‘Natural News’ are not my favourite source of information. In fact, they consistently misinform the public about vaccines, alternative therapies and many other things. In other words, they have proven themselves to be vile mis-informers and a danger to public health.

Yet recently they have provided a valuable service to all of us: they have shown that the natural treatments they regularly promote for every ailment do not actually work for paranoia. Let me explain.

Natural News just announced that Google have “blacklisted the entire Natural News domain and removed over 140,000 pages from its index. The take down of Natural News happened this morning, and it follows a pattern of censorship we’re seeing being leveled against other pro-Trump websites. Google sent no warning whatsoever to our “webmaster tools” email address on file with them. The shut off of Natural News was clearly driven by a human decision, not an algorithm. We’re currently attempting to determine Google’s claimed justification for censoring our entire website, and we hope to have restored in Google’s index.”

The announcement continues:

Natural News is, of course, one of the world’s top educational and activism sources exposing the lies of dangerous medicine, toxic mercury in vaccines, the corporate-quack science behind GMOs, cancer industry fraud and so on. By providing truthful, empowering and passionate information to the public, we harm the profit model of the corrupt medical cartels that fund the media, lobby the government and influence internet gatekeepers with advertising money. (Google has already declared war on natural medicine and nutritional supplements, all but banning them from being advertised on Google Adsense.)

“The removal of Natural News from Google’s index means that millions of people may now be unnecessarily harmed by toxic medicines, herbicides and brain-damaging mercury in vaccines because they are being denied the “other side of the story” that’s censored by the corporate-controlled media. By censoring Natural News, Google is, in effect, siding with the criminal pharmaceutical industry that has been charged with multiple felony crimes and caught bribing doctors, fraudulently altering scientific studies, conducting medical experiments on children and price fixing their drugs to maximize profits.

“In effect, censorship of Natural News is part of the establishment’s war on humanity which includes depopulation measures (Bill Gates), covert infertility vaccines, corporate-run media disinfo campaigns and a full-on assault against scientific truth and free speech conducted in the public interest…

“It’s clear to me that Natural News is being targeted primarily because of our support for President Trump and his review of vaccine safety. It is now apparent that any person who engages in real science, critical thinking or any attempt to protect children from the brain damaging effects of mercury in vaccines is going to be silenced, discredited, smeared and blacklisted. This is an astonishing realization about the depths of total corruption in society today and how the medical cartels control information to maximize their profits off human suffering…”


Regular readers of my blog might remember that Natural News have caught my eye several times before. Here are just 4 of the many more posts where they featured prominently:

Like so many in alternative medicine, Natural News seems to be driven by conspiracy theories to a point where paranoia is hard to deny. And that is precisely the service Natural News are providing us today; after so many years of disservice this must surely be celebrated! They demonstrate quite clearly that none of the treatments they are deeply involved in works for this condition. They do that by not even considering that Google banned them because they are constantly endangering the health of the public in the most vile, libellous and objectionable ways imaginable.

Hardly surprising, you will say, the therapies in question are all bogus!

Yes, of course, but it is nice to have a confirmation directly from the horse’s mouth, isn’t it?

5 Responses to NATURAL NEWS demonstrate that natural remedies are useless for treating their paranoia

  • Unfortunately, a Google search on ‘Natural News’ still throws up their domain, whose menus link to the dross on the domain, at the top of the first page.

  • I just tried with a few search terms and the results are the same, every time:
    “Your search – homeopathy – did not match any documents.”

    I am not sure what to think of it. While it certainly (helps) to protect a vulnerable public against gross and dangerous misinformation, it also does not help those of us who are interesting in studying such disinformation. Is there a valid alternative? Google clearly doesn’t think so, and I think it may indeed be the least bad of all alternatives.

  • NN seems to be jumping on the “Fake News” bandwagon which works well with President Ferret-top in rallying the followers. True believers will just see the claims as the real “truth”. Others will just be confused. Given the rapid rise in the cost of medications in the US, many realise that there is something very wrong with the industry. This makes any explanations easier to sell. Doctors are targeted with sales campaigns and extending patents have lead to de-facto price fixing. NN just takes a few facts then tacks on a bunch of their own to make the whole package of disinformation more believable. When you are uncertain of who is telling the truth, these frauds rush in. Given the type of things I hear from many people on a regular basis they are depressingly effective.

  • One of the funniest comments I ever saw on the Natural News website was a suggestion from someone that the ‘political’ items be separated off as they ran the risk of giving a bad name to the ‘ medical information’.At least they came clean about their support for Donny Fartpants, whereas Logos Bios just refers to the ‘leftist media’ and leaveeople to work it out. Not vastly difficult, given the tenor of his views.

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