Yesterday, The Hinckley Times published a report on Parliament’s foremost medical expert which I take the liberty of reproducing below in a slightly shortened version.

Alternative therapy proponent David Tredinnick has pitched in with the possibility of complementary practitioners being the solution to the current A&E crisis. The Tory MP for Bosworth raised the issue with the Department of Health saying: “To ask the Secretary of State for Health, what assessment he has made of the potential contribution of regulated complementary and alternative medical practitioners to reducing demands on the NHS.” The question came against the backdrop of the nation’s casualty departments being swamped with new cases since Christmas.

Despite Mr Tredinnick’s pleas his faith in less mainstream medical care was not supported by Government health chiefs. In a written answer to the former Grenadier Guardsman, the Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Health, Daniel Poulter, said: “Practitioners of complementary and alternative medicines are not subject to statutory regulation. A working group has been established to consider a number of matters relating to the use of herbal and traditional medicines by practitioners. I know my hon. Friend is a member of this working group. “The findings of the working group will be published in due course, once it has finished its work. Until that working group has reported, no assessment can be made of the contribution of such practitioners to reducing demands on the National Health Service.”

Just days before in the House of Commons, Mr Tredinnick was apparently slapped down by a fellow Conservative MP and GP Sarah Wollaston when he called for a homeopathic flu vaccine to be given to people at risk this winter. Making the suggestion in his role as a member of the Health Select Committee he was rebuked by Mrs Wollaston, the chairman of the group, who distanced herself and said she would “personally be horrified” if his view was taken up.

Mr Tredinnick’s Liberal Democrat opponent councillor Michael Mullaney, said: “Dr Sarah Wollaston is a highly respected GP and Conservative MP whose background in the health service makes her someone who should be listened to on health issues. Unlike Mr Tredinnick, who has no formal medical training, yet constantly tries to tell doctors how to do their job. “If even Dr Wollaston, a fellow Conservative MP, is saying David Tredinnick is wrong and should be ignored, it is time he listened and stopped opening his mouth on things he knows nothing about. Mr Tredinnick has told doctors not to operate on a full moon and told GPs to use patients’ horoscopes when they come for consultations. With his way out views, Mr Tredinnick is increasingly becoming a joke even to his fellow Conservative MPs. How can he represent the people of Hinckley and Bosworth when even his own fellow Conservative MPs are condemning his views?”

Cllr Mullaney’s remarks relate to an episode in the Commons in October 2009 when Mr Tredinnick said blood didn’t clot when there was a full moon and more recently when the MP advocated the integration of astrology into the NHS.

I am deeply saddened by this unfair opposition to my friend Tredinnick. Finally, we have someone in Parliament who shows us a way out of the crisis and all we can do is to slap him down! Just think how much we could gain from his innovations:

  • crystal healers and Reiki masters could take the pressure off A+E departments throughout the country;
  • homeopathic vaccinations would protect us all from Ebola and other nasty infections;
  • astrology could replace expensive screening programs which are of disputed value anyway.

I find it truly depressing to realise that we live in a time where great visionaries like Tredinnick are viciously belittled and their progressive messages ignored. We certainly do this at our very own peril! To me it is clear that none other than BIG PHARMA is behind this deplorable development.

I for one urge the good citizens of Bosworth to continue voting for this genius, and I vow to plead with the next prime minister to make Tredinnick secretary of health – this shrewd move would significantly strengthen the Tory’s effort to save out National Health Service for the benefit of us all.

11 Responses to A medical visionary working tirelessly for the benefit of us all

  • Shurely ‘Natural Health Service’ …? (last line)

  • I do hope casual readers here understand the operation of Poe’s Law!


  • I demand an immediate full and frank investigation into the benefits of reiki for haemorrhoids!

  • I must admit the recent and ongoing debate in my artist’s group about homeopathy gives me pause in respect to this Tredinnick character. I honestly had to debate grown people with college degrees on homepathy and *ebola*. People I’ve known and trusted for years. So of course Tredinnick is ridiculous in the extreme, but given the state of affairs, he’s also deadly dangerous. When I wrote and published a science fiction story called “Troubadoure” in 1999 about a religious & esoteric takeover of central Europe in the foreseeable future, I didn’t know this would sound borderline probable in 2015.

    • I could not agree more! I see my new book A SCIENTIST IN WONDERLAND my new book as an argument in the same direction.

      • As an author I don’t know what I’ve achieved in this respect, either on a serious note or by way of comedy. In one of my books I even took a mixed approach. Truth be told the effects have been limited to nonexistent. I sure wish you more success, because consequences will be dire if reason loses even more ground than it has lost already.

  • I love irony and satire, but be careful what you wish for.

    The plan fact is the good burghers of Bosworth have elected DT to represent them.
    And worse – other MPs have elected him as their representative to the Health Committee and Science and Technology Committee.
    They really should know better.

    I know DT served in the First Regiment of Foot (or Grenadier) Guards.
    Perhaps he has PTSD.
    If so, he has my sympathy.

    IMHO we all should do all we can to support the best alternative candidate for Bosworth in the forthcoming general election.
    Who is?
    Can anyone help me here?

    Note that bankrupts and certified lunatics are not permitted to stand for parliament…..

  • The question is. why on earth does the local constituency Conservative party keep on selecting this man? Surely it cannot be that everyone in Bosworth accepts his cranky views? If he were not in Parliament he would not get half as much converage as he does; so it is up to any reader who is in the Bosworth area to educate their fellow citizens and get this man chucked out in May. He is wasting an awful lot of public money by forcing others to spend Parliamentary time discussing his nonsensical opinions.

  • The one valid point that Tredinnick makes, albeit indirectly, is that demands on the NHS need to be reduced. It has been stated (apologies, no reference) that the majority of GP consultations are unnecessary. If this is even partially true, then effective patient education would reduce the pressure on primary health care at least

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