Many people believe that homeopathy is essentially plant-based – but they are mistaken! Homeopathic remedies can be made from anything: Berlin wall, X-ray, pus, excrement, dental plaque, mobile phone rays, poisons … anything you can possibly think of. So, why not from vaccines?

This is exactly what a pharmacist specialized in homeopathy thought.

It has been reported that the ‘Schloss-Apotheke’ in Koblenz, Germany offered for sale a homeopathic remedy made from the Pfizer vaccine. This has since prompted not only the Chamber of Pharmacists but also the Paul Ehrlich Institute and Pfizer to issue statements. On Friday (30/4/2021) morning, the pharmacy had advertised homeopathic remedies based on the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine. The Westphalia-Lippe Chamber of Pharmacists then issued an explicit warning against it. “We are stunned by this,” said a spokesman. The offer has since disappeared from the pharmacy’s website.

On Friday afternoon, the manufacturer of the original vaccine also intervened. The Paul Ehrlich Institute released a statement making it clear that a vaccine is only safe “if it is administered in accordance with the marketing authorization.”

The Schloss-Apotheke had advertised the product in question with the following words:

“We have Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19-Vaccine in potentized form up to D30 as globules or dilution (for discharge) in stock.”

The chamber of pharmacists countered with a warming under the heading “Facts instead of Fake News” on Facebook and Instagram:

“Whatever they might contain: These remedies are no effective protection against Covid-19.”

Pharmacy manager, Annette Eichele, of the Schloss-Apotheke claimed she had not sold homeopathic Corona vaccines and stressed that effective vaccines of this kind do not exist. According to Eichele, only an additional “mini drop” of the original Biontech vaccine had been used and “highly potentized” and prepared homeopathically. According to Eichele, Corona vaccinations that had already been administered were thus to have a “better and more correct effect with this supplementary product, possibly without causing side effects … but this is not scientifically proven”. The homeopathic product had been produced only on customer request and had been sold less than a dozen times in the past weeks. Ten grams of the remedy were sold for about 15 Euros. On Twitter, Eichele stated: „Wir haben nichts Böses getan, wir wollten nur Menschen helfen!“ (We have done nothing evil, we only wanted to help people). I am reminded yet again of Bert Brecht who observed:

“The opposite of good is not evil but good intentions”.


10 Responses to A German pharmacy sold a homeopathic version of the Pfizer vaccine

  • Homeopaths’ ideas about remedies made from vaccines can be a bit odd. There seem to be three categories –

    1. Treatment/prevention of disease. Influenzium is the most obvious example – it’s made from the annual flu vaccine.
    2. Alleviation/prevention of side effects of the named vaccine.
    3. Removal of “vaccine damage” a la CEASE therapy.

    I would not be surprised if other homeopathic pharmacies are also offering remedies made from COVID vaccines. IIRC, I think Ainsworths do, along with a COVID nosode (see )

  • The homeopath claimed she sourced the vaccine from the dregs of doses in a Koblenz vaccination centre and an old people’s home. Classy way to make a bit of cash on the side.

    • I wonder if taking the disposed vaccine remnants could also have legal consequences for the pharmacy manager. People have already been sentenced for “dumpster diving” (called “containern”) in Germany.

  • No problem – what’s the fuss?
    Homeopathic remedies have no effect on any condition.
    What they are ‘made of’ is irrelevant.
    A homeopathic remedy for symptoms of Covid-19 is as good BS is as good as hot air is as good as a commercial vaccine.

    Surely all patients know that?
    They’ve been told often enough.

    If the german government is content to allow charlatans to practise, so be it.

    In the UK, homeopathic remedies may not be prescribed to NHS patients unless failure to do so would be likely to result in them suffering from significant pschological distress, only cureable by the enjoying the placebo effect of a homeopathic remedy. Such patients should be under the care of psychiatrists.

    Others can turn to the private sector, because the UK is a (relatively) ‘free country’ and every patient should appreciate ‘caveat emptor’ .

    A remedy made up to ‘ingemisca 30C’ would do just as well. (Sighs!)

  • €1.50/gm of water!

  • Hang on a minute, even according to homeopathy this is insane. Surely the correct procedure would have been to get the vaccine, imbibe it, check which symptoms (supposedly) appear, and then use the “remedy” for those same symptoms. The vaccine doesn’t induce exactly the same symptoms as covid, at least not in everyone (which,incidentally I’ve been meaning to talk to homeopaths about too– controlling for variability across different people!). Really the homeopathic covid vaccine should only be used for people with symptoms of headache or blood clots or whatever– not protecting people in advance from getting the Corona virus.

    This homeopath has even got their own pseudo-science wrong!

    • This homeopath has even got their own pseudo-science wrong!

      As usual. According to homeopathy’s base principles, administering highly diluted vaccine to healthy persons should evoke the commonly observed side effects of real vaccination (as this is essentially the same procedure as a proving).
      And when someone experiences side effects (or ‘symptoms’, in homeospeak) from a real vaccination, this ‘remedy’ should fix that.
      Either way, even if homeopathy would work as claimed, this ‘remedy’ would neither prevent nor cure Covid-19, as no Covid-19 symptoms are involved in any way.

      And, as usual, other homeopaths keep silent, instead of criticizing their brethren for this foolishness made up on the spot.

      (And on the subject of homeopathic foolishness: maybe they should try again with diluted potentized ventilator machine against severe Covid-19 symptoms. After all, homeopaths have based ‘remedies’ on even stranger things, such as shipwrecks and even light from distant planets …)

  • It was only a matter of time.

  • Should a potentised vaccine not only cancel out the side effects but also the main effect of the vaccination?

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