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by AN Other - Wednesday 18 October 2017 14:46
@ Edzard I think I asked you first!

by Edzard - Wednesday 18 October 2017 14:15

by AN Other - Wednesday 18 October 2017 13:55
@ Edzard

by Edzard - Wednesday 18 October 2017 12:17
my days would be so dull without your comments! please don't give up making a fool of yourself.

by Iqbal Krishna - Wednesday 18 October 2017 04:37
Ernst Great effort for receiving the award. I believe you received it for your relentless work to improve medicine by writing about the wrongs perpetuated on mankind by bad medical practices over time. You pick up important topics that have to be brought to the attention of the medical board in UK (or is it anywhere in the world ?) that helps make policy changes and improvements for future. Also to be included into this praise is Alan would could not have managed to achieve such changes with out for support. I missed reading "Severe liver injury due to naturopaths’ prescription of Epsom salt" earlier. Went back to read it as I saw a similar message else where. You spent a fair amount of time and space on a happening that happened in India and you found another similar outcome reported 12 years earlier. 2 cases in 12 years makes it important for you to spend time and paper on it. Great effort being one to be such stickler for detail. But, when I look at your own back yard, you seem to miss severe fatalities and gross errors. "Around 70-75,000 diabetic patients die every year. The study estimated that a third of them were dying from causes that could be avoided if their condition were better managed." This report states that during this 12 year period, appox 288,000 diabetic British patients died because of poor medical support. Did you write anything about it? I looked hard but found nothing. Did you communicate with NHS to help them improve this terrible situation? Or NHS know the real Ernst and are least bothered? It is not that Alan and you missed this message. It was pointed out to you and you wrote: "it seems to me that you are barking from the tree of logical fallacy." Is that your advise to NHS also? Alan response was similar "I see your arguments here in long form are no less fallacious than they are on Twitter." 66 of your countrymen dying every day, and you are wasting time on one death in India, that, with no change in system or policy, will probably take place after 12 years in some part of the world.. And if I take an equivalent reference for the world, over 10,000 diabetics dying everyday, because of medical errors from a scientific system that you promise everyone is the only way forward. Either your priorities are totally misplaced, or there is one big motivation for writing such useless reports. With Alan being part of the team, motivation seems to be a good assumption. This award has no meaning and therefore Gwyneth Paltrow with the "worst ockham is better placed. I am extremely doubtful she would like to say "I am in good company."

by Edzard - Tuesday 17 October 2017 12:09
...and guess what? Gwyneth Paltrow got an Ockham too!!! I am in good company.

by Edzard - Monday 16 October 2017 18:42
tausend dank!

by Alan Henness - Wednesday 18 October 2017 10:25
That's hilarious!

by Edzard - Wednesday 18 October 2017 07:30
read this

by Edzard - Wednesday 18 October 2017 06:59
stop telling us lies, please.

by So Ho Chi - Tuesday 17 October 2017 21:30
The people here are probably all 'murricans, right? All you see is black and white. Heilpraktikers are people that know where their limits are, as they have to get through 2 tests, that almost nobody passes without visiting a school for at least two years. People that go to the heilpraktikers know that they are getting a more intensive "interview" with the heilpraktiker, than you will ever get with the medicinal dr.! and your treatment will be herbs and massage at tops! So as a grown man you can choose where you go, aand if you have a real desease you will not be treated bby the heilpraktiker, because he is trained to recognize deseases. Germany is not USA, there are rules. Go get a gun and celebrate your freedom, 'muricans

by Edzard - Wednesday 18 October 2017 10:00
I think it means they worked equally well/bad

by Dante - Wednesday 18 October 2017 09:54
"In thirty trials for depression, with 2,812 participants, manual and electro acupuncture were compared with medication; they found no difference between the two groups." Is that a typo or does that mean they worked equally well/bad? Loved your memoir, by the way.

by Edzard - Wednesday 18 October 2017 06:57
this is a very dangerous myth which you are promoting here. there is no way to prepare a heavy metal such that it becomes non-poisonous. it is what alchemists believed, but it is obsolete nonsense.

by Steve - Tuesday 17 October 2017 22:44
Actually, if you get the medicine from a trustworthy source, and study a little bit of ayurveda, you'll realize that although the medicines contain such metals, they are prepared in a such a way that no metal poisoning occurs.

by Alan Henness - Tuesday 17 October 2017 14:17
Have you tried contacting ayurvedic product manufacturers and practitioners to get them to do the research?

by Nitin - Tuesday 17 October 2017 12:48
Hi Richard, Although I am a firm supporter of western medicine, and rarely prefer Ayurvedic medicine over Western medicine, I strongly doubt the source of these Ayurvedic medicines that were tested. I invite rigorous testing of the products of the oldest and most reputed Ayurvedic systems in India, like the Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal (AVS), and see if the same conclusions are drawn from these medicines. Regards, Nitin

by Edzard - Tuesday 17 October 2017 17:18
here is an interesting new article on a related subject:

by Gold (@BPOverlords) - Tuesday 17 October 2017 02:07
One person's condiment is another persons bad taste in their mouth.

by Gold (@BPOverlords) - Tuesday 17 October 2017 02:06
no Heh. 🙂 That was perfect. Now, if we could only get such clear and concise answers to direct questions out of Greg.

by Gold (@BPOverlords) - Tuesday 17 October 2017 02:01
Greg, I see you have still failed to actually respond to Alan's request. Oh! Have you spotted something I’ve said about homeopathy that wasn’t correct? Please do tell. Note, that the context for this request would be the posts relating to this article. Again, if you want to continue that conversation then continue it on the actual thread it resides on. Try to not be an idiot all of the time.

by Richard Rawlins - Monday 16 October 2017 12:23
Greg is a believer in condimentary medicine. Condiments give him a nice feeling, but add no substantial benefit to any pathological or physiological condition.

by Edzard - Monday 16 October 2017 12:13

by Alan Henness - Monday 16 October 2017 11:21
I see you're still around. Never mind. Still unable to point to anything I've got wrong about homeopathy, Greg. Very disappointing. All bluster and no substance, it seems.

by Greg - Monday 16 October 2017 11:11
Dr Ernst, please would you publish my reply to Dr Martin Law aka Lenny so that I can continue my discussion with him. My post is factual with supporting quote evidence, and the links to Dr Law's discussion method with those of Thomas Mohr and Frank Collins is clear. Professor James Alcock could provide an opinion on this and discuss what he thinks it means when sceptics get down to the 'Greggy-boy' level of discussion. I have it saved so if you need me to re-post it I can.

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