The website [Link disabled by Admin because of suspected malware] of ‘HOMEOPATHY 360’ has just published a new post offering a handy instruction for killing patients suffering from acute appendicitis. If you do not believe me – I don’t blame you, I too found it hard to believe – read this short excerpt advocating homeopathy for this life-threatening condition (for readers without a medical background: if acute appendicitis is not treated promptly, the inflamed appendix might burst, spilling faecal material into the abdominal cavity, resulting in a life-threatening peritonitis):

The post is entitled “A Cure of Acute Appendicitis Using Frequent Homeopathic Doses in Solution

Here is the abstract:

“Placing centesimal potencies in solution and prescribing them frequently for acute conditions is not widely practiced. It can be superior to dry doses in many cases, where a persistent mild medicinal action is preferred to a strong aggravation. By prescribing dissolved doses of Arnica Montana 1m, a case of acute appendicitis was cured quickly. This suggests that centesimal potencies given frequently in solution may be more efficacious, prompt and gentle than treatment with dry doses.”

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Here are more details demonstrating that the author has done his homework:

“When treating a patient with acute medical condi­tion, in certain cases we fail to cure. Even though our case taking, evaluation, analysis, remedy and potency selection seem correct. What is the cause? In the Organon 5th edition (1833) Dr. Hahnemann introduced olfaction and dissolved centesimal remedies as a new method of administering doses. Around the year 1840 Hahnemann began to introduce LM potencies into his practice. From 1840 to 1843 he used both centesimal and LM potencies side by side in medicinal solutions. By these methods he hoped to avoid unwanted aggravations and provide rapid cure.

In some acute cases the aggravation can be discouragingly pro­longed and often cannot be discerned from the patient’s own disease. Many times we change the original prescrip­tion which could very well have been the simillimum. In acute diseases, a dry dose will many times produce an un­necessary aggravation because of the patient’s increased susceptibility. I have much experience now with what I call a “watery dose.” To prepare it, one or two globules of size 10 are diluted in 15ml. of distilled water in which 5 drops of alcohol added with 20 to 30 succussions. From this solution 10 drops are added to another 15 ml of water, and from this solution 5 to 10 drops dose repeated according to the severity of the disease. In such diluted solutions the correct number of drops must be precise. Every time be­fore taking the dose the solution is succussed 5 to 10 times. The same solution can be used for several days or weeks. Hahnemann recommended using carefully measured and dosed solutions with sensitive patients. Many times I have used this method with great success. It is not necessary to take 4 oz. to 8 oz. of water, Just fifteen ml. of distilled water is sufficient. This technique of dosing is also known as a split dose because it uses one or two pills in a solution that is then split over several days or weeks.

The results using this type of dosing can be very dif­ferent from dry doses. There is continuous amelioration of the complaints without aggravation. This comes closer to the ideal of strengthening the weakened vital force than is seen when we simply produce a similar stronger artificial disease in the patient.”

The author also provides a detailed case history of a patient who survived this treatment (of course, without mentioning that acute appendicitis can, in rare cases, have a spontaneous recovery).


I would not recommend Arnica or any other homeopathic remedy for routine use in acute appendicitis (or any other condition) – unless, of course, you want to kill a maximum number of your patients suffering from this medical/surgical emergency.

25 Responses to How to kill patients with (‘risk-free’) homeopathic remedies

  • A comical ( as far as it goes in this instance) lack of understanding of basic logic.Homeopaths are very keen to claim that homeopathy- unlike proper medicine- has never killed anybody, but of course there are many verified cases of gullible, desperate people being convinced to drop, or avoid, serious medical treatment in favour of magic. We can all think of examples.( Australia’s ‘Wellness Warrior’ comes to mind, along with all the people then influenced by her views). Has anybody ever collated these cases as a body of evidence?

    • not to my knowledge; I have often been tempted to do this but always gave up because such cases are published everywhere and nowhere. the medical literature is certainly useless for such research.

    • “Has anybody ever collated these cases as a body of evidence?” I very much doubt it. But they’d be only a collection of anecdotes anyway. To obtain robust evidence, for every patient who chooses homeopathy over conventional Rx you’d need to find a matched control patient suffering from the same disease and undergoing proper medical treatment. After a time (many years, I suspect!) you could establish whether the control group survives longer than the homeopathy fans.

      The original post is a really good example of homeopathic ignorance, because acute appendicitis is a potentially fatal condition requiring urgent treatment. Faffing about with magic water is the same thing as not seeking treatment at all, and, as Edzard’s post says, that’s a probable sentence of death.

      • Caution: Whilst cute appendicitis can be fatal, death is not ‘probable’.

        I have removed many acutely inflamed appendices.
        If patients are not treated, not all will die. Probably no more than 5%.
        Less if good general care is given. Less still if antibiotics are used.
        The local inflammatory response walls off the appendage and eventually settles. Possibly to become chronic with recurrences, but recovery is well known.
        ‘Doing nothing’ is not a ‘probable sentence of death’.
        Using magic is daft.
        (I am both a surgeon and magician!)

      • gosh you sound very narrow minded. maybe you ought read Sapiens (a short history of humankind) by Yuval Harari. most people don’t like to hear the truth. why the homeo sapien finds me confronting and governments find me a thorn in the side. homeopathy works. i’ve used it for years on my choox. i knew very little when i first started by now i’ve read a few pages of the stuff i seem to be curing my chickens of paralysis, microplasmic gallepsia and a host of other diesease.

        me? i have a degree in economics and japanese language, a post grad in business law and am currently studying diagnostic orthomolecular medicine (without a science background – at all) at the age of 63. i am also surfing one of the world’s most dangerous waves and do a 2 hour astanga practice everyday. i ate raw plant-based for 8 years and now grow and produce all my own food eating nothing from the supermarket. we have no doctors, dentists or vets in this home except me. i owned australia’s oldest dog (his last meal was a fruit salad!) and we believe totally on what we eat is what we are. we know that the hunzas live up to 180 years and we try to follow their diet and lifestyle as much as we can in a western country (albeit outta the city). we will displace ourselves to a third world country shortly because we’re fed up of the white greedy western gene that keeps breeding and destroying nature (no i aint got kids).

        the homeo sapiens (literally translated: WISE man)
        is intent on destroying everything NATURE created
        to suit his every whim. per martina c hagues 2017

        now that’s what we should be discussing not arguments over sumthing worx or doesn’t. when dentists and doctors make horrid decisions for us (like putting in root canals) that ultimately kill us who worries about this twaddle rot?!!!

        • any evidence for the claim that root canals kill us?

          • YES! check out the movie Root Cause (had to be taken off netflix as dental boards around the world tried to sue the poor guy who nearly died with his root canals and titanium implants. i HAVE hard copy evidence, unlike the poor soul who made the movie eg my htma (hair tissue mineral analyses). STRANGE how all the Pb (lead) disappeared only months after i had the root canal removed. when i had another tooth removed above it which had been broken from the surfboard accident i had (sadly no dentist picked that up either in 18 years of checking out my ivories!) the lump under my arm disappeared (is a female that is defo cancer!). if cancer don’t kill you what don’t it do!!????? i’ve seen it all. having rescued animals owned by aussies (who aren’t exactly animal lovers!) my experience is huge and wide. i don’t just read stuff and hear stuff i experience it on my own property.

            there is NO such thing as disease and sickness. it is your immune system. besides if you learn as much as i have (along with diagnostic orthomolecular medicine, homeopathy and treating one’s suppressed childhood emotions) one realizes that all illness and problems in life result from emotions eg hernias come from fractured relationships (none of my family speak to each other and they’ve all got hernias – including me); someone who feels like they are carrying the planet on their shoulders; and lack of creative communications. interesting how if you study a wide array of things the TRUTH comes out. same thing happened after i learned my fifth language. i realized that many things were connected. maybe i’m too creative and analytical for this world of dumb white western greed who want to use everything Nature created to satisfy their every whim.

          • Hair analyses for minerals and metals have been tested thorughly and proved very unreliable. You can just as well use a “magic 8-ball”. The results are as random.

            The dangerous-root-canal trope was debunked long ago.

          • i’ve just spent tens of thousands of dollars travelling the world to find a dentist who used non-toxic materials. hopefully this will save someone money. not one of those dentists knew what toxic ingredients (and yes they are ALL toxic) went into the fillings etc that they used. sad affair. i have nothing to do with the dental industry and yet i know nearly all the ingredients in the different products. i also know that blood tests (that your GP or doctor will always suggest above an htma (hair tissue mineral analysis which reads one’s sells and is undeniably correct)) are not only erratic but by the time the illness has reached the blood you are sick. unlike an htma that tells you what is in your cells which if corrected properly and immediately over a period of time can cure you of anything. eg my greyhound came to me with gross amounts of mercury and aluminium (from all the drugs and vaccinations he’d received during his racing days). he was 2 and a half years old at that time. it took 5 years for those toxic elements to start moving out of his system (i’ve got the htma to prove this). the mercury has now gone; however, i’m struggling (as i am in my case where those white fillings of 80% aluminium oxide that dentists use to fill one’s teeth) to remove the aluminium. hopefully this will eventually dissapate with our amazing organic fresh turmeric, organic strawberries, organic coriander and our healthy organic plant-based mainly raw diet – altho midget the greyhound has a little raw duck (sadly other meats make his sick as do cooked veg and a number of raw veg). yes the gambling industry takes advantage of these poor animals like doctors and dentists take advantage of us (eg they know nothing of chemistry when our bodies are MADE OF CHEMICALS!). SAd world and, perhaps, that’s why we have bad outbreak of some disease man has invented in a lab in America by Chinese Communist nationals. i’m not worried about the disease as my diet is too healthy for all that guff. i am worried about my life being affected by other’s peoples’ weak immune systems which has made governments like mine close down shop. SICK WORLD with sick ‘doctors’ and dentists. I can provide any htma or other results mentioned here. i can also send photoes of my organic gardens, orchard and how we survive. nothing is brought in from outside except our tissues (which aren’t available at the moment!). we make our own charcoal for medicine – this stuff is amazing for pain/anaesthetic, infection, toxicity and inflammation. i even cured midget of a snake bite with charcoal. the farm vet who rushed around to help was amazed when i told him what i’d done and how it worked. i didn’t even know it was a snake bite. i happened to be with a friend who was a nurse and she suggested this. fortunately i have a jar of charcoal in every car, house and cupboard so it was rush rush rush with a very black car seat afterwards (perhaps why the lazy white man doesn’t like using it and prefers the toxic drugs). NATURE provides for everything. Learn with wisdom (very important word), be patient, determined and disciplined…. and most of all have gratitude. gratitude should be given twice as much importance as love. check out the book ‘the hidden messages in water’. there’s alot of evidence in that publication about what i’m saying!

          • using non-toxic materials did evidently not help against paranoia

          • Hey, Martina

            Find me if you can the published research – and a crap film is NOT published research – that shows the link between root canal therapy and cancer.

            There isn’t any. None. None whatsoever.

            I can show you published research which shows a LOWER incidence of cancer in people who have undergone multiple endodontic procedures.

          • @ Lenny

            You know all too well that it will never be published. Not because of evidence, because it would be too incriminating.
            The wind blows at your back.

          • i’m obviously on the wrong website. bet no one of your members studies diagnostic orthomolecular medicine. good luck. you won’t be surfing one of the world’s most dangerous waves in the world at 64 years old as a 5.2inch female under 53kg. you also wil never experience the spirtuality of fasting (something the Bible enhances but those churchgoers don’t wanna go there!). you aso won’t be able to do a 2 hour astanga yoga session on a daily basis or grow and make all your own food by not using outside materials. you’re stuck in the rut of supermarket fodder, preserves, chems, drugs and all that means. you’ll get some virus from a vaccine even if you don’t get struck by this one. you’re immune system is karked but you’ll never understand that it is the immune system that Nature and God provided that works. believe it or not! your’s don’t coz your eating copper overloaded plastic-wrapped fodder made from powdered chems and additives that keeps old food looking and tasting like plastic. you’ll never understnd the real meaning of NATURE. good bye….

          • @RG

            That tinfoil hat of yours is getting a bit tight.

            You display only your ignorance of the scientific method.

            The primary claims of evidence, once you look far enough down, have been made by convicted fraudsters Joseph Issels, Robert Jones, Hal Huggins and a mysterious ‘Dr Rau”

            They claim to have done “studies”

            None have been published. Anywhere.


            This is evidence on a “my girlfriend is a model, you wouldn’t know her, she goes to a different school” level. Produced by liars.

            This is not because of “suppression of the truth”.

            Please explain how, say, the ADA can influence pay-to-publish journals who pump out any old rubbish?

            You’re dreaming, RG.


        • What’s your evidence that “we know that the hunzas live up to 180 years”? The oldest I can find on the web is an age of 120, and (as the Guinness Book of World Records will tell you) claims of longevity need to be backed up with proper documentation of birth and death dates, not hearsay.

          PS I’ve read Sapiens — an excellent book. You should take note of your own comment: “most people don’t like to hear the truth”.

          • hi frank,

            sounds like your another person who loves FAKE news. my dad replies (at 91 years old) the same as you. that japanese woman is the oldest and shes only.. blah blah blah. read up on drs wrench and his predecessor who visited the Hunzas 30 years apart and others since. i don’t like even mentioning it on the internet because it will make some white greed go searching for them and destroy their world like they’ve destroyed every other aboriginal race on this planet.

            next you’ll be asking me for proof on how the Korona virus began. check out the laboratory professor in america with his two chinese national lab assistants who got arrested by the FBI recently for receiving large sums of money from the chinese goverment for want of setting up a lab in china. one of the lab assitants was caught leaving the usa with 25 vials of top secret bio stuff. eeeek. yes, the next helping of vaccines to cure the population crisis. i know from what i eat how refined foods affect the body. i bet you don’t know that 90% of energy is taken up purely from fodder digestion. if one eats raw veg and fruit only they can go without sleep and work day and night without getting tired. people are amazed at how i surf one of hte most powerful waves int he world at 64 (on a bodyboard which is much harder work than a surf board as half yahs body is in the water), do a fantastic (so my past gurus have told me) 2 hours astanga practice, continue lifting all the jarrah logs and carting them up the hill all afternoon and i’m still organizing the rescued animals homeopathic remedies and midget the greyhounds raw organic diet in the evening til the wee hours. you have to have a very wide and conscientious and disciplined and determined spirit such as mine to understand all that i have absorbed over the years and particularly the last 10 years. most of my uni friends (10 years my junior and on supermarket diets are sitting in armchairs at night and can no longer remember the kids names and ages etc). i’ve started studying diagnostic orthomolecular medicine with absolutely no science background. my mind and brain are functioning better than a teenager (even one whose not eating supermarket fodder!). howZaT!?

  • Homeopathy is powerful. Its application without using common sense is daft. I could understand that using a homeopathic remedy to treat appendicitis would make sense only if you are in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, but *not* if the remedy is Arnica. Arica is a blood thinner. My surgeon informed me one of his patients who had taken Arnica before surgery nearly bled to death.

    • “Arica is a blood thinner”
      if you have any evidence for this, please show me.
      until then, I insist that this statement is incorrect.

      • in homeopathy arnica is NOT a blood thinner and in most cases, if one is a good homeopath, they are not necessarily treating the symptoms alone, alot of other factors go into the use of homeopathy as a medicine. eg i look at the background of my rescued animals. although i wasn’t there physically to experience what they’d been through prior to my rescue there’s always alot of good indicators. particularly for those of us who are animal whisperers. i’m NOT a homeopath. i’ve never studied homeopathy in the real sense of the word although i’ve researched it to help my animals (and me) in the last two years. there’s a few people here that can vouch for what i’ve done without drugs. i don’t make a big hoohah about it. i just want people to realize that NATURE is far more improtant than the greedy white westerner who wiped out every aboriginal tribe on this planet and their manmade toxic drugs and chems (none of which we have on our property). how dare! believe it or not i came back with rabies from indo two years ago. my friend’s son’s friend was animal sitting for me. he wouldn’t leave when he saw the state i was in. i told him not to worry i’d sort it out. on the second day he said go to the hospital (just a couple of minutes walk – i couldn’t walk at the time – up the road). nah, i said, tomoz i’ll be okay as i’m on the 2nd day of the fast and this is the crucial day when all the toxins pour out of the system whilst the body gets used to living without food (btw digestion of cooked food takes up about 90% of our energy – i didn’t read that anywhere but i’ve been experimenting with different diets over the last 20 years). anyway, i fasted for four days and drank a charcoal slurry and poured charcoal all over my leg (where i was bitten) 3x a day and bandaged it. on the third day rob was able to accept to leave me. i could stand again and i was on my way to recovery. after the fourth day of fasting i broke the fast and had no side effects or sickness except a slight unusual feeling (which i had in strong form when i first felt the symptoms of rabies) in the outside muscle of the bitten leg. Science has no cure for rabies. Beat that! if you don’t learn in this life that NATURE is far more important than you or your science then you’ll never understand the real meaning of life. maybe in your next life but i think you’ll need a few more lives as an animal before you reach my understanding of the world and how it works.

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