Did you know that I falsified my qualifications?

Neither did I!

But this is exactly what has been posted on Amazon as a review of my book HOMEOPATHY, THE UNDILUTED FACTS. The Amazon review in question is dated 7 August 2018 and authored by ‘Paul’. As it might not be there for long (because it is clearly abusive) I copied it for you:

Edzard Ernst falsified his qualifications to get a job as a professor. When the university found out they fired him. This book is as false as the Mr Ernst

Over the years, I have received so many insults that I stared to collect them and began to quite like them. I even posted selections on this blog (see for instance here and here). Some are really funny and others are enlightening because they reflect on the mind-set of the authors. All of them show that the author has run out of arguments; thus they really are little tiny victories over unreason, I think.

But, somehow, this new one is different. It is actionable, no doubt, and contains an unusual amount of untruths in so few words.

  • I never falsified anything and certainly not my qualification (which is that of a doctor of medicine). If I had, I would be writing these lines from behind bars.
  • And if I had done such a thing, I would not have done it ‘to get a job as a professor’ – I had twice been appointed to professorships before I came to the UK (Hannover and Vienna).
  • My university did not find out, mainly because there was nothing to find out.
  • They did not fire me, but I went into early retirement. Subsequently, they even re-appointed me for several months.
  • My book is not false; I don’t even know what a ‘false book’ is (is it a book that is not really a book but something else?).
  • And finally, for Paul, I am not Mr Ernst, but Prof Ernst.

I don’t know who Paul is. And I don’t know whether he has even read the book he pretends to be commenting on (from what I see, I think this is very unlikely). I am sure, however, that he did not read my memoir where all these things are explained in full detail. And I certainly do not hope he ever reads it – if he did, he might claim:

This book is as false as the Mr Ernst

40 Responses to Did you know that I falsified my qualifications?

  • His wish list page on amazon gives his name as Paul Sayer.

  • Dear Prof. Ernst,
    We here at Qualifications Unlimited are mortified that Paul has seen through our our painstaking forgeries. The Board really thought that handwritten Ph.D scroll on real vellum from The Unseen University was a clincher. We, of course, will reimburse you.

    Paul does not seem the swiftest turtle in the clutch. I’d say the comments are actionable if it is worth the effort.

    I, probably, should not laugh but in the review above Paul’s, Jim Francis’ woeful plaint, “The author is not an advocate of Homeopathy” leaves me chuckling.

    None of the “reviews”, Amazon, review and back blurb, hint that this is not a book that is going to extol homeopathy. Nor do they suggest that there may be some criticism of it. Interesting.

  • Falsified? You didn’t have any qualifications falsified or otherwise according to this. In quotes as well lol. Perhaps you could enlighten us all on this.

    Edzard Ernst, Professor of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) at Exeter
    University, is the most frequently cited „expert‟ by critics of homeopathy, but a recent
    interview has revealed the astounding fact that he “never completed any courses” and has no
    qualifications in homeopathy. What is more his principal experience in the field was when
    “After my state exam I worked under Dr Zimmermann at the Münchner Krankenhaus für
    Naturheilweisen” (Munich Hospital for Natural Healing Methods). Asked if it is true that he
    only worked there “for half a year”, he responded that “I am not sure … it is some time ago”!

    • if you mean a certificate in homeopathy,
      you need to be certified!

      • I don’t know what you got. I’m only going by your quotes above. You didn’t pass ANY exams. “Never completed any courses and has no qualifications in Homeopathy.” Those aren’t my words.

        • yes, but this quote of mine is not about my qualification.
          it is about a pseudo-qualification [homeopathy]; there are people who got this ‘qualification’ for their cat, you know.

          • LOL qualification for their cat? You didn’t even get a psuedo qualification and on top of that you practiced Homeopathy for 20 years eremember. With no qualifications. You are a fumbling and bumbling Proffessor of Cam? LOL. In fact I think I’ll make my cat a proffessor of Cam. Why not? He’ll be as qualified as you.

          • this post is about someone alleging that I am dishonest.
            and you allege that I have been honest: I never claimed that I has a Mikey Mouse certificate in homeopathy. I have a medical degree which entitles me to practice medicine. why should I want anything else?
            please explain!

        • Maybe you should learn about what is really delivered by homeopathy training courses:

          Do you really think that sympathetic magic is a basis for treating sick people?

  • Edzard, I am afraid that you are appealing to the common sense of a man and an argument that is nonsensical.

  • “this post is about someone alleging that I am dishonest.”

    Hold on. I’m not alleging anything. I used your words, they aren’t mine.

    • are you a bit slow on the uptake?
      the post is about some git claiming that I falsified my qualifications. what you state in your COMMENTS is utterly trivial: I never said I had stupid pseudo-certificates for homeopathy – but guys like you roll this out as though it is a revelation.
      why would I need them? please explain!!!

    • why would I need them? please explain!!!
      NO ANSWER!
      this must mean you cannot think of a reason why I would need such pseudo-qualifications

      • What? Sorry, I must have drifted off. Wow, calm down Eddy mate. Sorry, did I hit a nerve?

        • Hold on, you never answered my question. When you were practicing Homeopathy what was the ratio between Sucess and failure when it came to curing or helping clients with their ilnesses. Easy question Eddy. You must have kept records surely?

          • from memory (its several decades ago): cure close to 0%, helping with illness ~ 40%;
            now you answer my question: why do you think I should have a qualification in homeopathy?

  • 2002 SR your own word: “I’m trained homeopath”. Are you so bored to copy qualifications?

    susan blackmore – ex parapsychologist affiliation CSICOP
    Mark lynas – ex greenpeace activist affiliation CSICOP

    E.Ernst affiliations includes CSICOP, ACSH, SAS, ALL involucred in massive fraud with Monsanto papers! This is obvious. Maybe, you should learn the cases of fraud and misconduct will unmasked. Retract your biased papers before the massive CSICOP papers.

    • you write like an idiot!
      are you one?

      • This about sums up the situation.

        “When someone’s arguments take the form of personal attacks and name-calling it’s a pretty clear admission that they don’t have anything valid or worthwhile to say. By devolving into name-calling you’ve revealed the bankruptcy of your position.” Or as someone once said. You have nothing to say and you’re saying it too loudly”

  • You certainly attract an interesting class of correspondents, Professor; but carry on. Homeopathy is nonsense, and ultimately science rules.

  • These disingenuous attacks are standard strategies for the businesses and networks that promote pseudo-science. These businesses make a lot of money and you cannot expect them to tolerate someone raining on their parade without some sabre rattling in return.

    Trolling and false accusations are be expected and are simply a mundane consequence of taking a scientific, rationalist, sceptical stance against quacks and snake oil peddlers.

    If they believe that you suffer any of the usual emotions that any normal person would likely experience if they are on the receiving end of such attacks, for example: anger, distress or anxiety they will just increase the trolling.

    I believe that your best weapon against them is humour, (satire works well) and the derision that they deserve.

    There is an African saying that I believe is appropriate in this instance. “The lion does not turn his head when the little dog barks at his foot”.

    Also, know that, if you were not making a difference and helping to stop these quacks and charlatans they would not concern themselves with attacking you. Whenever you get attacked like this you should feel proud that you are making a difference.

    • precisely!!!
      thank you

    • Typically, CSICOP agents or shills never explain the affiliations of the Master E. Ernst. Then, Surreal Hustle SHOULD explain this! Try again with rational arguments, not with “humor”.

      2002 SR your own word: “I’m trained homeopath”. Are you so bored to copy qualifications?

      susan blackmore – ex parapsychologist affiliation CSICOP
      Mark lynas – ex greenpeace activist affiliation CSICOP

      E.Ernst affiliations includes CSICOP, ACSH, SAS, ALL involucred in massive fraud with Monsanto papers! This is obvious. Maybe, you should learn the cases of fraud and misconduct will unmasked. Retract your biased papers before the massive CSICOP papers.

      • stop making a fool of yourself.
        yes, I did put something like “I have been trained in homeopathy” in one of my articles – because it is correct.

        • “I did put something like “I have been trained in homeopathy” in one of my articles – because it is correct.”

          No, liar, you have put: “The author is a trained homeopath; he has no financial interests in this area.” (Ernst, 2002).

          Can you tell us the difference between trained in homeopathy and trained homeopath?

          • EXACTLY!
            thank you.
            there is no difference.
            I think we now all had enough of your insults and barmy comments – so this is the last one you will post on this blog.
            go and bother someone else!
            cheerio my friend

          • Something like? You mean you can’t remember?

  • Ezard

    This deluded troll is not worth wasting time over.

    He or she will not respond to rational discussion, just the same tedious, irrational nonsense.

    I agree with Theo Booker’s comment regarding the troll.

    You have to pick your battles with care as there is only one of you and you have limited time and resources.

    This battle against a tide of quackery is a war. It is serious. I think you understand how serious it is but the apparent complacency and inaction of many against this assault on science can leave on feeling confused, depressed and even doubting one’s own reality (I speak from personal experience).

    In my opinion, your considerable expertise and talents would be better used in fighting your more formidable enemies; the powerful networks of companies and entrepreneurs (I can think of other descriptions also) who have infiltrated the NHS, academia, charities and other areas of influence.

    Engaging in debate with an idiotic troll is like turning up at the battlefield on your trusty steed, in your shining armour, with your weapons at the ready and wasting time swatting a persistent fly.

    You are worth so much more

  • I’m in two minds here.
    On one hand I’d be happy to contribute to a fund to pay for you to attend some magic shaken-water course and get a “Qualification” so that this non-argument is removed from the terminally dim witted.
    On the other, giving good money to the charlatans maintaining the pretence that homeopathetic study has any value whatsoever isn’t very attractive.
    So, Professor, if you were given the money to follow a homeopathic course, would you do it?

  • good news!
    I just got an email from Amazon stating that

    “I’ve removed the review titled “The book is as false as the author” on “Homeopathy – The Undiluted Facts: Including a Comprehensive A-Z Lexicon” and it should disappear from soon. We want our Customer Reviews to be constructive and useful to other customers, and we appreciate that you took the time to contact us about this review.”

    It took several attempts and finally an intervention from Springer to achieve this.

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