The madness of some homeopaths who claim they can cure cancer has irritated me and others repeatedly, for instance here and here. Many apologists of homeopathy say that responsible homeopaths would never make such a claim. They may be right – but the sad reality is than there are far too many irresponsible homeopaths.

This article by Dr Pankaj Aggarwal, a ‘senior homeopathic physician’, marks in my view a new record in homeopathic ineptitude and irresponsibility. Here is an excerpt (it seems that the actual article has disappeared; luckily I saved it before):

“In homeopathy, non-toxic medicines are used to treat this cancer. There are no side-effects associated with homeo medicines for cervical cancer. If this problem is diagnosed at earlier stages, it becomes easier to treat and takes very less time. In advanced stages, more time is required to improve the situation. It is actually possible to treat cancer with homeopathic medicines. In fact, homeopathy is the only treatment method that can completely cure this disease. There are different approaches to treat this disease in homeopathy. Good homeo practitioners usually use a combination of these approaches while treating a cancer patient.

Treatment Approach 1

The first philosophy to treat cancer is to directly target the cancer tumors. In this way, the practitioner selects the proper medicines that match the symptom picture of tumors. An example of such medicine is Conium Maculatum, which can be used to treat immovable, hard and slowly developing tumors. In this approach, other symptoms of patient are also taken into consideration and are treated. This approach targets tumors and reverses their growth to the point where they no more exist or become harmless.

Treatment Approach 2

The second or indirect approach is to strengthen the cell detoxification process and eliminative channels of patients like liver, lymphatic system, urinary tract and kidneys. From this approach, the homeopathy practitioner uses low potency drainage remedies that detoxify particular substances like heavy metals or target particular body systems. The particular medicines used for this drainage is selected after thorough analysis of the particular cancer case.

Treatment Approach 3

In this approach, a complete interview of the patient’s emotional, physical, and mental symptoms is conducted. After that, best matching remedies are selected to address the complete constitution of the patient. Most of the times these homeopathy medicines will affect and target the cancer tumors directly. This treatment, if done properly, can result in complete removal of cancer tumors, resulting in full recovery.”


The facts about homeopathy are very clear and tell a totally different story:

  • the assumptions that underpin homeopathy are implausible,
  • homeopathic remedies usually are far too dilute to have any effects whatsoever,
  • there is no evidence to support any of the above claims,
  • believing such claims will almost inevitably cause great harm to patients.


51 Responses to Homeopathy for cancer? Not again! No, no no!!!

  • It’s the 99% of delusional charlatans who let the 1% of responsible homeopathists down every time.

    • Are those just the 0.9% who are scientifically illiterate or do you include the 0.1% knowingly committing fraud? (rough guess on the ratios there)

    • What do you mean by responsible? A homeopath who are telling himself: oh, I am not milking absolutely healthy patient, because if I do not give him plain water/sugar, he will certainly find some dishonest “allopath”who will prescribe him unnecessary meds?

  • …responsible homeopathists…

    Did I miss something??

  • Well, you can believe what you like, Mr Enrst, but I once had terminal cancer. The docs gave me chemotherapy and radiotherapy and all that did was make me feel sicker. Then I visited a homeopath and he prescribed 30C cacca di vacca three times a day. Almost immediately my tumor started regressing and now I’ve survived for 40 years.

    [Just anticipating one kind of ‘evidence’ that will be offered to contest the outspoken hostility to homeopathy contained in this blog post.]

    • What do you mean by “made you feel sicker”? Anyway feelings is not the main thing that matters during the cancer treatment. What matters are lab and radiology results.

      • I mean it made me fell sicker than I already did. What do you want? Precise details? That’s what’s wrong with skeptics. Always wanting details so they can pick holes in the story. Just like the people at Lourdes who refuse to register miracles without massive supporting evidence: as if peoples’ word isn’t good enough!

        • I feel like you are joking here. Cacca di vacca really? You had terminal cancer and water cured it? Saying peoples words should be enough proof for anything? Either you are insanely stupid and should go back to primary school or you are joking.

          • Errm… welcome to the blog. Yes, I was joking: read the words within the square brackets in my first comment.

      • There are always side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy which are not as simple as feeling a bit light headed.

    • Anecdotal testimonies are the backbone of faith healers and fraud.

    • I’m sorry but cacca di vacca makes me smile. I don’t speak Italian but I’m Portuguese and also speak two other latin languages fluently, Spanish and French, and I could SWEAR cacca di vacca is, literally, cow shit.
      Cacca looks like caca (French), caca (Spanish) and cocó (Portuguese)
      Vacca looks like vaca (Portuguese), vaca (Spanish) and vache (French).
      Why would cow shit help cure cancer?

    • Ups didnt read the square brackets sorry

  • Homeopaths treat the whole person and not Cancer. There is nothing any of you can do about Homeopaths taking a case and giving homeopathic remedies to people with Cancer. So long as no claims to treat Cancer are made.

    • Justpassing said:

      Homeopaths treat the whole person and not Cancer.

      Well, that’s their frequent claim…

      There is nothing any of you can do about Homeopaths taking a case and giving homeopathic remedies to people with Cancer. So long as no claims to treat Cancer are made.

      Oh so wrong.

      • Alan
        Please show me cases of homeopaths treating people with Cancer who have been prosecuted under the Cancer Act. where no claims to cure Cancer have been made. No marketing to cure Cancer has been made.

    • @Justpassing

      You wrote: “So long as no claims to treat Cancer are made.” Did you read the original post? This homeopath, like many, is claiming to do precisely that.

      You wrote: “Homeopaths treat the whole person and not Cancer.” So why are pharmacists and ‘health’ stores allowed to sell homeopathic medicines water directly to customers? Surely only a homeopath can can decide which homeopathic medicine type of water will treat the whole person?

    • Homeopaths treat the whole person and not Cancer.

      Homeopaths treat nothing. They only provide make-believe conversation and useless make-believe pills.
      If you have any evidence that I am wrong, please provide it instead of unsubstantiated claims.

      • You don’t get it. Homeopaths say they treat the whole person. I am not arguing whether they do or not. However, by saying that they treat the whole person they can then legally treat people with Cancer. Only those homeopaths making claims to treat Cancer can be prosecuted. Do you get it now?

  • I once met a homeopath who was convinced she had cured someone of skin cancer. It turned out that the woman she thought she had cured had had several months of radiation therapy after which according to the homeopath you could see the cancer was still there. But having been treated with a homeopathic ointment for several months went back to the hospital for some tests an lo and behold was told the cancer had gone.

    The interesting thing was that she simply would not consider any alternative explanations. Maybe the “cancer” she has seen was scarring from the radiation therapy. Maybe these wounds do tend to heal up whether you put homeopathic ointment on them or not. Why rely on the hospital’s opinion about whether the cancer was gone; couldn’t you just see whether this were the case? etc.. Her final piece of evidence was a testimonial I could read on her web site. Hmm… I suppose that settles it then!

  • Here’s my treatment for cancer: no treatment. Die in peace.

  • I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 4 last August. It was spread in lymph nodes,liver, and brain(left side). It was no hope . Gladly doctors told that, I refuse to chemotherapy and steroids. Choose seizures stopped in two weeks,scan was done in April this year. Brain is clean. Liver just shade. Still more to do. Its working. Fact!

    • I am very pleased for you and hope you recover fully.
      but I can also assure you of one thing: this has NOTHING to do with the homeopathic remedies they gave you!

      • I would not necessarily disagree with the decision not to have chemotherapy, radiotherapy or steroids for stage IV cervical cancer with brain metastases, particularly as standard treatment has limited effectiveness in this situation, and is aimed primarily at relieving symptoms and temporarily reducing the tumour burden. However, each component of the treatment should ideally be discussed in detail with the oncologist and other members of the team before coming to an informed decision, and the door should be left open should the situation change (for instance common complications of this type of cancer such as hypercalcaemia and kidney obstruction can be readily dealt with provided that someone picks them up).

        All oncologists have seen spontaneous regressions, though so far the mechanism(s) have not been identified. There is research going on in this area, however.

        Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are blunt instruments, but they work well in many cases and we know a lot about how they work and how to use them. Over the years their use has been greatly refined.

        However, cancer research now is focusing on understanding what is going on at the genetic and molecular level within tumours and in their interplay with the immune system and other body systems. This has led to the recent development of many new, targeted drugs that are beginning to find their way into clinical use, and cancer treatment is changing rapidly as a result.

        It seems odd to me to accept the science and technology that gives us diagnostic MRI scans (which rely on how the behaviour of water molecules is affected by their surroundings and by magnetic fields) and then when it comes to treatment, to dismiss the same science and expect water molecules to behave quite differently at the behest of a homeopath.

  • in most cases, homeopathy can treat a patient independently well. What is the wrong if in few cases, homeopathy and Allopathy supplement each other?

  • Ausra wrote:

    I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 4 last August. It was spread in lymph nodes,liver, and brain(left side). It was no hope . Gladly doctors told that, I refuse to chemotherapy and steroids. Choose seizures stopped in two weeks,scan was done in April this year. Brain is clean. Liver just shade. Still more to do. Its working. Fact!

    It’s a true story, it will inspire me on the path of homeopathy

    • I am very pleased for you.
      spontaneous remissions or cures are very rare, but they do happen.

    • How do you know it is a true story?
      If it is true how do you know that homeopathy had anything to do with the remission?
      If it isn’t true, then it may be inspiring you to take unwise decisions.
      Remember there is a difference between what ought to be and what is.

  • As occurs so often, doctors tell cancer patients there is nothing more they can do to help them. Go home and get your affairs in order. Only a stubborn fool would not pursue an alternative approach to a cure.

    • really? that occurs often? in your dreams!

    • It is very seldom that there is nothing that can be done to help a cancer patient. In the case of incurable cancers, treatment aimed at reducing the cancer burden can prolong life and improve symptoms. Even in cases where there is no specific treatment that can do that, there are usually many things that can improve quality of life. Short courses of radiotherapy, for instance, are well tolerated and are often very effective at relieving cancer pain. Recognising and treating specific complications of tumours such as clotting disorders, hypercalcaemia and other metabolic effects can prevent a lot of suffering, and all the support systems associated with an oncology multidisciplinary team are there to help the patient manage themselves and cope with their situation.

      It takes a stubborn fool to turn their back on this and follow charlatans and liars who promise much that they cannot deliver.

  • Homeopathic is an ancient medicine and DOES work. People who say it is a placebo effect should take a real placebo and then compare to the homeopathic med.

    I have taken homeopathic for several diff things e.g gerd, migraines , cysts, ear ache, fevers and was completely cured

    • “Homeopathic is an ancient medicine”
      No it isn’t. It was invented by Samuel Hahnemann roughly 200 years ago.

      “and DOES work”
      Can you provide any evidence, other than anecdotal?

      “People who say it is a placebo effect should take a real placebo and then compare to the homeopathic med.”
      That has been done. In the more rigorously designed trials it has been shown to be equivalent to placebo. And don’t dismiss the power of the placebo effect.

      “I have taken homeopathic for several diff things e.g gerd, migraines , cysts, ear ache, fevers and was completely cured”
      1. What is gerd? I’m guessing gastrointestinal reflux disorder or something along those lines. The symptoms are usually due to an infection with Helicobacter pylorii.
      2. These conditions are generally self-limiting and would be expected to resolve of their own accord.

  • Hi edzard are you a medical doctor…i see lot of useless arguments here and nobody is addressing the real issues here..cancer is a multi billion dollar industry..there is a homoepathy practitioner in india who treated more than 40000 patients and wrote a book on cancer and its treatment of homoepathy..guess what..he was bribed for miilions of dollars to remove it from the bookstore..and he did that but didnt stop his practice..u can still find it in india…he was bribed by the USA pharmaceutical industry…when somenone here say he treat the whole body here…first let me say the best remedy of any diseases is not pain killer or any shit like chemo etc or antibiotics..the best remedy is the body mechanism itself..its immune system..what a homoe practitioner do is that it balance the body mechanism which was unbalance..then the body direct its vital energy the the wounded part like tumor or cancer and heal itself…your body is 10000000000000 time smarter than your server or smart phones…the body itself the the best cure…but all this is against the establishment the freemason…if cancer is cured it will directly affect the pharma..many people might lose their jobs..that how the government is govern…sad reality but truth…time to wake up..stop sleeping with eyes open…all the doctors who dont believe in alternative madecin have been brainwash and its not their faults…the book they have read in medical college is written by the pharma industry or drug industry…its just part of the system where we are the scapegoats…sad reality but truth..

    • this is one of the most deluded comments I read for a while; thank you

    • I am a medical doctor, and I find it hard to make any sense of what you are saying. I am not a Freemason. I am not in the pay of Big Pharma. The reason I read this blog and contribute posts to it is that I have a strong aversion to bullshit, and I have seen first-hand the damage that blind faith in alternative medicine can do.

      As an undergraduate studying medicine at Cambridge University I was taught anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology (i.e. the basic mechanisms of how drugs work), statistics, and I was lucky enough to have among my lecturers and tutors some of the researchers who had made important discoveries themselves in these areas. There was no input from the pharmaceutical industry.

      As a medical student studying clinical medicine at Westminster Medical School I was taught how to assess a patient, about disease processes, how to make a diagnosis, the principles of treatment, etc. Essentially the basics to enable me to practice safely as a junior doctor under the supervision of more senior colleagues. Again no input from the pharmaceutical industry.

      As a junior doctor working in various hospitals in and around London, I started learning in earnest – this phase is essentially an apprenticeship. I learnt primarily from my colleagues and from the many patients that I saw. The pharmaceutical industry would try to have some influence by supplying free pens, tourniquets, post-it notes etc. with their logos on, and by buying sandwiches for various meetings that occur in hospitals at mealtimes. I suppose it was at this point that I became aware of some of the branding of drugs. I also became aware of how effective the body is in healing itself (after all, for most of the millions of years over which life has evolved, there has been no medical care of any kind whatsoever). I learnt that doctors have to work with the body, not against it.

      As a trainee oncologist working in various oncology centres, again in and around London, I attended lectures at the Royal College of Radiologists, and learnt the practical skills of administering chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I learnt a lot about how cancers behave, and about how they affected the people who had them, as well as their families. The free sandwiches continued, but otherwise there was little influence from the pharmaceutical industry.

      As a consultant oncologist the pharmaceutical companies were able to push harder. They paid for me to attend international meetings, and they sponsored academic meetings closer to home. Where there were two similar alternative drugs, perhaps that influenced me to some extent to prescribe one rather than the other, though usually the hospital pharmacy did not stock alternatives since one was generally more cost-effective than the other. Mostly the presentations at these academic meetings were by independent experts and researchers, and the main thing that the drug companies achieved was to facilitate the dissemination of information. Of course if an independent clinical trial had shown a drug to be effective then it was in the interests of the manufacturers of that drug to ensure that I knew about it. I was also involved in a number of national and international clinical trials which had been set up by independent oncologists collaborating, though the pharmaceutical industry did contribute to the costs. By this time I was well aware of the tricks that companies use to try to influence doctors, and I can certainly recommend Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre if you want to read more about this.

      Of course as an oncologist I have continued learning throughout my career, and things change so quickly that I have found that if I am treating my patients the same way as I did last year then I am not keeping up with current research. This is more than can be said by the advocates of ancient wisdom. In particular I have learnt what I can do and what I can’t, and that I should never offer something that is not in my power to deliver. A big part of what I have been able to do for my patients is to enable them to understand clearly what is happening to them, and that even when they can’t be cured there is much that can be done to relieve pain and other symptoms, to improve their quality of life, and to control the cancer for a while to enable them to continue with normal life as much as possible. And by the way, there are many patients who I have been able to cure, with the help of my colleagues and the rest of the team.

      Meanwhile the whole landscape of oncology has been changing due to the development of the science of molecular biology, which has enabled researchers to work out in great detail what is going on within tumours at a molecular and genetic level, and how this interacts with the immune system, which is indeed many times smarter than a server or a smart phone and rivals the brain in complexity. This has led to the development of many new treatments and targeted drugs, with many more on the way.

      I am now retired as a result of having developed cancer myself (diagnosed two years ago), and without effective targeted therapy I would certainly not be here to write this post. I have continued following developments in my own area of specialisation (genitourinary tumours) and I think if I were well enough to go back to work I would be rather out-of date now.

      Coming back to alternative medicine, medical scientists and researchers have examined them all in detail, and where something has been found to work it becomes incorporated into normal medical practice. What remains as alternative is what has been shown not to work. To my mind much of it is akin to witchcraft, but I don’t believe in magic.

      I don’t think there is going to be a simple cure for cancer as such, as the term includes so many different disorders, and even within a single type (adenocarcinoma of the lung, for instance) each tumour is different, more so as you start to examine its genome and its immunological effects. The pharmaceutical industry knows that there is a lot of money to be made from effective treatment and there is no reason for them to suppress it. In any case, if the problem of cancer were solved, people would live long enough for something else to kill them, something else for Big Pharma to concentrate on.

      Sorry to ramble on, particularly in response to a post which, if I am charitable, reads like the ravings of a conspiracy theorist, and if I am being realistic, more closely resembles the word-salad of someone in the grip of an acute psychosis.

  • Homeopath saved my dog. Vet told me to put her down if i didn’t have the surgery for pyametra. I went to the health store an 6 to7months later she was healthy. Now she has a tumor and I’m gong right back to to get her med. Oh they work! Some ppl don’t realize that the med the doct prescribe the main ingredient is from the earth/plants( some ppl do they just want your money, it’s just a marketing scheme shame on you) Then they add there addictive poison to it messin up other organs so we come back to them. It’s all about the money. In sorry you waisted all those years in college then all those years to have to pay that college bill but your job isn’t safe either😂 . cause we are waking up an coming back to what GOD gave us. And you doc are no god your imitations. Your med are gmo of the real thing and have nerve to get mad when we don’t want your tampered with so called meds. No thank you! Give it to your kids and family since you pushing it So hard. Like we don’t know the meds is from the earth😂 why you mad? Oh cause you citedyour ducks before they hatched. Well tell your children/family to go get a job cause there ain’t nothing gonna be left for them cause we not coming to see the doct any more…😂😂😂. Reevaluate your life oh an enjoyit while you still can cause big Parma is not wanted anymore! Takin to us like we missed the boat😂 you missed the boat along time ago. You should of made a better decision like your peers and became a homeopathic Doc. You would of made more money an your conscious would have been clear. Nooo you followed the system. Well the system played you an you bout to pay for it. Better scare back on a few things like less vacations maybe sale a couple of houses might have to cut the cable off😂 soon. But don’t you dare touch the college fund/ retirement fund etc matter of fact with ww3 coming up you gonna be like every one else no bank account. So you better start learning about the herbs/plants GOD gave you so you will be able to survive in that time of trouble cause you won’t be takin this ssh then😂 Shalom

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