His name is Uriel. He been studying and controlling energy for over 20 years. Growing up as a young boy in a family that has been doing spiritual healing for over 800 years, he started to feel other people’s emotions, feelings, and illnesses without having to speak to them directly.

These days, Uriel makes a living out of his gift to channel healing energy. Over the phone or via email, he offers a mind-boggling array of services (at stiff prices):

  • Spiritual healing and blessing for mind, body and soul – $499.
  • Full service energy healing – $499.
  • Clearing and removing black magic, curses, evil eye and witchcraft – $259.
  • Advice, blessings and special requests – $150.
  • Spiritual healing to attract money and finances – $200.
  • Chakra clearing and balancing service – $200.
  • Spiritual healing for rekindling your relationship – $499.
  • Spiritual healing for attracting good luck and opening your luck – $200.
  • Aura healing service – $200.
  • … and many more services and exciting products

I was particularly taken by Uriel’s ability to program crystals. These can then be bought and will send positive energy to the happy customer. This is what he says about it:

Crystals have been used for thousands of years by many practitioners of healing. Every crystal has a unique energy and vibration that allows it to be programmed for specific use or purpose.

Some crystals will bring good fortune while others are meant to bring luck, physical healing, love, protection from evil eye, black magic, voodoo and jealousy. Every crystal has a unique purpose and benefit. These days with the advancement of technology not many people are familiar with crystal programming or crystals in general.

Programming crystals takes a lot of effort, it isn’t a simple process and is extremely time consuming. The process starts with clearing the practitioners energy field and then using angels, ancestors, the sun, the stars and loved ones in spirit to properly clear and program the crystal such as a bracelet, necklace or stone. Each crystal can be programmed to your unique requirements. The process requires your name and birth date to insure the crystal is programmed specifically to you. This lengthily process when done properly will create miracles for the person wearing the crystal.

A skilled and experienced practitioner must know how to control angels, master the art of energy manipulation and be extremely careful  when programming the crystals to insure only positive energy is entered in to the stone as any negative vibrations will have the opposite effect on the person who will be using or wearing the stone.

Buying crystals from random places without any proper programming will not bring you any positive results. These must be properly programmed or they are nothing more then a decorative piece of jewelry. I offer a wide selection of crystal products such bracelets, necklaces and energy generators. These are programmed to your unique requirements and take me over 14 hours to properly program each unit, please visit my products page to see everything that I offer.

These crystals can be purchased for friends, family members and you can also own multiple different pieces. They will make the perfect gift to your loved ones. If you have any questions about crystal programming or my process please feel free to contact me for more information.

I find it really difficult to decide what product to try first; the choice is just far too impressive … Hold on, I know, what I am going to buy: THE ULTIMATE BLACK MAGIC PROTECTION NECKLACE. At just $199, it seems a bargain! And it might even protect me from quacks!!!

35 Responses to Is this the quackiest quack of them all?

  • Uriel’s fine products are at least pretty cheap, when compared with Goop!/ Gwyneth Paltrow’s offerings. However, I’m not certain if Uriel’s fine products are anymore effective that Gwyneth’s jade anus eggs etc.

  • Let’s be clear, this chap has not really reached the standard required to be a quack.
    He is selling pigs in a poke.
    He acts as is if he is a fraud and a crook. (Naturally, I do not say he is, but others might.)
    He is brilliant at what he does and deserves full credit as a world class duper.

    He does invite us to contact him for more information, but all we want is evidence, and we know he has none.
    I would like information on his bank balance though!

  • Unless he is claiming to heal or address some physical ailment, by definition, he is not a quack.

    Quack: a person who falsely pretends to have medical skills or knowledge (Cambridge).

  • Until five minutes ago, I thought that the craziest SCAM which I would discover today would the “bee-air therapy” (which the moronic German public TV channel MDR considers to be “simply ingenious”)

    Guess I was wrong – “URIEL” seems even more absurd…

  • However, on Sunday I was subjected to a crazy cult led by a guy ranting from an old book suggesting that all of my health concerns as well as my financial well-being will be dramatically improved if I simply tell a dead Jewish guy that I believe he is actually alive and in control of everything…including the weather. And though he wasn’t selling anything in particular he did ask for cash…which he claimed would be passed on to improve all mankind. Go figure

    • He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.

    • @ Michael,

      Whatever you said is not in good taste. It hurts the sentiments of many people here. If there was no religion, expect people to live a life without any moral values.

      • Dear Pamela,
        this blog is not about religion, so I will keep this short.
        I think it is quite insulting if religious people claim moral superiority over non-believers.
        Hitchens said it well in this clip:

        If you think that atheists have no moral values, think again. Have you ever heard about Secular Humanism?!
        Apparently not.
        I suggest you read a book on this topic (e.g. The Moral Landscape from Sam Harris) and stop posting such nonsense.

      • I generally have fun responding to comments and posts here. There are a lot of well-meaning people on both sides of these issues. I understand that people will believe what people will believe, sometime in light of the evidence, sometimes despite it.

        But when someone says “If there was no religion, expect people to live a life without any moral values,” I go right off my nut.

        Pamela, believe in anything you want—chiroquackery, NDs (Not Doctors), vampire facials ( or gua sha (whatever that is).

        But DO NOT tell me I am without morals because I don’t believe in God (your choice).

        I’m going to stop now before I say something I regret.

        • I mean to say that when there are God fearing people, expect them to fear not to do evil.

          • History tells us that people use their God to justify countless atrocities. It seems to me that relying on religion for moral guidance is simply a way of not taking responsibility ourselves for our own actions.

          • Too many negatives in this sentence for readers to understand easily, Pamela.

            First pass parse: “Expect God-fearing people to fear not to do evil”.

            Second-pass parse: “God-fearing people fear not to do evil”.

            Third-pass parse: “Expect God-fearing people to do evil”.

          • Dear Pamela,
            So you think that fear of god prevents evil acts?

            First, I suggest that you get your facts straight. You should read up on the statistics about crime rates in very religious vs. less religious countries (clue: it´s not in favour of religion).
            A recent, very large study on civic honesty (performed in 40 countries with more than 17.000 persons and published in Science) also indicates that less religious countries (e.g. in Scandinavia or the quite areligious Netherlands) ranked on top, whereas many extremely religious countries (e.g. Morocco, Peru, United Arab Emirates, etc.) ranked at the bottom of the honesty list.

            It might further be a surprise to you that the overwhelming majority of prisoners (e.g. in the US) state that they are religious.
            So how do these facts fit in with your arrogant and ignorant statements about non-believers?!

            And second, let me again borrow from Hitchens: Can you name a single moral action from a religious person that could not be done by a non-believer? I predict that cannot name one.
            In contrast, can you think of any evil act committed by a person simply because of their religious belief? This should not be very difficult.

          • @ Jashak, Ron,

            Beshak, Jashak rules, Ron Rules.

            That is why, even after 50 years man landed on the Moon, conventional medicines have not come out with a cure for Cancer.

            Facts rules. Science rules. Conventional Medicine rules (???)

          • @ Pamela,
            Sorry, I do not understand. Do you criticise science for achievements like flying to the moon?! Do you expect astronauts to cure cancer?! No clue what goes on in your head…
            Anyways, please explain how the moon landing can be a justification for your belief in the (moral) superiority of religion vs. science.
            Since you brought this example, I´d like to quote the late Victor J. Stenger:
            “Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.”
            You might want to consider if there is a grain of truth in this statement.

          • @ Jashak,

            No Comments. I never mixed religion with science with landing on the moon with astronauts finding a cure for Big C. You have misunderstood everything. We want to believe in God, we will.

        • @ Ron, Jashak, Dr. J, Frank,

          Ok, Ok….Na biwi na bacha na baap bada na maiya the whole thing is that ki bhaiya sabse bada rupaiya. 😀
          (Not wife, not child, not father, not mother, the whole thing is that Money is the most important in life) 😀 This applies to Edzard Ernst blog too.

          • “This applies to Edzard Ernst blog too.”

          • I heard all this CAM bashing is driven by Money. 😀

          • I have pointed out often that I receive no money for my work and am actually paying to run this blog.
            so, what you heard is wrong, if it relates to my blog.

          • You heard? That’s the problem. People are satisfied with what they’ve heard (or been sold).

            Be satisfied with facts. That’s what’s behind CAM-bashing: facts.

            Science rules.

          • From the previous comments and the apparent inability to address rational questions,
            I predict that Pamela will not be able to explain what she meant with this incoherent blabber.
            But let´s see.

  • I think we need to keep an open mind here. Studies have shown deleterious effects of many of the conditions he treats. People with dirty or unbalanced chakras, for example, often wind up getting scammed for $200. Similar symptoms have been reported for the other conditions too.

  • I don’t think you are being fair painting this fine fellow as a charlatan.

    You write “Spiritual healing and blessing for mind, body and soul” is $499. That’s true. But what you fail to tell us is that you can get the same healing for $100 LESS if you do it by email.

    That opens up the market to a whole segment of the population who need to be healed and who might not otherwise be able to afford his treatments.

    Next time, please give us consumers the whole story so we can make informed purchasing decisions.

    Other than that, keep up the good work.

  • I’ll do it for a dollar.
    Please send your bank details.

    May the Wu be with you.

    Professor Riccardo
    Consultant Charlatan and Specialist in the Care of the Gullible

    • Richard Rawlins ‘i’ll do it for a dollar ‘ that’s more than generous, a great offer. Professor Riccardo is the man.

      Uriel’s fees are high (especially with regard to chakra balancing) . Also crystals don’t like to be ‘programmed ‘. Dedicating them is the way: that can be done quite cheaply using a £1 tumble stone and dedicating it to heal oneself in whatever capacity is required.

      Happy crystal Saturday everyone.

  • There are evidence based rumours going around that multitudes of CAMists have cursed this blog. Therefore is Edzard going to invest $259 dollars in a curse removal? Or will Dr Rawlins kind $1 offer win this tender? If we are dealing with multiple curses and there are for example 259 curses sent to this blog would Dr Rawlins invoice for $259? Would Uriel request 259 x259 $ for the same?

  • It’s beyond annoying to read you all BS about something you obviously know nothing about nor have you experienced a realm outside of having a beer at your local pub. So have another and go home and dream about the things other people are experiencing.

  • You know nothing about that man and bash about him. I have been harassed by a group of people, lost almost everything, my job, my house. I am catholic and generally do not believe in such things like healers. A friend of mine said “don’t contact the guy, it’s satanic”. In the end I contacted Uriel and since then my life has changed incredibly for the better. I got a new job, live again in my own appartment, and am friends with the only person who, right next to my mom, was on my side during the darkest period of my life!

    So please before you judge here, get to know a person and clear facts. Uriel is an amazing person, furthermore he developed his skills during studying over 15 years with monks, kabbalists and so on. You should have highest respect for a person like Uriel.

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