The US homeopath Alan V Schmukler has been the subject of one post on this blog already. Here, to remind everyone, is his fascinating background again:

He attended Temple University, where he added humanistic psychology to his passions. After graduating Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa and President’s Scholar, he spent several years doing workshops in human relations. Alan also studied respiratory therapy and worked for three years at Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia. Those thousands of hours in the intensive care and emergency rooms taught him both the strengths and limitations of conventional medicine.

Schmukler eventually learned about homeopathy in 1991 when he felt he had been cured of an infection with Hepar sulphur, his very own ‘homeopathic epiphany’, it seems. He then founded the Homeopathic Study Group of Metropolitan Philadelphia and helped found and edit Homeopathy News and Views, a popular newsletter. He taught homeopathy for Temple University’s Adult Programs, and has been either studying, writing, lecturing or consulting on homeopathy since 1991. Today, he is Chief Editor of and of Homeopathy4Everyone and says that his work as Editor is one of his most rewarding experiences.

Schmukler is clearly well-placed to comment on all aspects of homeopathy competently and with great vision. What he says must be taken seriously. And that includes his profound and well-researched opinions regarding homeopathy’s critics. The most recent article by Schmukler is entitled ‘WHEN THE GAME IS OVER’ and it discloses the truth and nothing but the truth about these critics and the worldwide conspiracy against homeopathy. Here is an excerpt from his revelations:

…we still find homeopathy being attacked as placebo, mostly by government officials, academics and the press. There are essentially two categories of critics. The first category consists of individuals who are totally ignorant of homeopathy and just repeating propaganda they’ve been exposed to. The second category is people who know that homeopathy works, but have a vested financial interest in destroying it. When you read about attacks on homeopathy, you have to ask yourself whether you are dealing with pure ignorance, or deceit. Those who deny homeopathy from deceit use the same tactics as those who deny global warming. Just as global warming deniers are financed by the petroleum industry, homeopathy deniers are financed by the pharmaceutical industry. They engage in the same tactics of misinformation using surrogates in academia, in the media and in government.

So here we have it!

Two categories of critics!!!


I am so glad Schmukler did find this out through his research and said it with such clarity. It needed to se said! And I am surprised how simple it all becomes, once one has the guidance from someone in the know.

The opposition to homeopathy has nothing to do with evidence (and as evidence does not come into it, there is also no need to supply evidence for Schmukler’s statements, of course), as some might have speculated. Instead, it all is a huge conspiracy. Makes sense! Why did we not think of this myself?

I applaud Schmukler for putting the defence of homeopathy to a level which must be a new low.

12 Responses to Breaking news: the critics of homeopathy are either ignorant or corrupt !!!

  • Where is my cheque?

    • @Acleron

      No check for us, we know homeopathy doesn’t work 😉

    • Sorry, poor visibility meant that the black helicopter couldn’t land near your house to make its delivery.

      Unfortunately you’ve been swamped by that fog of ignorance generated by Dana Ullman’s comments appearing on your computer. He’s run off now, so things will clear up soon.

  • Judging by his successes at Temple, he did not start out as stupid. Certainly anyone familiar with the practice of medicine can find things not to like. Finding himself in a secondary position in health care must have fed his resentment. Once establishing his delusion about homeopathy, his intelligence allowed him to make it iron clad. Unfortunately such people are articulate and make sense to the uninformed. I am constantly running into otherwise intelligent people who are convinced about non-sense.

  • hpathy-dot-com contains a veritable repository of ridiculous writings. Some of them are purely comical. It is a valuable go-to for examples of homeopathic stupidity.
    Interestingly, Mr. Schmukler has collected a large database of “positive homeopathy research studies”… but no listing of negative studies. Talk about cherry-picking 🙂

    • So glad you pointed me to that site – I don’t think I’ve ever been so amused yet so scared at the same time.
      In a book review of Cancer – My Homeopathic Method (scary enough in itself) the reviewer comes out with this classic about a patients being cured:
      “the majority of the cases presented had already undergone chemotherapy and radiation before coming to homeopathy which tells us that that homeopathy will work despite these allopathic interventions”
      It’s hard to understand how such stupidity could arise in an otherwise intelligent person (I assume intelligent).
      It’s like saying “I went to a Greek island for two weeks, but this suntan only came on when the sun peeked through the clouds when I arrived back home”
      Lunacy of the highest order

  • Schmuck repeats a common claim: that we are in the pay of Big Pharma. No evidence has ever been presented to support this. Does anybody have any pro-homeopathy studies which are neither funded nor conducted by people who make a living from homeopathy?

    • Hey you guys, can anybody give me a hint as to where to put my application as homeopathy-critic? Somehow I feel missed out …

    • “Does anybody have any pro-homeopathy studies which are neither funded nor conducted by people who make a living from homeopathy?”

      As requested, here is the complete and unabridged list:




      As per the law of infinitesimals, these studies answer all your questions. HTH

  • It has always puzzled me why I have never used (and shall never use) my education and knowledge to become corrupt. I’m so relieved to have at last found the answer: I’m ignorant!

  • As I posted on 24th May 2015:

    noun North American informal
    noun: schmuck

    a foolish or contemptible person.
    “you’ve really got to be some schmuck to fall for that one”

    (Google definitions)

  • “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

    When monsters are a figment of the imagination, part of a quixotic delusion, what abyss gazes back at them? Is it necessary to fight with real monsters to become one? No.

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