In 2006, the World Health Organization and UNICEF created the ‘Global Immunization Vision and Strategy’, a 10-year strategy with 4 main goals:

  1. to immunize more people against more diseases,
  2. to introduce a range of newly available vaccines and technologies,
  3. to integrate other critical health interventions with immunization,
  4. to manage vaccination programmes within the context of global interdependence.

More than a decade later, we have to realise that this vision has been frustrated, not least by fans of alternative medicine (FAMs). They are almost by definition more negative about the value and achievements of conventional medicine and science. This shows in all sorts of ways; the clearest this phenomenon is documented must be the FAMs’ attitude towards immunisations. Few rational thinkers would doubt that vaccinations are amongst the most important achievement in the history of medicine.

Vaccination is a miracle of modern medicine. In the past 50 years, it’s saved more lives worldwide than any other medical product or procedure.”

Yet FAMs are not impressed by such statements and often refuse to have their kids vaccinated according to the recommended schedule. This trend has significantly contributed to vaccination rates that, in some parts of the world, are now dropping so low that our ‘herd immunity’ is jeopardised.

One such place is Germany, and the German government is now making a controversial move against parents who choose to refrain from vaccinating their children. Germany is presently passing a law that will force kindergartens to inform the authorities, if parents don’t provide evidence that they have gotten advice from their doctor on vaccinations for their children.

4 Responses to Governments take action to prevent vaccination-rates from falling

  • Regular readers of this blog might agree!

    This reader most definitely agrees.

  • Educating FAMs might be preferable to compulsory vaccination

    From what I have read/seen, educating a TRUE anti-vaxer is virtually impossible. Unfortunately a move like that of Germany or Australia seems a requirement.

    For many people a threatened €2,500 hit to the wallet may make a lot of people who are hesitant to vaccinate become firm believers in vaccination.

    I’d also suggest that unless there is no home-schooling option in Germany that this is not literally compulsory vaccination. It just makes vaccine avoidance costly and possibly highly inconvenient.

  • Education has limits. Some people are naturally immune to it.

  • Bike helmet, seat belt and car seat laws protect individuals where speed limit and vaccination laws protect others as well. Education must continue but is not enough unfortunately, especially when those with power and influence are allowed to misinform the public. (Trump, Texas legislators, lobbyists for CAM, etc.)

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