Anyone who really wants to get an insight into the ‘homeopathic mind-set’ should read the regular newsletter ‘HOMEOPATHY 4 EVERYONE’. Its current issue is focussed on cardiology. An article on coronary heart disease, a condition that kills about 40% of the population, informs us how homeopaths tackle this killer-disease:

If anything permanent is to be accomplished by treatment, a most careful examination of the individual case must be made. Not the attack alone, but the habits of the patient, his family history and environments must all be studied in every possible light. In the management, each case must be considered separately and the causes that excite an attack sought after. Many of these patients already have recognized the cause in their own case and often it is some irregularity of diet, exercise or mental condition. Many times it is not an easy matter to control the mental state, as the worry and strain of business life presses upon many of these patients, and is responsible for many cases of arterial degeneration that give rise to apoplexy, Bright ‘s disease, aneurysm or angina pectoris. The age and occupation of the patient, and the condition of the vascular system should be taken into consideration.

Following an attack the condition of the heart may require absolute rest, from a day to a week or more; this is especially true if the attacks are precipitated by a slight degree of exercise, which shows that the heart is not able to propel the blood under anything but normal conditions. Under no condition should quick movements and strong emotions be associated. Steady quiet exercise as walking upon level ground is beneficial. If the cardiac weakness is such as to forbid this, massage, or the resistance exercise of the Schott’s method may be tried. This exercise should not follow immediately after a meal.

But this is not all. There are plenty more papers on life-threatening cardiac conditions. Take the article on pericarditis for instance. This is how homeopaths are told how to treat this medical emergency:

Remedies that may be indicated are as follows: If traumatic, Arnica. For the inflammatory outset, Aconite or Vera- trum viride. The anguish of Aconite distinguishes its inflammation from that attending the stupor of Veratrum. For the pain Bryonia or Spigelia. They may be indicated in this order, Bryonia for the first stage and Spigelia for the subsequent myalgia. In these cases there may be met with indications for Belladonna (its flushed face), Arsenicum (dyspnoea on lying down), Digitalis (its weak pulse), Cactus (severe myalgia) or Kali carb (stitching pains). General symptoms may call for Colchicum, Aesculus, Kali iod., Cimicifuga, Kahnia, Squilla

A further article tackles diseases of the blood vessels. The article on thrombosis informs the homeopath that

Thrombosis is a blocking of the local circulation either spontaneously, after injuries or from slow and imperfect circulation forming a clot. In thrombosis the part becomes pale and edematous. The remedies are Aconite for first stage. Hamamelis, Lachesis or Lycopodium may be indicated. If suppuration threatens Sulphur or Hepar.  Rest and a supporting diet.

The same article also tells us how to treat aneurysms:

Select the remedy carefully. Lycopodium 12 has cured aneurism of the carotid (Hughes). If the attack is due to a sudden strain or injury, Arnica; if from fear or fright, Aconite; if from syphilis, Mercurius, Kali hydr. or Nitric acid; if from alcoholism, Arsenicum or Nux vomica; if from fatty degeneration, Phosphorus; if from fibrous inflammation and degeneration, Bryonia; if there is great arterial excitement and delirium, Veratrum viride; if circulation sluggish, Digitalis. Secale has cured aneurism. Consult Carbo veg., Spigelia. See Heart Therapeutics.

After reading the entire issue, I was not sure whether this wasn’t a hoax. Are we supposed to laugh or to cry? Personally I did giggle a lot while reading this. But if I imagine for a minute that some homeopaths might take this seriously, I am not far from crying.

17 Responses to And this is how homeopaths kill cardiac patients

  • How fortunate we are to have homeopaths to provide these profound insights. Who knew that heart attacks can result from lifestyle choices? Of course no reality-based doctor would *ever* talk about lifestyle with a cardiac patient, they just push some pills, right? They never advise the patient to stop smoking and drinking, take up exercise or whatever. Except that Dr. Phil Hammond. He says most people are better off with a dog than a doctor. I think it’s fair to say that they are also better off with a dog than with a homeopath.

    • I prefer dogs to humans but dogs cannot cure pneumonia, sepsis or appendicitis. Dogs can cure and prevent more illnesses and misery than any homeopath. Too bad we do not have enough watch dogs in our legislatures to protect the world from Alternative pseudo complementary health care fakes. This sounds like a story from the 1600’s.

  • The last paragraph especially reads almost as a Mediaeval tract.

  • I find the advice sounds much like any doctor would have recommended in 1830. I wonder if the first article is original or lifted from the Lancet of 1830?

    I hope the issue is a hoax. Otherwise perhaps we could get them to treat patients whose families have a long tradition of feuds?

  • Thrombosis is …

    … If suppuration threatens Sulphur or Hepar. Rest and a supporting diet.

    This is beyond insane!

  • How many cardiac patients do homeopaths see? Are there really patients who say “Oops, chest pain. A&E or homeopath? Eeny-meenie-mini-mo”.

  • Steady on folks!

    The angina article dates from the 1901 book “Diseases of the Heart” by Alexander L. Blackwood, and Thomas C Duncan, the author of the Pericarditis article, died in 1902.

    Obviously homeopaths would never give such irresponsible advice these days.

    Oh no, wait, sorry, they would – . It seems nothing changes.


  • And Big Pharma never killed anyone… you fraud… where’s your article about the millions of people they kill a year.. disgusting deceiver!

    • THANKS!
      always nice to learn one is being appreciated.

    • NMax: my daughter is a PhD chemist for a large pharma company. I am very disappointed to discover she has been killing people behind our backs! We obviously don’t approve of murder….excepting of course homeopaths and chiropractors. Do you have names….we will turn her in to the authorities as soon as you contact us.

    • NMax, is this some kind of argumentation to allow homeopaths to delay or skip proper treatment for patients with serious conditions?

  • Nobody’s killed more patients than MD’s & Big Pharma… Queen Elizabeth has been utilizing homeopathy most of her life as has Prince Charles… the Queen is what 90+ now — seems to be working well for her… Why don’t you spend a minute warning people of all the deaths from pharmaceuticals or the zillions of side effects that destroy quality of life and keep people on a steady stream of Big Pharma for life – start with one and eventually need 10 to stay alive and $3,000 a month later are dead broke… Sickening lies about homeopathy aren’t going to work… too many people have woke up to their effectiveness and lack of consequences compared to Big Pharma… Go get your paycheck for attacking alternatives…

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