In real medicine, most doctors view telephone consultations as highly problematic and would use them but in emergency situations or when there is no realistic other choice. Not so in homeopathy! Here telephone consultations are actively promoted my many – many who have a financial interest in it, that is.

Take this press-release, for instance; I have slightly abbreviated the text but abstained from correcting the many mistakes to give you a realistic impression of the high standard of the firm offering it.


Solviva Health is an online treatment initiative based on…  homeopathy. Since homeopathy’s introduction by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, the popularity of this system is growing day by day [1]. According to World Health Organization, homoeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world [1]. India is one among the top nations to adopt this technique of curing and describes it as a natural way of healing. Solviva Health is an online homeopathic treatment platform that interacts with their patients through online initiatives like emails, video conferencing, web chat, telephonic and all other possible communication sources. The main motto of this initiative is to provide medical services not only to the local people of Mohali but also to extend the reach of this quality treatment to rest of India & all across the world. It’s one amongst very few genuine platforms to avail the world class homeopathic medical services without visiting the doctors…

Whenever you need an expert guidance, the doctor is just a phone call away.

The medical team present under SolvivaHealth is well-known personalities in their respective field. The clinic specializes in Allergies, Polycystic ovarian disease, Female disorders, Rheumatoid arthritis, Joint problems & Child disorders. Suppose, “Before a specified team of doctors has to handle a particular case, the patient can check all the doctors’ detail for testimonial verifications, which are available online on the official website.” As per many sources, homeopathic treatment do not have side-effects and one of the safe & reliable way to tackle Allergies, Asthma, Female Disorders which are usually not having any cure in Allopathy… “Solviva Health provides the much awaited first Indian homeopathy online consultancy treatment services, which allows you to get all the precise treatment at the comfort of your home.”

Solviva Health is one of the first of it’s kind in India that offers treatment via online or telephonic interactions between doctors and patients. They have successfully completed 3 years in offering quality homeopathic treatment services with a patient satisfaction rate of 95%.


I am sure that Hahnemann would be turning in his Parisian grave, if he knew about this. He and most of his followers have always stressed the importance of taking a long and detailed history during an empathetic, personal encounter with the patient.

But there is another important aspect here to consider: telephone consultations are by definition devoid of any physical examination of the patient by the clinician. I know that, generally speaking, homeopaths attach much less importance to physically examining their patients. I always have found this odd and borderline negligent. To omit them completely is no longer borderline but crosses the line into unethical behaviour, I think.

To me, it seems as though Solviva Health (and all the other firms that offer homeopathy by telephone) have found a method of maximising their income, while minimising the already meagre benefit of homeopathy. As we all know, if homeopathy has any positive effects on patients, it is through the personal encounter with an empathetic clinician. Telephone services are likely to be far less effective than fact-to-face consultations at building constructive therapeutic relationships.

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  • The other positive is the good chance of avoiding heavy metal poisoning from taking other Indian folk medications. Can one pay with a homeopathic check?

  • Oh Dear, Oh Dear!! I have just accidentally found this site. Here is the key to your misunderstanding of homoeopathy and other ‘energetic’ approaches to good health. Take a deep breath, then do the research, prepare for a major mind opening.

    We are NOT physical beings, we are ENERGY beings, experiencing ‘life’ through the physical body. We have a human energy field around our physical body, approx two to three feet in circumference, this can be photographed, measured and felt with the hands. The field is influenced by our emotions, which are a set of frequencies and by our mind, ditto. The field is the first aspect where imbalance is created, the last aspect that it shows in is the physical body. This is ancient knowledge, nothing to do with ‘new age’, and offers an accurate understanding of how health conditions are created. Study of the physical affects only, as found in science and medicine, is incomplete, misleading and utterly restrictive.

    Homoeopathy is ENERGY medicine, the more it is diluted from the original substance, the more powerful it is. FORGET scientific ignorance which misunderstands that no substance means no effects!! Carefully chosen specific frequencies, in the form of homoeopathic substances have been proven to rebalance the original imbalance in the energy field, thereby treating the CAUSE and not the effect as allopathic approaches do.

    The users of homoeopathy observe, with stunned incredulity, the deeply ingrained ignorance of those who have decided to deny the worth of a long-established approach, which has been used around the world for over a century. Leaving aside the possibility that sites such as this are founded and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry, perhaps the causative emotion for such attack is based on an inability to consider wider aspects that do not fit the restrictive,one pointed, medical model, and the self development that will grow from that?

    Is the main pledge of medical training not ‘first, do not harm’ ??? Homoeopathy does not harm as it rebalances.

    As a personal note, I have worked in various ways with the human energy field for forty years, as have countless others, my family have used homoeopathy for fifty years, as have countless others, with huge success.

    Please educate yourselves.

  • If I take my homeopathic tablets with a glass of water, doesn’t this cock-up the formulae?

  • hi!

    just read the post , i live in india and working. My schedule is 9:00 am to 10:30 pm as living in metro city there is 3 hrs of travelling.

    Hope you understand there is no scope of reaching a doctor for consultation , either i have to take a off from my office??
    I am sure there are many in my category…..
    devoiding yourself from the treatment is not a good idea and in these cases online consultations do help.
    Many years back i had severe allergies and got treated through online consultation portal.
    if we talk face to face consultation…. my friend how many time you have been physically examined before prescription in a homeopath’s clinic

    secondly, the online portals are not offering acute treatments,they are offering cures for chronic illness where investigation reports matters even if you visit an allopathic, homeopathic or an ayurvedic doctor

    Think apply minds before writing what ever is coming to your mind

    • “they are offering cures…”
      “Think apply minds before writing what ever is coming to your mind”

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