I have often mocked the lack of progress in homeopathy. Essentially, it has hardly moved an inch since Hahnemann first dreamt it up 200 years ago.

But now, there has been a breakthrough!

Progress at last!!!

It has been reported that Dr. William Edwin Gray III is selling homeopathic ‘sound files’ that can cure a variety of ailments, including life-threatening infections such as Ebola, SARS, swine flu, malaria, typhoid, and cholera.


Short recordings.

If that is not innovative, I don’t know what is.

And it makes sense, of course: homeopathy does not work by pharmacology – the remedies contain nothing – it transmits information. And what better than to pack it into sounds?

This is a breakthrough that will save millions from disease. One cannot be surprised that such a discovery attracts jealousy. Instead of nominating Dr Gray for a Nobel Prize, the Californian Medical Board has promptly threatened to revoke his license.

Petty bastards!

Short-sighted idiots!

In an accusation filed with the state, the medical board writes that Dr. William Gray III, MD, who is an internist in Saratoga, California and licensed to practice medicine in California, is guilty of gross negligence and requested a hearing in which the board would decide whether to possibly revoke or suspend his license. Understandably, the genius Gray is concerned. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Gray said he had decided not to contest the board’s allegations, saying it would cost too much money to fight. He added: “Frankly, I think we’d lose anyway.”

That leaves Gray’s fate entirely in the hands of the board, which will make a decision in coming weeks. The prospect of losing his medical license worries Gray, but he is nevertheless stoically confident. He has focused on homeopathy ever since he finished medical school. Because homeopathy doesn’t require a medical license, he assumes that he can go about his business without a medical licence.

Gray knows that sound waves can carry “the energetic signal in homeopathic remedies” to treat patients. He collects that energy by placing vials of homeopathic remedies in electrified wire coils and recording any emitted sounds. With this method, he produced 263 “eRemedies,” which are 13-second recordings (available as either .wav or .MP3 files) which sound like hissing.

Patients—who are not examined or even seen by Gray—can get his therapy via Gray’s website, Subsequently, they can “dose” themselves with the recordings to treat a variety of ailments. The website lists 23 ailments the recordings treat. Patients simply answers a series of questions about their condition and the website serves up the appropriate eRemedy. The individual recordings cost $5 a pop and patients can subscribe to receive 25 for $100. Already in 2014, Gray “created [a] campaign to treat Ebola via cellphone, curing 3 out of 3 within 4 hours simply by playing the appropriate eRemedy several times in an hour.”

Cutting edge science, I’d say! But true genius is often dismissed or even ridiculed. What really disappoints me though is that not even Gray’s fellow homeopaths find it in themselves to support him. Robert Stewart, founder of the New York School of Homeopathy, wrote to the Times in an email: “He’s on his own in this.”

Shame on you Robert, and shame on everyone else (I have already seen plenty of scathing/jealous comments on Twitter) who cannot recognise the first true progress in homeopathy since 200 years.

12 Responses to Homeopathy: progress at last!!!

  • Requested a ‘hearing’! I like it! The trial of Hissing Sid comes to mind:

    BTW, I assume the new technique will not work on deaf patients – or maybe Dr Gray the ⅓ can send them printed music notations of the hissings on rice paper that they can eat and thus be cured of Ebola forthwith.

  • This is for all those ignorant homeopaths who refuse to move with the times and adopt this amazing bottled silent noise. Because this may be the best idea since bottled Scotch mist.

    ‘So what of homeopaths who
    like sea squirts do the same,
    find a rock to cling on,
    then eat their own brain?’

  • The only sound which cures Dr Gray’s own malaise is that of bank bills being riffled.

    Please excuse my note for non UK English readers:
    In UK English usage we spell ‘license’ ‘license’ when a verb, but ‘licence’ when a noun.
    Same for ‘practise’ (verb) and ‘practice’ (noun).
    UK doctors have a licence to practise. The GMC licenses doctors to work in a practice.
    Ain’t pedantry grand!

    Mnemonic: ‘A lump of ice’ (with a ‘c’) is a noun, not a ‘doing word’!

  • Cutting edge science, I’d say! But true genius is often dismissed or even ridiculed.

    Truly brilliant. Almost as revolutionary as Jacques Benveniste’s discovery of Digital Biology which – as we all know – is now used the world over, saving millions of people from the evil doings of the medical establishment and Big Pharma. Even Galileo Galilei was sued and convicted in his time, and eventually vindicated. Surely, Dr. Gray will enjoy the same glory as Galilei one day, just as Benveniste has.

  • Short-sighted idiots!

    Excuse me Doctor, I believe you meant “tone-deaf fools!.

    Come to think of it, I believe I am slightly tone-deaf myself. I wonder if I should worry about side effects if I try the recordings?

  • When I came across Dr. Gray and his Ebola curing sound files he had free samples on his site. I thought this must bea Poe.
    Being inquisitive of nature I searched for information onthis but found no evidence for this being a practical joke so I started having misgivings. So I mailed the bloke and asked him, nicely, if he was serious.
    The resulting mail exchanges led me to draw the definite conclusion that an MD title is no guarantee for a sane mind.

  • Edzard

    It seems America has an Edzard now.

    Studied scientific medicine, took homeopathic training and became a homeopath.

    Edzard: planning to nominate one Edzard for Asia?

  • It’s just another variety of Mesmerism like Reiki; Cranial Osteopathy; Polarity Therapy; Quantum Healing; Distance Healig; Biodynamics in Osteopathy; Sound Therapy; a.s.o.

  • The “healing soundbite” stuff is going to be seen as palpable nonsense by anyone with sufficient neurones to form a synapse, but exactly how is it functionally different to “normal” homeopathy? Both claim to be able to treat dangerous diseases with bugger all. For profit.

    • Both claim to be able to treat dangerous diseases with bugger all. For profit.

      If people are paying for it, it clearly works. What more proof do you need?

  • This is the longed for missing link between tried and tested homeopathy and spiritual healing. A big step to holistic salvation. Make homeopathy great again!

    BTW: Is the effect of the sound files stronger, if cleared (= higher potency)? 😉

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