I have been alerted to this website; it is truly remarkable! Here is but one example, the section with advice on ‘reducing the risk of vaccine damage’:


1. Give vitamin A before the measles vaccine (MMR).Vitamin A has been shown to reduce death in measles sufferers by 50% so will support the body in its dealing with the measles vaccine. The WHO is now giving out Vitamin A pills along with the vaccine! Consider high doses (5,000 IU or more) the day before, on the day and the day after vaccination.

2. Give increased vitamin C before and after all vaccines. Vitamin C is known to help eliminate heavy metals. Consider high doses (3,000-5,000 mg per day) the day before, day of, and day after.

3. Consider detox programs after vaccination. These include homeopathy (before and after each vaccination), supplements, especially vitamin C, probiotics etc. It can take up to a year to detox the system but it is worth the investment (Autistic children are usually highly toxic – See Treating Autism).

4. Reconsider the routine use of Calpol or similar before or after vaccination. A rise in body temperature is the immune systems healthy response to any attack. Suppressing this reaction will impair its’ ability to deal with the load imposed upon it by the vaccine. Links have been made with the use of Calpol etc after the MMR and autism because the body needs to raise a high temperature to deal with measles. Complications can arise if temperature is bought down too early in cases of measles. See ‘Dealing with Fever Naturally’ under the Health section of this site.

5. Avoid antibiotic use where possible.

Delay vaccines, especially the MMR, within up to 6 months of antibiotics.

The strength of the gut is compromised and the gut is 70% of the immune system. Autistic children often have Gut and Bowel disorders. Antibiotics during pregnancy & breast feeding can also compromise the child’s immune system.

Try not to use antibiotics, as there are links with increased asthma in the vaccinated and also with the overuse of antibiotics in children. Asthma kills 1,300 people a year in the UK and rates have doubled in the last 40 years. This is far higher than the mortality rates as a result of contracting contagious diseases before the vaccines! In the years leading up to the vaccination program between 30-50 people died of measles, for example. Nearly 200 children under 14 years now die of Asthma. Asthma UK puts this this condition down to lack of childhood infections! For most children, as they recover from illness, their immune system is strengthened. The UK, US, New Zealand, Cuba and Australia lead the world with Asthma (Vaccinated populations). Asthma UK says that ‘the goal would be to find a suitable vaccine to provide the beneficial effects of early life infection’!!!

6. Use Probiotics to strengthen the gut, in capsule form rather than from a drinking yogurt product which usually contains sugar and other additives.

7. Consider giving long term Vit B6 as “One of the components of the MMR is Neomycin. This is an antibacterial drug that is used to suppress gastrointestinal bacteria before surgery to avoid infection. …This antibiotic interferes with the absorption of Vitamin B6. An error in the uptake of Vitamin B6 can cause a rare form of epilepsy and children become mentally retarded. Vitamin B6 is the major vitamin for processingamino acids, which are the building blocks of all proteins and a few hormones. There are studies around which support the theory of treating autistic children with Vitamin B6.”


Let me briefly comment on these 7 points.

  1. I am not aware of good evidence supporting this claim.
  2. I am not aware of good evidence supporting this claim.
  3. I am not aware of good evidence supporting this claim.
  4. I am not aware of good evidence supporting this claim.
  5. I am not aware of good evidence supporting this claim.
  6. I am not aware of good evidence supporting this claim.
  7. I am not aware of good evidence supporting this claim.

Of course, I may have missed some important evidence; if that is the case, I would appreciate someone showing it to me in the comments section below, so that we can all benefit from it.

The above advice is from the ‘ARNICA’ group (as the name suggests, they are close to or even led by homeopaths). They believe that the non-vaccinated child is potentially healthier than the vaccinated child.  

They also claim they  want to reduce the fear often felt by parents with their young children on health issues, whether that is to learn how to look after children when they have a fever, or to suggest ways to reduce the adverse reactions from vaccines.

I respectfully suggest that they are dismally failing in their aims. In fact, they seem to promote fear and issue bogus advice.

14 Responses to Ignorance + belief = danger for public health: “the non-vaccinated child is potentially healthier than the vaccinated child”

  • I’m about half way through Steven Pinker’s “Better Angels of our Nature” at the point he discusses 20,000,000 or more lives saved bey vaccinations each year.
    Don’t these CAM-buffoons read anything?

  • I can’t comment about whether vaccinations are necessary, but I suspect that growing public mistrust of governments and corruption in public organisations as a result of interference by corporations is a cause of people’s suspicion about the need for vaccinations.

    The headline caught my attention because it reminds me of one of the many paradigms, which have been created by corporations, so that they can sell their wares, and which eventually become established as the truth. One example of this, which plagues mankind, is the paradigm that farmers must grow their crops with chemical fertilisers to get a good yield. If (more likely, when) their crops get sick, they must use chemical pesticides and fungicides. Also, to get rid of weeds farmers must use chemical herbicides. We now know that this is totally and utterly false, but the paradigm prevails and causes so much misery, illness, and food security concerns around the world while the agro-corporations, which promote the paradigm, laugh all the way to the bank.

    I wonder, if Big Pharma’s deep pockets are behind the paradigm that vaccinations are absolutely necessary and must be made compulsory by Law.

    • are you feeling alright Peter; I worry for your sanity.

    • Peter, you are an idiot. F.i. a good measles epidemics brings much more profit than a measles vaccination. This vaccination is a dollar vs USD 20.000 for a hospitalized measles case. The complication rate (with potential hospitalization is 10%) Before vaccination, measles incidence in the US was roughly 500.000 per year with 50.000 hospitalizations. Today this would cost 1 billion USD – per year. That equals roughly 47 million shots of MMR (at USD 21 per shot [CDC]). The US has a number of births that is 1/10th of that

    • If you “can’t comment” about the necessity (and value) of vaccination, you are willfully ignorant of the vast literature that confirms them as one of the greatest benefites to humanity.

      Whilst you are busy worrying about BigParma and BigAgri, save some space for BigSupplement and BigAltmed–or do you think that the corporations that manufacture and sell these are living on fairy dust as they make no profits?

  • It’s quite a frightening website.

    “We discuss related issues to boosting our immune system naturally, e.g. reducing toxins, holistic health, vaccinations and travelling, treating childhood illness, nutrition, early childhood brain development, education…. and we have welcomed some excellent speakers. For example, Ralf Jeutter, Trevor Gunn, Jayne Donegan GP, Roy Riggs, Robert Holden and Janine Roberts.”

    Ralf Jeutter is a member of the Society of Homeopaths who advocates for homeoprophylaxis. Trevor Gunn was a member until they expelled him for reasons unknown. The other speakers are likely well known to some readers but Roy Riggs is an electro-smog enthusiast.

    • Jeutter even was (or perhaps still is?) a high-ranking officer of the SoH

      • I don’t think he’s involved in the running of the SoH anymore. I think he was a director at one point.

        • RIGHT; that’s also what I suspected.
          When he was director (about 10 years ago, I think), I complained to the SoH (my very first complaint to an alt med organisation) about his overt promotion of homeopathic vaccinations. I had to remind them several times and, eventually, they conducted an official investigation … only to conclude that everything was pukka because he had a disclaimer on his website. I think that’s the point when he quit his position in the SoH.

  • The author of that text would appear to be one Ilana Dannheisser. It also appears here yet another hotbed of anti-vaccination nonsense it would seem.

    Dannheisser’s own website is much more circumspect. It looks as if she might be aware that some marketing claims aren’t permitted.

  • Autistic children are usually highly toxic…

    I wonder how they figured out the LD50.

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