According to its proponents, Vibrational Medicine (VM) is a healing system that uses the ancient art of dowsing to identify the cause of a disease (or dis-harmony in the body). This therapy is a meeting of eastern and western forms of healing since we often use a western understanding of the body and how it functions and combine this with the eastern practice of rebalancing energies within the body to bring about healing. Sometimes the actual cause of a disease can appear to be far removed from the apparent symptoms when taking the western viewpoint. However everything is connected and especially so within the body. The body is always striving to heal itself but sometimes it can get ‘blocked’. These ‘blocks’ can be caused by many things including biochemicals, toxins, emotions, viruses, parasites or bacteria. The main aim of vibrational medicine is to clear these ‘blocks’ to allow the body to function correctly.

I am intrigued and surprised; for instance, I had no idea that there is such a thing as a western understanding of the body and how it functions. But what does this mean? How does VM work? The answer seems simpler than you may have thought: VM works by rebalancing the minute vibrational frequencies that make up the energy field within the atoms, molecules, organs and systems within the body. A block or a disharmony within the body can be thought of as being like an orchestra with an instrument that is not tuned correctly. The remedies  applied are then ‘re-tuning’ the body’s energy so that the body (the orchestra) plays a more harmonious tune again.

I see, that is impressive! And what diseases can be treated with VM? Don’t tell me it is a panacea! Yes, it is: Because vibrational medicine can work on many levels within the body (for instance it can work on the aura and chakras, the cellular level or it can work on particular organs or systems within the body) it can therefore be used to treat any condition that affects the mind or body of any person or animal.

How utterly miraculous! But in case you find this too vague and not sufficiently technical, here is a more scientific explanation from a different source:  The  term ‘vibrational’ is connected to the field of Quantum Physics where it is  found that all living beings (people, animals and plants) have a unique  vibrational frequency or energy field.   Kilian photography is one of several scientific methods which have  illustrated the existence of this field.   If one picks a leaf from a tree and applies a high voltage to its energy  field, it can be photographed and observed.   As the leaf dies the field becomes smaller until it disappears when it  is dead.  Also, a ‘quantum’ of energy is  released by an atom when it reaches a stable state.  This is unique to that particular atom.

I did suspect that quantum physics had to be involved. This is as good as it gets! I am sure you are as fascinated as I am and keen to learn more. The exciting news is that, at the Scottish School of Vibrational Medicine, you can complete your knowledge to diploma-level: This course will cover the major range of topics covered in the course of obtaining the Diploma in Vibrational Medicine and is a “broad brush” coverage of the whole course. During the course specialist and unique Homeopathic remedies will be used and students will take some remedies home with them to try at leisure the working of these remedies.

Now I understand; VM seems to be a bit of homeopathy, naturopathy, spiritual healing all mixed together. Sounds convincing – wait until our Health Secretary hears about this one! The NHS might never be the same again.

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  • “This is as good as it gets”.
    Sorry to contradict you! The real jewel is the way the treatment is applied:

    I do most of my work treating people and animals using a healing block to ‘transmit’ the vibrational remedy to the patient via a hair sample (often referred to as a witness) that they have provided. Some people find it difficult to understand how a treatment administered in this way can be as effective as placing the remedy directly onto the patient, but it is just as effective. The problem is that science has not yet developed a means of measuring the minute frequencies that are being transmitted, although there is progress towards providing some explanations as to how these energies work. For example work by Starn (1998), Syldona & Rein (1999) and Creath & Schwartz (2004) has gone some way towards explaining and measuring such energies.

    The cost is £20 for a month of treatments. Some patients may only need a few treatments in a month to resolve the problem, while others may need more. You will receive as many as required for that month. All you need to do is to collect a hair sample from the patient and put it in an envelope along with the completed treatment request form and post it to me (the address is on the form).


    Oh boy. Why is it allways other peaople and nerver me to come up with such a splendid idea for making easy money out of nothing?

  • Scotland leads the world!

  • I know a woman (massage “therapist” who offers a version of this sort of thing, only applied with musical TUNING FORKS.
    She, with no knowledge whatever of physics–quantum or otherwise–will tell you that this “treatment” is proven by Quantum Physics and in the same breath tell you that “Western” medicine just doesn’t get it. Never mind that QP is part of WESTERN science.

    I would tsk-tsk Scotland, but there is more than enough of this sort of thing this side of the pond to embarrass me even more.

  • I am a theoretical physicist and I am almost bald but now I understand why!!

  • A woman I know uses tuning forks on people and animals. As a musician, I was curious and asked to see one. “This one,” she said proudly, “is the note C and has a fifth overtone.” I have near-perfect pitch. I listened. “No,” I said. “It’s an F, and the overtone is a minor third above that.”

    Not only that, but tuning forks (even if the person actually DOES know what notes and overtones they make, uh, duhhhh) are fixed at a specific pitch. Say, A440 for example. Why not a tuning fork for 445? Or 447.238? Bogus, bogus, bogus.

    Hey, can I make money doing this?? Kool!

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