If you have diabetes, chances are that you need life-long treatment. Before effective anti-diabetic medications became available, diabetes amounted to a death sentence. Fortunately, these times are long gone.

…unless, of course, you decide to listen to the promises of alternative practitioners many of whom offer a cure for diabetes. Here is just one website of hundreds that does just that. The following is an abbreviated quote where I have changed nothing, not even the numerous spelling mistakes:

Modern medicine has no  permanent cure for diabetes but alternative medicines like yoga ,mudra,ayurveda is very useful to control and even cure diabetes.Ayurveda is an alternative medicine to cure diabetes.

Alternative medicine like ayurveda is a best to cure diabetes naturally.
A serious disorder of the glands,of pancreas to be exact,is diabetes,or madhumeha as described in ayurveda.It is one of the most insidious disorders of the metabolism and,if left undiagnosed or untreated,it may lead to rapid emaciation and ultimately death…
Ayurveda medicines to cure diabetes
In ayurveda the following medicines have been recommended for this disease
Shiljita ————————–240 mg
Nyagrodadhi churna ———3 gm
These should be given twice after meals with decoction of arni.
Vasantakusumakara rasa —120 mg
Shudha Shilajit ————–240 mg
Nag Bhasma —————–120 mg
Haldi ————————–500 mg
Amlaki Churna ————-500 mg
Twice daily with powder of rose-apple stones.Twice daily with honey.
Chadraprabha  Vati ——– 500 mg
Mudra the alternative treatment to cure diabetes naturally
Mudra is a non medical and no cost treatment to cure diabetes.You can perform mudras at any time or any position.It is an effective way of treatment you can get better result if you practice it regularly .

It goes without saying that none of these treatments would cure diabetes. A Cochrane review concluded that there is insufficient evidence at present to recommend the use of these interventions in routine clinical practice. It also goes without saying that not many patients would fall for the nonsense proclaimed on this or so many other websites. But even just one single patient dying because of some charlatan promising a cure for life-threatening diseases is one patient too many.

6 Responses to Alternative medicines to die for

  • Edzard wrote: “But even just one single patient dying because of some charlatan promising a cure for life-threatening diseases is one patient too many.”

    Here’s an adaptation of The Star Thrower (aka the “starfish story”) that compels me to speak out against quackery…

    One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a girl gently throwing stranded starfish into the ocean. He asked her: “What are you doing?”

    The girl replied: “Throwing starfish back into the ocean. If I don’t throw them back they will die.”

    The man said: “Don’t you realize that there are many thousands of stranded starfish along this beach? You can’t possibly make a significant difference.”

    The girl picked up another starfish and threw it back into the ocean. She said to the man: “But I have made a difference to that one.”

  • Here’s another ‘one too many’:

     Will be interesting to see what the proponents of chiropractic neck-wringing say about this one. Let’s guess at some:

    “Anecdotal evidence doesn’t count”
    “Wasn’t a properly trained chiro”
    “It was a physiotherapist, not a chiropractor”
    “Just happened to be at the chiro’s office, would have happened anyway”
    “Turned his head sharply to look at the chiropractor’s assistant, a buxom girl named ‘Susanne’, and tore his VBA”
    “Probably had Ehler’s Danlos syndrome”
    “The Cassidy study says it didn’t happen”
    “Nothing compared to the 80.000/200.000/400.000/800.000 (you choose) killed by medicine”
    and so on…

  • There are areas where only the medical science and not alternative medicine can come to the rescue of the patient. Similarly , there are certain diseases ,which , though regarded incurable through medicinal system, are definitely cured through alternative medicine like ayurveda.This shows that every stem of treatment has certain unique points as well as limitations.

    Further , the medical treatment has now become so expensive that millions of people all over the world can not afford it. It is, therefore, not surprising that our hospitals now fail to provide medicines to the patients although they used to do so liberally in the past . Ayurved on the other hand does not involve any expenses .

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