The Scotsman reported that David Tredinnick, the somewhat feeble-minded Tory MP for Bosworth, has been at it again. Apparently he said that many of his constituents are only alive today because they have been treated with alternative medicine.

Tredennick recently urged ministers to spend more NHS money on alternative therapies such as homeopathy and acupuncture to treat patients. It seems to me that, for him and other quackery promoters, evidence and science are issues beyond comprehension. Mr Tredinnick also disclosed the fact that he received acupuncture at a Chinese medical clinic just before the Commons debate on cancer strategy – a regular treatment he credits with keeping him healthy.

Tredennick told his fellow MPs: “I was talking there to practitioners about what they are able to do for cancer patients, and there is actually a very long list of types of cancer that can be treated using traditional Chinese herbal medicine.“ One, cervical cancer, two, non-Hodkins lymphoma, three, HIV, four, colon cancer, five… six, breast cancer, seven, prostate cancer. And so the list goes on. “I have in my constituency several constituents who I believe are alive today because they have used Chinese medicine.“ And the reason for that is what it does is it strengthens your system, and it strengthens the immune system, and it is very effective after cancer treatment. It deals with particular symptoms.”

This is by no means the first outburst of quackery-promotion by the Right Honourable Gentleman. I have a whole selection of quotes from him which I sometimes use for amusing my audience during public lectures. Because amusing he is; Tredennick seems to be utterly devoid of rational thought when it comes to the subject of alternative medicine, and often his statements make for comedy gold. This time, however, he might be sailing closer to the wind than he perhaps realizes: Under English law, it is an offence to claim that any treatment can cure cancer, I believe.

We all had to learn to laugh about unethical and dangerous nonsense the ‘Tredennicks of this world’ regularly claim about alternative medicine. Laughing is the only solution for coping with such idiocy, I am afrid. If we don’t laugh, we have to consider taking it seriously – and this is a truly frightening prospect, particularly considering that this guy actually sits in parliament and has the power to influence our lives.

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  • The Scotsman article quotes Tredinnick:

    “I was talking there to practitioners about what they are able to do for cancer patients, and there is actually a very long list of types of cancer that can be treated using traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

    “One, cervical cancer, two, non-Hodkins lymphoma, three, HIV, four, colon cancer, five… six, breast cancer, seven, prostate cancer.

    Tredinnick thinks HIV is a type of cancer??? And what was number five?

  • A cherry picked blog as usual! For a balanced view read the full commons debate at:

    • your little snipe is misplaced and, at best, applies to the article from The Scotsman that I quoted fully.

      • Perhaps you should act like a professional and check the facts at source before making insulting remarks about a man of integrity!

        • I have read the original; and it is – if anything – more crazy than what the Scotsman reported.

          • Hear! hear!

            We already know that camists gang up on cancer patients like vultures round a corpse. Tredinnick, who definitely seems not to be the brightest LED on the Christmas tree (to put it very mildly), is encouraging the practice in his remarks.

            Of course, nobody wishes to belittle the awful experience of cancer and the often severe side-effects of the therapies. And, of course, a touch of earnest sympathy accompanied, if necessary, by an element of pseudo-medical hocus pocus may produce short-term relief in a few people, as the evidence suggests. But to argue this somehow justifies massive public expenditure and recognition of nonsensical ideas as some form of reality is surely a step too far.

          • From the Commons debate report, another marvellous display of pure ignorance from the Right Hon. member for Bosworth:

            There is a crisis in this country with antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance—we are not getting new antibiotics into the pipeline—and part of the problem is that we are trying to create new drugs while also trying to reduce antibiotic use.


            There is a range of other therapies that can help patients stay away from antibiotics.

            Try telling that to a patient with sepsis, syphilis or Streptococcal cellulitis (to name three serious infections beginning with ‘s’). Tredinnick’s blind faith in pseudo-medicine indicates his shallowness, silliness and stupidity (to name three insults beginning with ‘s’).

        • ‘man of integrity’?
          was he not involved in the ‘cash for question’ affair?

        I think he’s an absolutely prime example of the argument that what we need is more education applies only if people are actually educable.
        I remember interviews when Ken Ham’s ‘Creationist’ theme park opened in the US.
        One slack- jawed girl, when asked about the theory of evolution, replied ‘We had it in school, but I wasn’t convinced’.
        It’s the brainless narcissism of that last bit that does it for me.
        As to Colin the Homeopathic Bobby- since he likes to insist that the ‘ Truth About Cancer’ film is something of an argument clincher on this matter, and then admits he hasn’t seen it himself, I think it’s obvious that any criticism from him relating to the truth or otherwise of the reporting of the Tredinnick debate, or anything else, has to be treated with a little scepticism.
        As to Tredinnick’s own statements about homeopathic cancer cures- surely this is an instance where the line, in legal terms, has been crossed?
        And let’s not forget that this idiot and others were allowed to speak on this kind of nonsense at tthe Glastonbury Festival. Which brings Michael Eavis into question I would have thought.

    • He´s at it again… in relation to cancer, yesterday:

      The fool on those who call him and his wacky beliefs out:

      “It is a great tragedy that a tiny number of people, whom I regard at best as foolish and at worst as wicked, are trying to erase the tiny sum of money—£500 million—spent on homeopathy in the health service. Without looking at the benefits, they argue that it is a waste of money.”

      Tredinnick does not supply ´balance´, rather, he is imbalanced.

    • @Colin

      Yes, reading the whole thing does emphasise that Tredinnick is just as clueless as he always is, doesn’t it?

  • Also- is it really acceptable for someone who serves on medical committees to refer, in a slightly mystified way, to ‘something called evidence- based medicine’, much as a Daily Mail reader might speak of ‘something called ‘Pop Music’?

  • If an MP says something in Parliament there is no recourse to law so you’d have to get him saying this stuff outside the House of Commons.

  • The title ‘Right Honourable’ applies only to members of Her Majesty’s Privy Council, which DT is not.
    His initials may be apposite.

    Sorry to be pedantic.

    Treddinick may of course be ‘Right deluded’, but ad hominem is wasted on him.

    I will write to him and ask for the evidence which he has and which has pursuaded him the methods he advocates have valilidity.
    It could just be he is corrupt and seeking to promote unsubstantiated methods in order to gain benefit for himself in some way.
    I will ask him to clarify.

  • “somewhat feeble-minded Tory MP ” tautology.

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