According to one website, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are “the new smoking“:

For decades, a group of cigarette companies referred to as ‘Big Tobacco’ financed bogus scientific studies claiming smoking was perfectly safe. This tricked doctors, scientists, politicians, and smokers into a false sense of security. There were early warning signs that smoking was dangerous, but it took 50 years for the government to finally take action. Today we’re facing an even bigger health threat… EMFs. Even if many doctors, politicians and Big Wireless still claim that EMFs are perfectly safe, the early warning signs could not be clearer:

  • Many leading EMF scientists say EMFs should be classified as a “Class 1” definite carcinogen (just like smoking and asbestos)
  • The best functional medicine doctors like Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD have observed that EMFs are at the very root cause of “Mystery” symptoms including insomnia, fatigue, depression, and digestive issues.
  • New technologies like the “5G” (fifth generation) networks are being rolled out at a frantic pace, while exactly ZERO biological studies prove their safety.
  • EMF “safety” standards haven’t been updated since 1996, and are based on short-term exposure to ONE device.

The Atox Bio Computer is one of many devices marketed as the solution. It is a little device that supposedly protects any person who is gullible enough to buy it from electrosmog and other EMFs. It was developed by the Russian physicist, Alexander Tarasov. Worn around the neck, the device allegedly acts by “converting negative information into positive”. Alarmingly, the Atox is also promoted as protection against ionizing radiation. Pseudo-scientific explanations are given for the mode of action, in which there is talk of an ominous “energy-information component” of radiation:

“The revolutionary insight of Dr. Tarasov is that any electromagnetic radiation of any origin consists of two components, the physical and the energy-information component. Whereby the energy-information component precedes the physical vibration and primarily affects the human organism or its bioenergetic field.”

Sounds weird? Yes, I agree! But it must be true because it is supported by a real professor from a leading medical school. In 2007, it was reported in a press release that Prof. Dr. Michael FRASS examined the ATOX Bio Computer and found that 90% of people with too low and 100% with too high initial values achieved normalization of their vegetative performance. Altogether, 92.9% of the persons benefited by wearing the ATOX biocomputer.

With regard to the ratio of sympathetic to parasympathetic impulses, 100% of the people with too low and 82.3% with too high initial values normalize their range of the total autonomic power. Overall, 84.2% of the treated individuals showed a positive course under the influence of ATOX biocomputer. According to Frass, this means that people with a high stress factor have a very high probability of returning to normal values of the autonomic system with the help of the ATOX biocomputer.

Considering the fact that such findings, if true, would necessitate to re-write large parts of the textbooks of physics and medicine, it is surprising that Frass does not include them in his CV. Perhaps he is a deeply modest scientist? Or maybe he does not want to spoil his chances for a Nobel?

Prof. Frass has, of course, featured on this blog before. For instance, because his many studies of homeopathy are invariably positive, or because his results have been shown to contain a few (pro-homeopathy) ‘errors’, or (most recently) because he published a trial of homeopathy that claimed lung cancer patients live longer if they are treated with homeopathy. The latter study is now under investigation for fraud.

Had such an investigation been initiated in back 2007 when Frass came out with his ATOX Bio Computer study (which incidentally was never properly published [at least I could not find it on Medline]), we would now not need to worry whether some desperate cancer patients did take Frass’ ‘science’ seriously.

5 Responses to The unfamous ‘Atox Bio Computer’ and the infamous Prof. Michael Frass

  • the device allegedly acts by “converting negative information into positive”.

    “Negative information” = ignorance, and converting it into positive information (knowledge) is usually done through this laborious process called ‘learning’. Quite impressive that they manage it with this simple device(*).

    *: Which, based on these images basically contains just two integrated tuned inductors (the visible spirals with copper planes beneath) connected to 2 LED’s (top left) and an unidentified IC.

    The LED’s will light up when a high-frequency (> 100 MHz) electromagnetic field of sufficient strength is picked up by one of the inductors, that is all.

    I can’t trace the IC, but it appears that only 2 of its 5 pins are connected to the active part of the circuit, which makes it pretty unlikely that it does anything useful at all. It certainly does not merit the qualification of ‘computer’.

    The total component cost of this thing is approximately 1 euro, plus perhaps one more euro for the circuit board and the plastic housing. And even that would be a total waste of money.

    • The link to the images seemed to stop working for me as I was re-visiting to looking at it.

      Some of the later images are pages of a document (in German) that explains the “physics” of its “operation”, including this gem of a description of electromagnetic waves as “Ringwirbel des Äthers” (ring vortices in the aether). It also says that the electromagnetic fields of living tissue are scalar fields: electromagnetic fields are vector fields.

      It seems that Alexander Tarasov has disproven Maxwell and Michelson & Morley. No small achievement. I expect he’ll be getting a call to visit the King of Sweden on the 10th of December in some upcoming year.

      • This sciencey-sounding gibberish is clear evidence of the fact that the makers of this device KNOW that they are defrauding the public with their rubbish. Which, morally speaking, places them below homeopaths and similar practitioners who first and foremost fool themselves (even though they too really should know better than to ignore all the evidence for them being wrong).

  • Unfortunately I do not read German but a machine translation of this entry

    Alexander Tarasov ist ein russischer Physiker (auch als “Quantenphysiker” bezeichnet), Erfinder und esoterisch-theosophischer Geistheiler, der auch im deutschsprachigen Raum aktiv ist.

    Tarasov gibt an, Direktor eines Laboratory for Energy-Information Methods and Technologies in Moskau zu sein. Er wird auch als Mitglied einer Internationalen Kommission unabhängiger Wissenschaftler zum Schutz vor nicht-ionisierenden Strahlungen genannt. Tatsächlich gibt es die angesehene International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), nur kennt deren Mitgliederliste keinen Herrn Tarasov. Im Internet wird er jedoch als Mitglied des deutschen Vereins INTERDIS angegeben.

    Tarasov wird auch als korrespondierendes Mitglied der Russischen Akademie der Naturwissenschaften bezeichnet, die als weithin unbekannte und privat finanzierte Einrichtung nicht rein zufällig einen sehr ähnlichen Namen trägt wie die angesehene Russische Akademie der Wissenschaften. “Bedauerliche” Verwechslungen mit jener können nicht ausgeschlossen werden, wie etwa in einem Atox-Jubelartikel in der esoterischen Zeitschrift Pulsar. Tarasov ist auch für die Firma Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog-Forschung Ltd. tätig, die Gutachten für Elektrosmog-Scharlatanerie erstellte.

    from does not encourage me to race out and buy an Atox Bio Computer.

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