economy to crash. They put Obama in to crash the economy and deplete our military. Hillary was suppose to finish it off by getting us in a war with Russia where we would have lost. The only way to take our guns away. If they take the USA, they have the world. Trump got in and changed their plans. Built up the economy, stock market, made our military strong, brought our jobs back. They tried every way in the world to get rid of him but finally did with the election steal. The military knows who won. They counted every vote with a quantum computer. Every ballot had a watermark. They knew the results immediately. They let them win to finally put an end to the deep state. The central bankers, the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller ‘s, George Soros (just a puppet). Trump won 80% of the vote. All will be revealed. Everyone needs to prepare for a shutdown. The military is in charge. You need enough food, water, gas, and cash for at least 2 weeks. Banks will be closed. They will announce everything on the Emergency Broadcast System. The internet you know will be gone. You need to back up your important photos and anything important to a flash drive. They will broadcast what has really been going on, the truth, 24 hours a day for at least 10 days. Every channel will have it. May happen tomorrow. Maybe later. But you need to be prepared. New starlink satellite. No more censoring. You will then be told the truth. It will be shocking if you haven’t kept up with it. I will be praying for you and your families and the world. We are all United in this. This is going to be the most wonderful thing that has happened to mankind in hundreds of years. You will see.

          • As far as the vaccine being ready in record time. The black hats had their vaccine ready years before the Covid showed up. They had a patent on the virus and the vaccine. They were not going to release it for 5 years of lockdown. They needed the United States to hit rock bottom. Trump fooled Them and came out with one and they had to come out with theirs. He trapped the all. Well, I have to say the military has trapped them all. Thank God, for our military. I bet you have heard of Q. I think Q are patriots who love this country. The leader is John F. Kennedy Jr. . No, he didn’t die in a plane crash. He has been in witness protection this whole time and leading plans to take back our country. I was so thrilled to hear that Elvis was still alive. The greatest entertainer in history. Michael Jackson, John Denver, and many others are helping us take back out country. Elvis is Trump’s cousin. Trump’s real father was General
            Patton. The Trump’s adopted him. See the resemblance?

          • The COVID-19 vaccine was patented years ago,before the plandemic. Fauci had a patent on the PCR test (that doesn’t work), plus the vaccine. He created the virus in the first place. He has probably already been executed along with 2,700,000 other traitors. This is a movie, folks. These are actors. These evil people are long gone. The good guy are in control.

          • Nancy:

            The black hats had their vaccine ready years before the Covid showed up. They had a patent on the virus and the vaccine.

            Patent numbers and jurisdiction?

    • @Listener

      Listener says – “hmmm… more hypocrisy from science based medicine. This nothing short of a witch-hunt to combat Covid-19 therapies.”

      Tell me about it! I have been trying to make the medicine science free for over a decade and it is a herculean task. I could use help from people like you who are not afraid to challenge the status quo. As I see it, big-pharma and big-health care got everyone drunk on money promoting science-based medicine as it mostly works, however it is not 100% perfect. We should strive for 100% perfection and science comes in the way with its reliance on pesky evidence-based methodologies. If I invent a drug or a therapy that I say works 100% of the time, why do I have to provide evidence for my claims, before I am allowed to market it? Before science-based medicine came along, people we literally selling snake-oil as a remedy for various maladies, and I think we should go back to those evidence-free days. Of course, some people may die ingesting snake-oil, MMS etc. but can anyone guarantee that science-based remedies have 100% efficacy? No, they absolutely cannot! Therefore, we should strive to make science evidence free and stop the witch-hunts on alt-therapies.

      Try not to OD on ivermectin, I need people like you in support of my cause. Peace!

      • You are a smart person. You think just like me. I have found out by necessity. I had a squamous cell carcinoma on my face. Went to the dermatologist and he removed it. Did a good job. Cost, about $5000. I had another one come up when I didn’t have good insurance and I would have been out a lot. I researched cures and found one. Went and got the ingredients and applied several times a day. Within 2 weeks, it was gone and no evidence it was ever there. I have since gotten rid of at least 3 and I gave my sister my remedy and it cured hers. My Aunt had one and I knew she thought too much of Doctors and would never go for it. I took her and she had a ridiculously big scar from dermatologist removal of it.

    • An excellent example of “whataboutism”. Bravo!

  • @EE

    That is a separate argument.
    For today’s discussion, was Klacker charged and arrested because somebody overdosed on what he promoted ? … or because he was pawning ineffective therapy ?

  • Many of you have been drinking chlorine dioxide on a regular basis. Horrors! Its primary use is as a water decontamination agent. Its actually safer than the other chlorine products that are used for water purification because they create organo-chloride byproducts which are toxic, whereas chlorine dioxide does not.

    Calling it “bleach” is just propaganda used to scare people away. Chlorine dioxide is very safe and non-toxic when used judiciously. It oxidizes pathological agents and even cancer cells. Dont fall for the propaganda; do your own research.

    • Prior systematic reviews exploring the effectiveness of medical cannabis for chronic pain have provided conflicting results due, in part, to limitations of analytical approaches and interpretation of findings.

    • @Roger

      It oxidizes pathological agents and even cancer cells.

      It oxidizes ALL cells, including the ones in the intestinal tract – if the concentration is high enough, that is. This is also why it causes nausea, intestinal cramps, diarrhoea and other symptoms of poisoning.
      However, that concentration is never reached inside the body or in the blood. Which is a good thing, because it would instantly kill you if it did.

      Dont fall for the propaganda

      Well, you fell for it …

      do your own research.

      Mindlessly believing the fairy tale that drinking bleach will selectively kill pathogens and cancer cells inside the body is not ‘doing research’. That is just ‘being very, very stupid’.

      • I agree, and mindlessly pronouncing these bogus theories is VERY, VERY IRRESPONSIBLE.

      • Thanks for qualifying “if the concentration is high enough”.
        That is why I said taking it judiciously. Like any medicine, dont be stupid with it.
        There are good protocols for taking it safely.
        As I said, you have probably been drinking “bleach” many times in your llife. Chllorine dioxide is a water purification agent recommended by government agencies.
        Mindlessly running scared because someone mischaracterizes it as “bleach” is being very very stupid.

        • @Roger
          Once again: chlorine dioxide is a bleach and disinfectant product. It is NOT a medicine, and it does not work for any ailment – quite the contrary: it irritates and damages the intestinal tract, producing symptoms instead of resolving them. So please stop promulgating the idea that it is somehow beneficial for people’s health.

          Chllorine dioxide is a water purification agent recommended by government agencies.

          When you drink water that is treated with chlorine dioxide, its residual concentration is less than 1 part per million – this is the maximum concentration that is considered safe and acceptable by regulatory bodies around the world. This means that you ingest perhaps a few milligrams on a daily basis.
          You, however, are promoting drinking this product in harmful amounts, up to several grams per dose. And how do I known that it is harmful? Simple: the idiots who drink it actually admit that it gives them nausea, intestinal cramps and diarrhoea. Which are unmistakeable signs of poisoning. Please read and REMEMBER this: The Dose Makes the Poison. A few milligrams is no problem. A few grams make you sick. And more than a few grams can kill you.

          Mindlessly running scared because someone mischaracterizes it as “bleach” is being very very stupid.

          No. Claiming that this bleach product is a medicine (and without contributing any evidence, at that) is being very, very stupid. And advising people that they can safely drink it even goes beyond stupid, and firmly into the realm of ‘highly irresponsible’.
          And oh, if it isn’t bad enough that people who are not knowledgeable about medicine and chemistry are fooled into believing that this stuff is good for their own health, there’s also this:
          These horrible crimes against children happen because people like you are spreading the myth that this industrial bleach product is somehow a miracle cure.

        • Sodium chlorite aka MMS

          Label elements
          Labelling according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP)
          Signal word Danger

          Hazard statements
          H271 May cause fire or explosion; strong oxidiser.
          H301 Toxic if swallowed.
          H310 Fatal in contact with skin.
          H314 Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.
          H373 May cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure.
          H410 Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

          Precautionary statements

          Precautionary statements – prevention
          P220 Keep/store away from clothing/combustible materials.
          P280 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.

          Precautionary statements – response
          P301+P330+P331 IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting.
          P303+P361+P353 IF ON SKIN (or hair): take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin
          with water/shower.
          P304+P340 IF INHALED: Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing.
          P305+P351+P338 IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact
          lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
          P310 Immediately call a POISON CENTER/doctor.

          Supplemental hazard information
          EUH032 Contact with acids liberates very toxic gas.
          EUH071 Corrosive to the respiratory tract.

          Hazardous ingredients for labelling: Sodium chlorite, Sodium hydroxide.

          Well, @Roger, if you want to swallow the stuff, then here you go. I will see you back at the hospital.

        • Chlorine dioxide is commonly used as a bleach. Claiming otherwise is proof positive of total ignorance of chemistry.
          I guess the idiots who promote drinkiing bleach as medicine do not want to understand that dose and concentration “make the poison”.

  • He is a biophysicist researcher that has studied Chlorine Dioxide for 13 years and has several patents. He speaks 4 languages. He has worked with several leaders in poor countries to help their people recover from covid. It works for me. Got rid of my IBS. My husband had some sores on his scalp for years. Got several prescriptions from dermatologist to no avail. CDS got rid of it with just a few applications. Great for burns, insect bites, and numerous other things. I won’t be without it. If taken as directed I don’t see a problem with it. Blood thinner is nothing but rat poisoning. Nitroglycerin is a explosive. You can overdose on just about anything. Could be the real reason he was arrested was that it costs pennies and that he analyzed the Covid-19 vaccination and reported what was really in it.

    • @Nancy

      He is a biophysicist researcher …

      I can’t find any peer-reviewed literature from this ‘biophysicist researcher’ – in fact, it appears that he only completed high school, without any academic education whatsoever.

      that has studied Chlorine Dioxide for 13 years.

      Well, there is nothing in the literature to show for it. The only things that I can find are one or two books in which he claims that this bleach product is a panacea, with only anecdotal evidence and a LOT of ridiculous nonsense and lies. This is the hallmark of a quack and a charlatan.

      He has worked with several leaders in poor countries to help their people recover from covid.

      No. He has fooled some leaders of poor countries lacking proper medical and scientific resources into believing that administering bleach would help sick people. Of course it didn’t – otherwise those countries would show Covid-19 figures that would be far better than those in other countries.

      Got rid of my IBS

      Well, if constipation was the main symptom … But no, this one event doesn’t prove anything. IBS is a tricky condition, without a known cause or a known cure, and with quite variable symptoms. People can suffer from it for years, and then all of a sudden see it resolve by itself. And when this happens, then whatever you were trying at than moment appears to have cured it.

      CDS got rid of [scalp sores] with just a few applications

      Now this may actually hold some water, e.g. if those sores were linked to some sort of localized bacterial or fungal infection.

      Could be the real reason he was arrested was that it costs pennies and that he analyzed the Covid-19 vaccination and reported what was really in it.

      The ingredients of the various Covid-19 vaccines are all fully known. But tell me, what does Kalcker claim? Oh, wait, I found it: he claims that all Covid-19 vaccines contain ‘toxic graphene oxide’. This is hilarious: the man touts toxic bleach as a miracle medicine, but says that the REAL lifesaving products should be shunned because they supposedly contain toxic ingredients that could interfere with the body’s ‘electromolecular capabilities’.
      This is complete nonsense. Not only is there no graphene oxide in vaccines, this ‘toxic ingredient’ is created wherever you have a sooty flame, e.g. a candle flame. Also noteworthy is the fact that ‘La Quinta Columna’ (‘The Fifth Column’) can be reached through a Hotmail e-mail address. Real professional!

      Anyway, I strongly suspect that Kalcker did not analyze anything, but simply parrotted another quack’s claims. Maybe because all those real, effective vaccines are bad for his bleach business?

      • He is not the only researcher to say it contains graphene oxide. Many said it also had some HIV virus and really nothing to keep you from getting covid. The graphene oxide allows them to tract you with 5G frequency. This graphene oxide was found also in the flu shots given last year. If you would search outside of mainstream media you would see what it is doing overseas to all the people who actually had the real vaccine. Over in China they were falling over in the streets as soon as they turned on 5G from getting a mandatory flu vaccine. Hopefully here we are getting a placebo or hydroxychloroquine. Vaccines are a depopulation tool. Researchers say that the Spanish flu, HIV, and almost ever other diseases were created by the deep state pharmaceutical companies with a new virus via vaccine. All about controlling our movement, making money and the bonus is depopulation getting rid of us “useless eaters” they call us. All about this New great reset where we will own nothing (no property) and be happy”. Where all currency is digital and if we step out of line they will cut your money off and you will be helpless because they will control all the stores. Also, Andreas Kalcker does not sell Chlorine Dioxide. He just shows you how to make it the proper way. For 20 bucks you can get enough to last you a year and it is sold on Amazon or EBay.

        • The graphene oxide allows them to tract you with 5G frequency blah blah blah.

          Whoa! Sorry to tell you Nancy, but you clearly have been listening to the wrong people.

          Here’s what the real world looks like:
          No, there is no graphene oxide in vaccines. No, this substance can’t be tracked with 5G (as I said, it is a constituent of ordinary soot, and created as soon as you light a candle or an open fire). No, people in China weren’t falling over when they switched on 5G. (5G is simply the 5th generation wireless networking, and it doesn’t differ fundamentally from existing technologies. And no, it has no particular health effects whatsoever.) No, hydroxychloroquine is not an effective Covid-19 remedy. No, vaccines are not a depopulation tool – quite the contrary, as they prevent death and suffering in huge numbers, especially in children. No, the Spanish flu, HIV etc. were not created by pharmaceutical companies (at the time of the Spanish flu, scientists didn’t even know that viruses existed). In fact, scientists even now are hardly able to create a fully functional virus from scratch, let alone give it predictable properties. They already have a hard time figuring out what exactly it is that the existing Covid-19 virus does in the body.

          And oh: no, bleach is not a medicine.

          (And no, I am not involved with Big Pharma or Big Industry or the Big Reset or whatever – I’m just a self-employed biomedical electronics engineer who really loves good science, and knows a thing or two about the subject.)

          • I really don’t know who you are. You can think how you want. I don’t wear a mask in public because I have a disorder. And the name of it is CS. And when I am asked what it is, I reply , “Common Sense.” Apparently, you are one of the deep state players that gets paid to go along with their agenda. I am not going to waste my time anymore, on someone with a closed mind and has no idea what is really going on in this world. The military is in complete control. This is a movie. Nothing is as it seems.

      • Tell me the ingredients of the covid vaccine, please. The leaflet that comes with it is blank. I would appreciate it.

      • Those real vaccines have been killing and debilitating people all over Europe. They are protesting in the streets all over the world. Again, give me the ingredients of the covid vaccine. Prove it even exists.

        • @Nancy

          Those real vaccines have been killing and debilitating people all over Europe.

          This is total nonsense. Covid-19 vaccines have the same rate of serious side effects as other vaccines, about 1 per 100,000 vaccinations. Deaths due to vaccination are even far less frequent, with estimates of less than 1 per 1 million vaccinations.
          Covid-19, on the other hand, kills on average 1 in every 140 people it infects, and causes about in in every 50 people to need hospitalization. And oh, about debilitating long-term damage: that happens to 1 in every 20 Covid-cases.

          They are protesting in the streets all over the world.

          You mean those people who know nothing about science, vaccines or medicine, yet claim that “vaccination = murder” etcetera? So what? They are quite wrong, just like all those QAnon fools in the US with all their insane conspiracy mongering.

          Again, give me the ingredients of the covid vaccine.

          Here ya go:

          Prove it even exists.

          You want proof that Covid-19 vaccines exist? You might as well ask for proof if it’s really water that comes out of your kitchen tap, and not some sort of heinous substance that merely looks and tastes like water …
          Worldwide, some 5.7 BILLION people have received at least one vaccine dose, and about half that number is fully vaccinated – and they are living proof that those vaccines exist and work: the vast majority of Covid-19 infections now occur in unvaccinated people. The latter are also the ones who are still dying in droves, not all those vaccinated people.

          I’m sorry to say, but you are one seriously messed-up puppy … we’re no longer talking ‘rabbit hole’ here, but a veritable underground Lepidorae Grand Metropolitan Area that you seem to inhabit. So I think it’s better to stop responding to your madness here, at least not until you exhibit a rather better grasp of reality.

          Best wishes, and get well soon.

        • Here it here;

          However, Pfizer is not going to admit what is in the vaccine. They are/will claim that the ingredients are proprietary and can not be disclosed.
          Vaccine testing has been done and the vaccines are not only found to have graphine oxide, the vaccine is largely graphine oxide solution.

    • Andreas Kalcker is NOT a biophysicist.

      Regarding his claimed doctorate without any recognizable field of study and without previous studies, a Spanish-language website states “doctorado en Salud Alternativa” (“doctorate in alternative medicine”).[7] In Spanish, Kalcker, a medical layman, even claimed to have been awarded a doctorate twice (in “alternative medicine” and “biophysics”). In fact, Kalcker earned his doctorate from a title-trading company in Barcelona (with a branch in Florida) called “Open University of Advanced Sciences Inc.” The company, which has no campus, offers master’s and other titles and sells them along with a decorative certificate. The “doctorate” costs 1500 euros,[8] and the buyer can choose his own field of study. The OUAS company also refers to Kalcker as an honorary professor of the company (see image at right).

      Translated with (free version)

      • Bill Gates is not a Doctor either. He didn’t invent Microsoft in his garage, he was a dropout and a Rothschild and has no medical credentials. Didn’t stop him from going to India to give all the poor children polio vaccines. They had wild polio under control until he came along and he injected them with his vaccine in which many children died and thousands were given polio and maimed for life. The people of India were so upset that they hung him and his wife years ago. Of course, he was replaced with a clone and the show went on. It is not what you know, it is what bloodline you are from and how much money you have.

        • You know I’ve read some serious tinfoil-hatted lunacy on this blog in my time but you’re way beyond anything previously posted, Nancy. Keep it up. It shows the antivax crowd the company which they keep.

        • You are a conspiracy theorist, crank and blatant antisemit. Please go away and play with your QAnon friends on Telegram, YT or Facebook.

          • Let’s see, conspiracy theorists. I believe that is the phase our corrupt CIA came up with to discredit the truth.
            I suppose you never heard of Nesara and Gesara need to look into it. Just use a browser that lets you find things where Soros paid fact checkers put a not true label on it. DuckDuckGo is a good one. Look up the relation to 9/11. Nesara has been passed but has not yet been announced. As soon as our new currency is switched over everything will be revealed. New quantum system back by gold, silver, platinum. Foreign currency is now being exchanged. Nesara wipes out all mortgages, car loans, credit card debt, student loans. No more irs. Only a tax on new items. None on food or medicine. Gesara is the same thing and includes 206 nations. Russia, China, India are included. We have all the Gold. The Crowns, the Vatican (where all our tax money went Saudi Arabia just a few. It will be distributed to it’s proper owners. Plus all the money of the traitors that have been convicted because of Trumps executive order 13848. No more poverty, no more wars, no more CIA, FBI, Five eyes and the like. Now, that ought to give you enough ammunition to demean me further.

          • EXCELLENT!
            And until Nesara appears you are banned for posting conspiracy lunacy on my blog.
            Thanks for amusing us for a while.

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