This week, it was reported that a UK bookkeeper has pleaded guilty to abusing his position at In-Light Ltd. by making unauthorized bank transfers to Stroud Accounting Solutions Ltd. The fraud amounted to the sizable sum of  £67,000.

In-Light Limited is the holding company for the School of Homeopathy, The School of Health, and Yondercott Press. It offers alternative medicine courses, seminars, books, and webinars focusing on nutrition, homeopathy, herbal medicine, yoga, Indian and Chinese Medicine.

On Twitter, the news of these events prompted several comments, e.g.:

Bookkeeper stole stolen funds, then?

That is typical of a skeptic! Nothing but vicious negativity!!!

Instead of displaying such sarcasm and Schadenfreude, we should empathize, I feel. If not with In-Light Ltd., then with the poor bookkeeper. As another, more compassionate Tweet pointed out, the man is surely innocent:

It started out as 7 pence, but he dropped it in his water bottle and shook it and now look what happened…

This, I think, should have been the line of the bookkeeper’s defense counsel. “My client did nothing wrong at all; he accidentally dropped a penny of In-Light Ltd. that was lying around the office into a water bottle. The bottle then got inadvertently shaken and the water/money mixture thus got potentised. Before my client could do anything to avert the disaster, the money had become the sizable sum of £ 67 000 which my client dutifully put on his bank account for safe-keeping. We, therefore, plead not guilty, your honour

What, you think the owners of In-Light Ltd. would not have believed this story?

But if they believe in homeopathy, they have no choice. If you believe in homeopathy, you believe anything.

And the judge? Well, the judge has to accept that homeopathy is a fact. And a fact for more than 200 years! Thus, potentisation is real. If all else failed, the defense counsel could call expert witnesses …

Prince Charles, for instance.

14 Responses to In the ‘School of Homeopathy’ they seem to have managed to potentise cash

  • “if you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas.”


    “you can tell a man by the company he keeps.”


    “there’s no honour among thieves!”

  • I suppose Prince Charles has experience of being defrauded.

  • This sounds like a sketch for a satirist or comedian.

    Jan Böhmermann, Stephen Fry, will you take over the task? 🙂

  • I am searching for a Loonie (Cdn $1 coin) and a bottle. Is there any particular angle at which I should hold the battle while shaking? Perhaps you can recommended a video?

  • I can prove that your theory of using a single water bottle is wrong Edzard.
    A UK penny piece of radius 1cm and width 0.15cm has a volume of approx 0.5cm3.
    Now UK 1p coins consist of steel coated in bronze. These are insoluble in water but i think that you are suggesting that the immersion dilution method was used.To achieve an attenuation of one million from 7p to £70000 requires a volume of 1000000 x 0.5cm3 of 500L
    This would require a drum of approx 500L. With oil drums holding 159 L you can see that the drum or container required for this scale of dilution would be enormous and really would be very noticeable in the office. I suspect that the alleged fraudster used a sequential dilution method to obtain the 1000000 dilution. Ie 3 solutions of 1 in 100. Please correct in case this goes to pear shaped review.

  • A true homeopath accepts potentized payment(*). The only remaining question now is how far I should potentize $1 to properly remunerate a homeopath who charges $100 per consult. I don’t want to insult this person with a mere $1 D6, but then again, C200 is probably a bit too rich again.

    My guess is C30, as $100 is the typical fee charged for a 1-hour consult, and C30 is the typical potentization of most homeopathic preparations, balancing everything out quite nicely. Any ideas and suggestions on this are of course most welcome.

    *: After a consult, homeopaths invariably exhibit symptoms of hypopecuniosis, rapidly developing into more generalized symptoms of unease, awkwardness and mood swings when prompt payment is not taking place, eventually leading up to symptoms of hostility – all symptoms that are quite often associated with larger sums of cash. So if homeopathy works, potentized payment should be the perfect remedy.

    • C30 would be the most appropriate potency, one feels.

      Professor Ernst tells in “Homeopathy, the Undiluted Facts” that Hahnemann believed there was a spiritual significance to the 30C potency since it reflected the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas for betraying Jesus (forgive me if I paraphrase inaccurately, Prof E).

      Since homeopathy betrays patients and truth-based medicine, 30C seems suitable.

  • Good to see Richard Rascal developing the principle of potentisation in this creative way.
    I never once considered that potentisation could mine a currency. This could be the new Bitcoin.
    Amazing what the power of thought belief and placebo can do.

    • @Dendra

      I never once considered that potentisation could mine a currency. This could be the new Bitcoin.

      This has in fact been standard practise since Hahnemann’s days: charging real hard cash for something that not only does not exist, but is also trivial to multiply(*). I just took it one step further by also doing away with the actual, undiluted money. Of course homeopaths will make up all sorts of excuses(**) why this doesn’t work – somehow, they prefer the actual money over its homeopathic counterpart …

      *: This is one of the many mind-boggling mysteries of homeopathy and its adherents: why do people keep buying for instance oscillococcinum? They can simply take one globule of the stuff, dilute it 100-fold in water, succuss it – ending up with a hundred times the original amount of ‘medicine’, and even stronger medicine at that (according to the principle of potentization). And this can be repeated ad infinitum without ever needing to buy a new supply of the stuff.
      And oh, even if those people themselves insist on enriching Boiron with new purchases instead of making their own, why does Boiron keep on killing ducks if just one dead duck provides enough base material to fill all the world’s oceans a million times over with their ‘remedy’ after potentisation to C30?
      I would almost be tempted to say that homeopaths and their customers are not exactly the brightest bulbs in the chandelier …

      **: E.g. the often-heard criticism that I don’t know what I’m talking about, and that I’m clueless about homeopathy. Naturally, I asked homeopaths to enlighten me, and explain where I went wrong, and tell me how it really works – but even after 30 years, not one of them succeeded in doing so. Which is strange, because real doctors and scientists have no problem at all explaining to me the details of that they do and how things works (or is supposed to work).

      • Whoops, my bad:

        [oscillococcinum] … potentisation to C30

        Sorry, that should be C200 – by which one dead duck is sufficient to provide countless universes with ‘medicine’ for all eternity …

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