THE HINKLEY TIMES is quickly becoming my favourite newspaper. Yesterday they published an article about my old friend Tredinnick. I cannot resist showing you a few excerpts from it:


Alternative therapy advocate, David Tredinnick has called for greater self reliance as a way of reducing pressures on the NHS. Speaking on the BBC’s regional Sunday Politics Show he suggested people should take more responsibility for their own health, rather than relying on struggling services. He highlighted homeopathy as a way of treating ailments at home and said self-help could cut unnecessary trips to the GP. He also said people could avoid illness by not being overweight and taking exercise…During debate on the show about the current ‘crisis’ in health and social care he said: “There are systems such as homeopathic remedies. Try it yourself before going to the doctor.”

Mr Tredinnick has always stood by his personal preferences for traditional therapies despite others disparaging his views. His recent remarks have sparked a response from Lib Dem Parliamentary spokesman Michael Mullaney. He said in the wake of the NHS facing cuts and closures, Mr Tredinnick was yet again showing he was out of touch. He added: “It’s dangerous for Mr Tredinnick, who is not properly medically trained, to use his platform as an MP to tell ill people to treat themselves with homeopathy, a treatment for which there is no medical proof that it works. He should stop talking about his quack theories and do his job representing the people of Hinckley and Bosworth, or otherwise he should resign as MP for he is totally failing to do his job of representing local people.”


Yes, there is no doubt in my mind: if the public would ever take Tredinnick seriously when he talks about quackery, our health would be in danger. Therefore, it must be seen as most fortunate that hardly anyone does take him seriously. And here are a few reasons why this is so:

David Tredinnick: not again! Alternative medicine saves lives?!?

Tory MP David Tredinnick: “perhaps the worst example of scientific illiteracy in government.” But is he also a liar?

David Tredinnick: perhaps the worst example of scientific illiteracy in government?

Personally, I would very much regret if he resigned – there would be so much less to laugh about in the realm of alternative medicine!

14 Responses to Call for MP David Tredinnick to step down over latest homeopathy comments

  • I ”ve received a bit of gyp from friends for my criticism of Jeremy Corbin. Not that I’m necessarily against him as such, but he expressed a belief in homeopathy( his main reason as I understand it being ‘Well, it’s made from ingredients as are other medicines’, or some such. I just feel that it’s important at this stage to point out possible dangers of such woolly thinking.
    In addition, the organiser of the Glastonbury Festival, Michael Eavis, whoin other respects is quite well regarded, didn’t cover himself in glory by inviting the idiot Tredinnick and others to address the assembled throng with their silliness a couple of years ago.

  • Surely the quote should be David Tredinnick the BEST example of scientific illiteracy in government

  • I am submitting a motion for the BMA Annual Conference:

    “This meeting calls on Mr David Tredinnick MP (Hinckley & Bosworth) to publish any and all evidence he has that homeopathically prepared ‘remedies’ are effective for the treatment of any ailment whatsoever, and are “worth trying” for any condition. The public must not be denied the benefit of this knowledge.”

    It is present BMA Policy that the NHS should not purchase HP remedies unless and until NICE reports on their cost effectiveness.

    Dr Richard Rawlins
    Chairman, Retired Members Committee; Member, Representative Body – BMA

    • good on you!

    • Dr Rawlins

      According to the BMA website, their role is as trade union for doctors:

      As the only recognised trade union for doctors in the UK, no one better understands your day-to-day working lives or the challenges you face.

      We were provided with top legal advice regarding an employment tribunal and had invaluable ongoing assistance from a team of BMA staff specialists.

      Junior doctor, BMA member
      We provide individual and collective representation, which means we’re here to stand up for your rights and fight hard to champion the profession.

      Over two-thirds of practising UK doctors are in membership and individual members receive protection in the workplace, while we also ensure the collective interests of all doctors are defended and promoted.

      Since the inception of the NHS we have been formally recognised for collective bargaining purposes within national negotiating machinery and by individual employers at local level.

      This means we’re not just the voice of the profession but have responsibility for negotiating your pay and other conditions of service at both a national and local level.


      What business is it of theirs to be ‘passing a motion’ regarding Mr Tredinnick’s views on homeopathy?

      • What business is it of theirs to be ‘passing a motion’ regarding Mr Tredinnick’s views on homeopathy?

        What business is it of a trade union for doctors to be asking for evidence of a supposed medical intervention? I personally think that an organisation like this would be perfect for asking that sort of thing.

        Also, what does it matter the nature of an organisation? If an MP is making unfounded health claims they need to be called out on it at every opportunity.

  • And what does this say about the priorities of the majority of voters in Bosworth? That the colour of rosette overrides all rational consideration regarding the childish idiocy of their representative? Why do they not consider him an embarrassment (as, I’m told, do many of his parliamentary colleagues)? Or are they oblivious? It doesn’t reflect well.

    • Lee zturnpenny- I’m afraid the answer you normally get in this and similar cases is ‘ Yes but he’s a very good constituency MP’.Plus, if the people I come into contact are any indication, a lot of them aren’t particularly embarrassed, and trot out Theo usual ‘Science doesn’t know everything you know’.
      This bringing us to the point where I and others recommend the Dara hO”Briain youtube live clip, not to mention the Mitchell and Webb.

      • I live in his constituency and he certainly isn’t a good constituency MP. He visits the area every couple of weeks as he lives over 100miles away despite previous statements that he would move to the area. He takes little interest in local issues except during voting season. We have a local hospital up for closure and he does nothing. He spends a huge amount of time on his hobby horse of homeopathy etc and, almost never mentions his own constituency either in questions to the house or time on issues. He spends tax payers money on things like relationship courses and software for astrology and that’s before you even start on the cash for questions scandal.

        So no we do not have a “very good constituency MP” we have an MP that is a joke and has only remained as such due to the colour of his rosette and the fact that the local tory party keep re-selecting him.

  • “He [Tredinnick] should stop talking about his quack theories and do his job representing the people of Hinckley and Bosworth, or otherwise he should resign as MP for he is totally failing to do his job of representing local people”

    Goodness me! If Tredinnick should resign for his belief in homeopathy, what should the Queen and Prince of Wales do for their belief in homeopathy? Abdicate?

    • Fittingly couched in religious language.

      Among other reasons… Yes!

    • John Benneth- Tredinnick does’not just ‘believe’ in homeopathy, he serves on various science committees and pushes his foolish beliefs in Parliament, and advocates it’s widespread introduction into the NHS, along with astrology.
      Prince Charles’ lunacy, and his- I think- almost criminal misuse of ( unelected) power is well documented in Edzard Ernst’s ‘Wonderland’ book.
      As with all religions, the main problems come not from what people believe, but from their attempts to distort truth and impose their views on others.
      Be well.
      Your enemy,
      But not your ONLY enemy.

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