Gosh, we in the UK needed that boost of jingoism (at least, if you are white, non-Jewish and equipped with a British passport)! But it’s all very well to rejoice at the news that we have a new little Windsor. With all the joy and celebration, we must not forget that the blue-blooded infant might be in considerable danger!

I am sure that chiropractors know what I am talking about.

KISS (Kinematic Imbalance due to Suboccipital Strain) is a term being used to describe a possible causal relation between imbalance in the upper neck joints in infants and symptoms like postural asymmetry, development of asymmetric motion patterns, hip problems, sleeping and eating disorders. Chiropractors are particularly fond of KISS. It is a problem that chiropractors tend to diagnose in new-borns.

This website explains further:

The kinematic imbalances brought on by the suboccipital strain at birth give rise to a concept in which symptoms and signs associated with the cervical spine manifest themselves into two easily recognizable clinical presentations. The leading characteristic is a fixed lateroflexion [called KISS I] or fixed retroflexion [KISS II]. KISS I may be associated with torticollis, asymmetry of the skull, C–scoliosis of the neck and trunk, asymmetry of the gluteal area and of the limbs, and retardation of the motor development of one side. KISS II, on the other hand, displays hyperextension during sleep, occipital flattening that may be asymmetrical, hunching of the shoulders, fixed supination of the arms, orofacial muscular hypotonia, failure to lift the trunk from a ventral position, and difficulty in breast feeding on one side. [34] The leading trademarks of both KISS I and KISS II are illustrated in Figure 1. [31]

In essence, these birth experiences lay the groundwork for rationalizing the wisdom of providing chiropractic healthcare to the pediatric population…


KISS must, of course, be treated with chiropractic spinal manipulation: the manual adjustment is the most common, followed by an instrument adjustment. This removes the neurological stress, re-balances the muscles and normal head position.  Usually a dramatic change can be seen directly after the appropriate adjustment has been given…

Don’t frown! We all know that we can trust our chiropractors.


Do you have to insist on being a spoil-sport?

Alright, alright, the evidence tells a different story. A systematic review concluded that, given the absence of evidence of beneficial effects of spinal manipulation in infants and in view of its potential risks, manual therapy, chiropractic and osteopathy should not be used in infants with the KISS-syndrome, except within the context of randomised double-blind controlled trials.

And this means I now must worry for a slightly different reason: we all know that the new baby was born into a very special family – a family that seems to embrace every quackery available! I can just see the baby’s grandfather recruiting a whole range of anti-vaccinationists, tree-huggers, spoon-benders, homeopaths, faith healers and chiropractors to look after the new-born.

By Jove, one does worry about one’s Royals!

7 Responses to KISS the new Royal Baby … should we worry?

  • Hahah excellent! The Tower of London beckons!

  • KISS is rooted in the nonsense of Atlas Therapy an aprroach developed by a descendant of D.D. Palmer. In Germany Biedermann the elder a chiropractor and physician was the main promotor of the Atlas therapy. He published an Atlas with a lot of Xray pictures to explain his approach. With the possibilities of CT and MRI it became clear that there is never a compression of the myelon or the brain stem in the upper cervical spine by a so called subluxation. This was the time the younger Biederman a physician too renamed Atlas therapy into KISS but the same nonsense. Here is the statement of the German Neuropediatric association to this KISS theory

  • Sorry it seems that the pdf-link above cannot be activated. Here is the webpage where you might get access to it “KISS and Atlas therapy” and to other very good statements related to CAM from a profound medical point of view.

  • Princes William and Harry have always seemed to be much more sensible and well-grounded than their father. For the sakes of his grandchildren I hope that that is true.

  • The Queen’s homeopath, Peter Fisher, would be unwise to suggest to Her Majesty or Prince Charles that the Royal Family ditch vaccination. There would be complete pandemonium if he did and they did. PC can get away with lauding homeopathy. He just makes himself look very silly. Whether or not PC realises that, I think he, Peter Fisher and Her Majesty know there are certain lines that must not be crossed. An unvaccinated Royal Family is not Constitutionally tenable. Adulterers yes. Antivaxxers no.

  • Is this a real thing? Even a harmless real thing? I can’t find any mentions of it outside of chiro-world.

    I’m staring at those drawings and trying to see what’s wrong with them. Babies have minimal muscular control and they flop down from whatever position the parents lies them into. Their heads are heavy and will flop backwards or sideways (assuming baby is on its back) no matter what the chiro does to them.

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