According to our friend Dana Ullman, “homeopathy has had a long tradition within Russia. Even though it was not officially recognized during the Communist regime, it was tolerated. And perhaps in part because it did not receive governmental sanction, the Russian people developed a trust in homeopathy. Due to the fact that homeopathic physicians worked outside of governmental medicine, homeopathy was a part of Russia’s “new economy”. People had to pay for homeopathic care, rather than receive it for free.

Homeopathy is still the minority practice. I was told that there are approximately one million medical doctors in Russia and its surrounding republics, with 15,000 medical doctors who use homeopathic medicines regularly, and about 3,000 medical doctors who specialize in classical homeopathy.”

But the ‘free ride’ of homeopathy seems to come to an end. We have seen this happening, for instance in the US, UK, Australia, and Germany. And now it is happening also in Russia:

It has just been reported that the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) has labelled homeopathic medicine a health hazard. The organization is now petitioning Russia’s Ministry of Health to abandon the use of homeopathic medicine in the country’s state hospitals, the RBC news outlet reported Monday.

A RAS committee warns that some patients were rejecting standard medicine for serious conditions in favour of homeopathic remedies, a move that almost inevitably puts their lives in danger. The committee also noted that, because of sloppy quality control during the manufacturing processes, some unlicensed homeopathic remedies contain toxic substances which harm patients in a direct fashion.

“The principles of homeopathy contradict known chemical, physical and biological laws and persuasive scientific trials proving its effectiveness are not available,” the committee stated in its report.

The move forms part of a growing backlash against homeopathy in Russia. Last month, students at the First Moscow State Medical University filed a petition to ban homeopathic principles from being taught in medical schools. Russia’s Federal Customs Service also introduced new rules in November 2016, forcing manufacturers to prove the effectiveness of any homeopathic products that they wish to sell.

To this, I have little to add; perhaps just this: ABOUT TIME TOO!

19 Responses to Russian Academy of Sciences speaks out against homeopathy

  • Between the Yanks and Ruskies, this could turn the tide of the ‘war’.

  • The combined firepower of the United States, Russia, United Kingdom and Australia ‘commissions’ on homeopathy will drive it back underground again. If you think that this is an achievement then well done to you.

    • Greg said:

      The combined firepower of the United States, Russia, United Kingdom and Australia ‘commissions’ on homeopathy will drive it back underground again. If you think that this is an achievement then well done to you.

      What an odd statement. Are you suggesting homeopaths would willingly break the law to continue to ply their trade? Or do you think they should be above the law?

  • I love the Ernst credulity from Ruptly news. Russian section of Academy of Sciences was lobbied by pro Monsanto Alexander Panchin. The multi attacks coordinated from UK and USA are the best, homeopathy was strenghted, more orthodox journals can be accept homeopathy papers. Thank you Ernst and Alan Henness!

  • Unfortunately only committee and with bad reputation in Russia because they are compared to those who buned scientists at stake or starved them in prisons. But otherwise you can be member of academia and vocal supporter of the homeopathy, you can get your PhD by defending Homeopathy (at least it is one of the main “arguments” I have heard during debates between critics and supporters of homeopathy in Russia). .

  • Are u doctors or are u butchers.
    What difference does it make if anybody follows any pathy. Till the time we are curing human beings & doing a good job for the humanity.
    Ayurveda, Unani, Accupuncture, Allopathy, Homeopathy…………doctors should have a high regard for each & every pathy.
    All this is to serve HUMANITY.
    In fact, all sciences should be respected. Even people living in jungles have so much to teach the world. Why not learn from them.

    • “all sciences should be respected”
      I AGREE!
      and science shows that highly diluted homeopathic remedies are placebos.

    • “In fact, all sciences should be respected.” There is only one science; a process that systematically tests hypotheses for their truth and thus saves humanity from deceiving itself. Science finds most ‘pathies’ to be delusional.

      • Professor Odds, stating that science should be respected is like stating that the Sun is bright.

        This post from September 2016, had 6 comments, 3 of them from you. (50% Odds comments).

        10 months later, you have two successive comments on two of Edzard’s posts appearing on the comment sidebar today.

        With this prolific trend of comments, how is it that you opened an argument against me as being a ‘troll’?

        • Greg, I now have to agree, you’re probably not a troll (someone who disrupts normal, on-topic discussion, probably for their own amusement): you’re an idiot who can’t read. The post you link to had 7 comments, not 6 as you claim. Of my own three, one was a correction to a typo. And the post had six pingbacks, which score as comments, which is why the comments section is headed “13 responses”.

          Your comments (including this one) are frequently off-topic and uncomprehending. “Professor Odds, stating that science should be respected is like stating that the Sun is bright.” This demonstrates you are not capable of reading my comment either in context — as a response to the preceding one, from Avaneesh.C.Kaushik — or noticing that the words you are sarcastically demeaning (and amending: the original said “all sciences“) came from Kaushik, not from me. And, by the way, prolific commenting is NOT the same as trolling. Making asinine remarks purely to provoke a reaction IS.

          By the way, you also seem not to understand the purpose of the progressive indentation of the comments on this blog: each level of indentation indicates a direct reply to the comment at the previous level. I notice you often ignore this system, responding to a previous comment by starting a new one at top indentation level.

          Apologies for submitting an ad hominem comment, but Greg has already earned a similar reaction from others.

          • Finally, you get something right, it is 3/7 comments, well done for doing a recount. This is still a high comment rate for one post but it did not strike you that perhaps you are the idiot for requesting: ‘forcible encouragement to take his trolling elsewhere’?

            The other thing: Professor Odds it is unlikely that you read every POST and every COMMENT despite your high comment rate: this means that you may miss some of the thread of continuity in my comment logic, or do you read every post and every comment?

  • Professor Odds, I forgot to mention that I found this comment of yours unnecessary and inappropriate, and to use your phrase: uncomprehending.

    Frank Odds: Could giving birth to a future homeopath be described as a ‘conceivable stupidity’?

    S. Cox MD followed your comment with: or conception of a sociopath!

    (Source: Over-sexed, under-sexed)

    It is ‘fascinating’ to read some of the comments here that inform the mindset of some people associated with conventional medicine, but, considering the above, it is ludicrous for you to be lecturing others on what they write.

  • Where can I obtain a copy of the full, original Russian report?

    I would like to translate it into English professionally.

    I will share it once translated if you like.

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