The German ‘Association of Catholic Doctors’, Bund Katholischer Ärzte, claims that homeopathic remedies can cure homosexuality!

Yes, I kid you not, this is what they state on their website. Specifically they advise that ‘…the working group HOMEOPATHY of the Association notes homeopathic therapy options for homosexual tendencies…repertories contain special rubrics pointing to characteristic signs of homosexual behaviour, including sexual peculiarities such as anal intercourse (die Vereinigung Katholischer Ärzte, BKÄ, weist mit Ihrem Arbeitskreis Homöopathie auf homöopathische Therapiemöglichkeiten bei homosexueller Neigung hin. Im Repertorium gibt es spezielle Rubriken, die auf charakteristische Zeichen von homosexuellem Verhalten hinweisen.

Auch sexuelle Besonderheiten (z.B. Analverkehr) werden hier benannt.).

You are speechless?

So am I!

These doctors have thus defined homosexuality as a disease!

How did they ever pass any medical exam?

This is not just politically incorrect to the extreme, it also is complete nonsense from a medical point of view.

What is more, they promote the idea that homeopathic remedies can cure this ‘disease’.

They even state that ‘homeopathy is not some straw…but a valuable instrument to help man in peril’ (Die Homöopathie ist nicht “irgendein Strohhalm”, sondern für den ausgebildeten, erfahrenen homöopathischen Arzt / Heilpraktiker ein wertvolles Instrument, dem Menschen in Not zu helfen.).

No, no, no – they cannot possibly have been to medical school, they must have won their diplomas in a lottery or found it somewhere or …

My mind boggles.

The only conclusion I can draw here is that not homosexuality but homeopathy is a disease – and some homeopaths are incurable!

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  • Presumably to come up with a homeopathic remedy against homosexuality, they would have to start with a substance that *causes* homosexuality and then dilute it into oblivion. Exactly what would that substance be? That should be interesting.

  • Wow, two unethical and ineffective treatments for the price of one!

    It may be worth mentioning here that the Dept of Health, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK Council for Psychotherapy, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, British Psychoanalytic Council, British Psychological Society and a whole slew of others have made their person very clear on gay conversion “therapy”. Their position is that it’s totally unethical. Even the Association for Christian Counsellors says this.

  • Religion poisons everything- C Hitchens
    Combine religion with homeopathy and immorality literally acquires biblical proportions.

  • Next, they’ll be slipping it into our drinking water. But pray tell, what are the ‘remedies’?

  • sums it up

    Be careful looking at other cartoons at Oglaf though; they vary from risque to pornography

  • I have to disagree on you with this one.

    Homeopathy is a bad thing because it drives people away from legitimate treatments. However, there *are* no legitimate “treatments” for homosexuality, and most of the bogus “conversion therapies” are much more harmful than a placebo.

    The best case scenario would be that people would be more accepting of the LGBTQetc community, and that doctors would ridicule anyone trying to “cure” those “ailments.” However, since that seems about as likely as pigs flying or an honest politician getting elected, I would much rather that these quacks try to pour water or sugar pills down people’s throats in a futile attempt to “cure” them of something intrinsic to their identity, rather than doing something actually harmful.

    • It’s not because it is harmless that you won’t call it BS. That the purpose of this post.

      Anyway this can cause harm, promoting religious-dark age BS is something to fight against as this can enhance hate toward some group of people.

  • The Vatican’s website still declares homosexuality to be “intrinsically disordered” (the pastoral letter was signed by one J. Ratzinger, Cardinal, and adopted as doctrine by the allegedly sainted Jan Pawel II

    However, and this I find deliciously funny, but believe it shows not all hope is yet lost for him: Dana Ullman agrees with us on this.

    The congregation will now snigger.

  • This doesn’t surprise me at all. The only thing that would astonish me is if either alt-med as a whole or the Vatican insists on creating a long overdue “cease and desist” mandate.

    Sexual orientation and preferences are *not* binary “either this or [its opposite] that” axes that have bimodal distributions where the pair of medians on the axis is separated by at least 4 sigma. Note: 2 sigma is used in many branches of both human and veterinary health to delineate between what is normal [according to the standardized normal aka gaussian distribution] and that which is an abnormal condition warranting investigation and/or treatment.

    Homophobia (dictionary definition): an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people. Why is this aversion irrational? Because their is no evidence to suggest that within the animal kingdom, 100% heterosexuality is very close to the mean or median of the distribution, and that homosexuality lies far outside of which could be reasonably classified as abnormal.

    Unfortunately, homophobia itself cannot be classified as abnormal behaviour because it was thoroughly endorsed in ancient religious texts, which are still being followed by billions of people in the 21st Century.

    It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that homeopathy and religion are excellent bedfellows. Their mutual enemies are: empirical evidence; science; reason; and the teachers of critical thinking skills who empower the general public to detect the abject bullshit generated by the multi-billion dollar empires of alt-med (aka sCAM; integrative medicine) and religion. Both of these empires thrive on selling promises for which the total evidence collected over 2500 years amounts to zero. There are specific and accurate names for business models that accumulate money despite having no tangible end product.

  • Not homeopathy, but catholicism is the disease

  • Homeopaths do not go to medical school . If so the schools should be closed. They may go to Homeo schools. The claim that they think they can cure homosexuality confirms their lack of medical knowledge.

  • Amazing and crazy.
    I recently read the same claim that “homosexuality can be cured through homeopathy” from South Africa in 1983:
    On 13 January [1983] the Argus ran a story headed, ‘Aids can be cured, claim homeopaths.’
    ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and homosexuality can be cured through homeopathy, several homeopaths claim.’ The article quotes the spokesman for the South African Homeopathic Society explaining that homosexuality is a psychological problem and therefore treatable. Aids could be treated because homeopathic remedies could build up the body’s immune systems. ‘It isn’t an easy treatment and would take quite a long time, but there are medicines in our profession that would work.’ He admitted never having seen an Aids patient.

    At the time homosexuality was a crime in South Africa.

  • My first reaction was: oh, they offer to treat a non-existing problem with non-existing medicine however a person who respects homeopathy and homeopaths, but don’t respect rights of adults to love whom they want and have sex, however they want (as long as relation is based on real consent), will see this offer of homeopaths as proof to his beliefs.

  • They belong to a mafia compound by Opus Dei, Heralds of the Gospel, Legionarios de Cristo and others that mind nothing about science or truth. For them homophobia is a tactical instrument. It helps to agitate the fear of families, parishes and conservative Catholics to changes in Vatican ranks, catholic doctrine, etc. They are fellows of many conservative protestants and helps each other to persecute individuals fighting for freedom and human rights inside religious ambient. They are responsible of the homophony legislation in several African countries, Uganda for example.
    I tell this because I was inside one of them. Funny that homeopathy also was the main option when you was ill… What are the roots for this, I dont know.

  • Do I recall somebody trying to get Atheism classified as a mental illness in America? What would these codpieces prescribe for that?

  • Of course they can cure homosexuality; after all, they can take a biscuit and turn it into a bit of human flesh and turn wine into blood. If they can do that, they can do anything. LOL

  • They might actually cure it with water which remembers cork and applied topically.

  • If you’re going to believe in improbable gods, then why not believe in improbable medicines?

  • Have they tried ‘curing’ the Pedophile mentality of many of their priests with this quack ‘medicine’ ?
    If they have it’s obviously hasn’t work. Before they pass judgment on others , perhaps they could look
    closer to home and fix their own serious problems.

    • “Have they tried ‘curing’ the Pedophile mentality of many of their priests with this quack ‘medicine’ ?
      If they have it’s obviously hasn’t work. Before they pass judgment on others , perhaps they could look
      closer to home and fix their own serious problems.”

      Thumbs up!

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